The Girlies NFT series is an incredible purpose-driven algorithmic art project developed and illustrated by 14-year-old Valeria. An embodiment of diversity, inclusivity, and opportunity, the Girlies NFT was conceived by the Gen-Z artist and her dad to inspire more females to pursue digital art. Each Girlie is distinctive, yet the collection perfectly exudes an innate sense of equality and women empowerment.

So, eager to add some cool Girlies to your NFT basket? Wish to understand this one-of-a-kind bootstrapped project before taking the plunge? Then, find all information regarding the project, its pricing, sales statistics, and roadmap here.

A Project Snapshot Based On Girlies NFT Opensea Data

Description Stats as of February 13, 2022
Number of items in the collection 10,000
Owners 4,700
Girlies NFT Floor price 0.133 ETH
Traded volumes 3,900 ETH

What Makes The Girlies NFT Collection Standout?

The Girlies NFT is a thoughtfully-designed collection of hand-painted images celebrating women with varying skin tones, facial features, hairstyles, hair colour, and wearables. While Valeria burnt the midnight oil to create 300+ unique traits, her father spent hours mastering the underlying technology. Every art piece speaks volumes of their zeal, passion, vision, and relentless effort.

However, the key differentiator is the project’s core focus on improving gender balance in the NFT realm, supporting budding women artists, and nurturing young creative minds. Moreover, a part of the sales proceeds will be donated to an NGO working towards the upliftment of girls.

The Girlies NFT Drop And Mint Details

The entire collection wasn’t released in one go for public minting. Starting January 16, 2022, the NFT drop was completed in three phases. The Girlies NFT mint price was 0.04 ETH + gas. Moreover, the founders reserved 200 Girlies for gifts and giveaways.

The Girlies NFT Roadmap – Journey So Far

The Girlies NFT Roadmap

In the first phase, 1000 or 10% Girlies NFTs were successfully sold. Moreover, three randomly selected early adopters or Girlie owners received their NFTs’ custom paper sketches created using Copic markers on mixed media.

The second phase witnessed the triumphant sale of half the collection. Besides, 5% of primary sales were given to Girls.Inc – a charity organization enabling girls to be strong, smart, and brave.

In the final leg of the roadmap, all Girlies were sold out. Moreover, a 5 ETH fund for fostering child NFT art and a 10 ETH fund for promoting women NFT art were set up. The shortlisting and selection process for both funds involved active community participation. These funds intend to give the much-needed push to women and child media artists to foray into the wild NFT arena.

Lastly, 10x Girlies were distributed as free giveaways to existing owners in both the second and third phases of the Girlies NFT drop.

Run Through The Numbers – The Girlies NFT Price And Sales Statistics!

As per the latest Girlies NFT sales graph on Opensea, the collection started actively trading in the secondary market on January 29, 2022, at an average price of 0.1789 ETH. The traded volumes equalled 1620.21 ETH and the number of sales was 9058.

The sales peaked on January 30, 2022, at an average price of 0.4178 ETH, traded volumes of 1146.81 ETH, and the number of sales equalled 2745.

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Girlies NFT Price Prediction

How To Buy Girlies NFT

As of February 6, 2022, the all-time average price is showing an uptrend. Besides, the Girlies community is continually expanding on Discord and Twitter. Currently, the Girlies NFT Twitter profile has 7.4K+ followers. Thus, the project’s demand and market worth are likely to shoot up soon. Hence, it is an opportune time for NFT enthusiasts to grab some beautiful Girlies.

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How To Buy Girlies NFT?

You can acquire Girlies NFT from external platforms like Opensea, Rarible, LooksRare, Nifty Gateway, etc., as the official website doesn’t support secondary sales.

Connect an e-wallet to the chosen marketplace before purchasing or making offers. Since the Girlies NFT series is Ethereum-based, ensure adequate ETH wallet balance to bear the gas-inclusive NFT price.

Once the wallet has enough ETH, complete the purchase. In the case of auctioned items, if the seller accepts your bid, the deal is sealed. You enjoy 100% ownership rights on the purchased NFT and the underlying artwork hosted on an IPFS.

Is Girlies NFT A Good Buy?

The founders’ goals of increasing women’s representation in the token art space and encouraging parents to extend unflinching support to their kids’ artistic abilities are noble causes that transcend all use cases. Moreover, by endorsing women-led and teen-created projects like the Girlies NFT, you can contribute to the larger causes too.

Thus, seize these smart-looking Girlies today! Fund and participate in the revolutionary “Women and children in NFT” movement! However, please note founders retain commercial rights on merch. Moreover, this is not investment advice. Hence, apply due diligence before investing.

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