Do you love a good puzzle that truly challenges your logic skills in a new way? Then be sure to check out Theseus in the App Store. Theseus is an app based on life-long puzzle master Robert Abbott’s logic maze, Theseus and the Minotaur. Like a traditional maze, you are provided a starting point in a maze, in this case one built on a grid, with the main objective being to reach the end. However, in Theseus, you are not alone in the maze. The Minotaur is with you and you must outmaneuver him and reach the exit or be eaten alive.
The logic required for solving the Theseus puzzles is quite intense. For every move you make as Theseus, the Minotaur can make two. However, there are a specific set of rules the Minotaur must play and by taking advantage of the rules, you can trap the Minotaur in cordoned off blocks on the grid and escape safely to the exit.
Theseus is without a doubt challenging. Even the most avid puzzle fans will encounter levels that push their logic skills to the max, but where some puzzles can become frustrating, Theseus was designed to be forgiving. You have complete control over maneuvering the puzzle including the abilities to perform unlimited “undos” of every move, receive unlimited hints, or reset each level and start over.
The controls for maneuvering Theseus through the maze are twofold. You can either tap or swipe within the maze, or use the directional keypad displayed onscreen. Other onscreen displays include the minimum number of moves to score a level medal as well as how many moves you have made and the control buttons, including undo, wait, and reset, are always available at the bottom of the screen. The beginning three levels are comprised of tutorials, which thoroughly explain the rules and how to play. Each of the 95 different puzzles are increasingly difficult and can be played and replayed at any time with no need to unlock with previous solves.
Theseus is both simple and complex at the same time — a terrific combination for a puzzle game. You can easily spend hours trying to decipher the exact pattern of moves that will outwit the Minotaur and provide you with a safe exit, or you can simply let him catch you, eat you, and start the level over. Those who enjoy a puzzle that will test their logic skills are sure to appreciate Theseus. Though there is a free Lite version available with 17 levels, the current sale price of Theseus is just .99 for the full version is well worth it for the astounding number of additional levels it provides.