Our world has become cluttered. It’s not like it happened overnight. We’ve all been dealing with too many meetings, social engagements, birthdays, shopping lists, sitcoms and a smattering of other riffraff for quite some time. Just look at how many channels there are on your TV that you never watch. One way to break through all of the clutter to find cool events that you actually want to take up your time is an app called timeRAZOR.
Combining nationwide events, traffic-based travel alerts and exclusive offers from top brands, it’s fast, easy and gets straight to the heart of the experiences you actually want to take up your time.
The way it works is after you launch the app you’re presented with a simple and easy to use dashboard that displays your current calendar events. Directly below them are possible events nearby that you might be interested in. The app searches national databases for events nearby. For instance, one click on the possible tab and I found out that Cirque Du Soleil – Ovo was playing nearby in downtown Portland. It was nice to feel connected to the events around me.
Once you find an event you’d like to attend or find more info about it’s easy to click on the learn more tab, which brings you to the external site that timeRAZOR found the event on. When I clicked on the more tab for Cirque, the app took me to UpcomingEvents’s website where I found that the show was going to be around for a few weeks so I didn’t have to rush out and purchase tickets.
The timeRAZOR app also allows you to add the event to your calendar, which is super helpful when keeping tabs on your social life. The app also offers a for me, by me function that helps you discover events based on your location, schedule and nearby functions.
Another great feature is that the app tells you when to leave to a certain event based on local traffic so you’ll never be late again. Of course, if you like be fashionably late, you could always sneak out a few minutes later that the app tells you.
Overall, the use of real-time event data, traffic and location-based event recommendations makes timeRAZOR a fairly useful app for discovering cool events and breaking through the clutter of everyday life. Plus, it’s free so I definitely recommend giving it a try.