Toast 2 Toast – Special occasions are all about the mood. Everyone wants to say just the right thing to make the even truly memorable. Some people quote Shakespeare others Einstein, Jefferson, or Franklin at special engagements or dinners. Well if you’re short on words or your memory is in a tongue twist Toast 2 Toast will help you find the right things to say.
Toast 2 Toast is an app that helps you find an appropriate quote for any occasion. And, if it’s not listed there’s also a pretty good selection to help you wing it. Toast 2 Toast is pretty comprehensive. The app has 250 quotes from well-known and lesser-known speakers. Choose a quote for any special occasion from birthdays to weddings. You’ll end up with a short memorable toast that should charm or make your guest chuckle.
Toast 2 Toast also gives you the option to find a quote by mood — search anything from bitter to thirsty, girly and festive or inspired. There are even gender specific quotes, too. So, if you’re at the moose lodge and need to inspire the boys there’s something to get them going.
Toast 2 Toast is easy to use. Start it up and choose a toast mode. You can swipe through each category to choose a different toast or give your device a quick shake to call up a new toast. The developers created a bright easy-to-read interface that’s absolutely appropriate for the task. No unnecessary graphics to distract you from drinking and reading at the same time.
For the most part the toasts are pretty decent. And while it’s true that what is considered a “quality toast” is subjective, we’d like a few more quality toasts. Ocassionally, the toasts seemed a little too cheesy. Perhaps we’ll see an addition in quotes with future versions. Toast 2 Toast proves once again that with the iPhone you can have almost everything for every occasion in the palm of your hands.