Hardcore movie fans will like Trailers International from xTeo. Personally, I don’t care for movie trailers. The real movie seldom looks as good as the trailer so I always think some marketing type is trying to fake me out whenever I see a trailer.
I know a lot of people do like them, so I downloaded Trailers International for the iPhone and iPod touch because I have your back.
Trailers International xTeo is also publisher of Trailers, an app more for North American movie viewers. Given its uniquely commercial nature (i.e. to promote stars and movies), it surprises me that Trailers is priced at $1.99. I think it should be the other way around.
Anyway, xTeo’s Trailers International is similar—the difference is that it’s localized for Europe and it’s free. The app comes preloaded with more than 1,500 trailers, and as new trailers become available, Trailers International will download them, according to the developer.
The trailers are sorted into nine European countries (all the big ones are represented) and subbed or dubbed by local film distributors. You can select them from a list or after you’ve opened one of the trailer descriptions by finger flicking from one to the next or tapping a back or forward arrow. Each trailer on the list includes a thumbnail, a bit of copy about the cast and a release date. Tap the down arrow and you’ll queue the trailer for download; tap the star icon to add it to your list of favorites.
Poke deeper into the trailer’s description and you’ll get more details about the movie such as a synopsis, a link to the International Movie Database, and the movie site if there is one and download trailers, again, with a tap of the download arrow.
You have the option of sorting your trailers in to Latest and Favorites. Along the bottom menu bar you can opt to view trailers by categories, release dates or run a search. If you decide to download any trailers, tap the Downloads icon and you’ll what to do from there.
Finally, if you see something you like in Trailers International, share it by email with a friend.