TweetMic – If the same old method of typing your tweets through your favorite desktop or iPhone app is becoming mundane, then TweetMic may be the way to liven things up. TweetMic lets you record a voice message for all of your Twitter followers to hear.
TweetMic takes a “more is less” philosophy to designing the app. It is pretty easy to use — hit the giant record button and then speak slowly and clearly. Another button lets you preview your message while one more works as a pause or stop button. In order to get the most efficient upload time to the Twitter network, TweetMic works best over Wi-Fi. In fact a pop-up notice warns you if you are connected to 3G or EDGE. It is good advice to take.
How you use TwitMic can be left up to your imagination. Perhaps you have a message you feel that may come across better audibly. Or maybe that huge gripe over your favorite sports team’s poor performance is something you need to get off your chest. Go ahead and scream it into TwitMic and broadcast it to the world.
When TwitMic publishes your Tweet there is a customizable introduction and a link to the audio. The link came out to 25 characters, so keep that in mind when writing your introduction. If you write too much text TwitMic will cut off any excess with ellipses.
Playing audio worked good on both my desktop and iPhone version of Tweetdeck. I also tried it on Tweetie and Twitterfon and got good results — the iPhone played the audio in Quicktime with no problems. Through the TwitMic web site you can also manage your past audio tweets.
TweetMic took a brief hiatus due to the Twitpocalypse virus, but everything appears to be in working order now. If audio is a feature you have wanted or are looking to try out in your twittering, it is worth a download.