Looking for how to see followers on Twitch mobile and desktop? We have got you covered! Twitch has become the go-to platform for live-streaming content – from video games to music performances and casual conversations. As a streamer on Twitch, building your follower base is crucial to grow your viewership and unlock monetisation opportunities through its Affiliate and Partner programs.

This comprehensive guide will teach you how to view your Twitch followers list across desktop and mobile, understand follower growth metrics, and gain new followers organically.

How to See Followers On Twitch (Desktop)

Checking your Twitch followers list is easy from a desktop or laptop computer. Here are the steps:

STEP 1 :

Open Twitch and click on your profile picture at the top right corner


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When the dropdown menu appears, click on “Creator Dashboard” to access analytics and settings specific to content creators



In the left sidebar of the dashboard, click on “Followers List” under the Community section


STEP 4 :

You can now see the complete list of all users who follow you on Twitch. Options are also available to add your followers as friends, follow them back or send them personal messages.

How to See Followers On Twitch Mobile

Since the Twitch mobile apps don’t show your followers list, here is how to view it on your iPhone or Android phone:

On iPhone

STEP 1: Open the Safari browser on your iPhone

STEP 2: Go to www.twitch.tv

STEP 3: Tap the “aA” button on the address bar and request the desktop site


STEP 4: Sign in to your Twitch creator account

STEP 5: Click your profile picture > Creator Dashboard

STEP 6: Follow the exact instructions on the desktop to access the Followers List

On Android

STEP 1: Open Chrome or your preferred Android browser

STEP 2: Access https://www.twitch.tv

STEP 3: Tap the 3-dot menu > Desktop site

STEP 4: Log in to your creator account


STEP 5: Click your profile icon > Creator Dashboard

STEP 6: Choose Followers List from the dashboard sidebar

This allows you full access to the same dashboard tools as the desktop site. You can also bookmark the page on mobile for quicker access later.

Importance of Tracking Followers

Maintaining a list of your followers goes beyond just seeing the numbers grow. Here are some key reasons to check it regularly:


Comparing your week-on-week and month-on-month growth rates helps you better understand your streaming progress. See which specific streams attract the most new followers.

Read through your new followers’ usernames and bio sections to discern viewer demographics and interests. Figure out which of your streams led the user to hit the Follow button.

When someone stops following you, checking the list helps identify these unfollowers. You can then analyse possible reasons for this drop-off – was it something about your content? Or external factors?

Types of Twitch Followers

There are three main types of followers you can attract on Twitch:

Organic Followers

These are viewers genuinely interested in your content who follow you organically after watching your streams. They are the most valuable for your long-term channel growth. Focus on putting out content your niche audience wants to attract such followers.

Paid Followers

Services exist to provide fake or bot followers for money. But these provide only inflated vanity metrics and harm your account reputation if found out by Twitch. They don’t contribute anything to viewer growth or revenue.

Followers from Other Platforms

If you have an existing audience on YouTube, Instagram, etc. – invite them to follow you on Twitch. Twitch allows embedding streams into other websites, helping cross-promote your channel this way.

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Minimum Followers for Affiliate and Partner

To unlock Twitch’s monetisation programs, you need to meet certain follower thresholds, among other criteria:

Requirements for Affiliate

FollowersAt least 50
Total minutes broadcast500 minutes
Unique broadcasting days7 days
Average concurrent viewers3 viewers

Partner Requirements

While no particular follower number is specified, over 100+ followers are typically needed. Other key metrics include:

  • 12 unique broadcast days in the last 30 days
  • 500 average concurrent viewers
  • Meet certain monetisation/payout thresholds

Meeting these targets gives you access to subscriptions, bit donations, advertisements and more.

Additional Ways to Gain Followers


Besides streaming engaging content, here are a few other tips to boost your follower count:

Produce Engaging Content

  • Focus on making streams your niche audience wants
  • Stand out from other broadcasters with unique, exciting content

Cross-Promote Across Social Media

  • Leverage existing Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter networks
  • Friends/followers will spread your Twitch channel organically

Collaborate with Other Streamers

  • Co-stream with broadcasters in your content genre
  • Exposure to new audiences from their follower base


And that’s a wrap! We hope this guide helped show you how to view your followers list on Twitch, whether you are on desktop or mobile. Monitoring your follower growth trajectories week-on-week and month-on-month will give you a better idea of how your channel is performing. Pay attention to follower bios and see which of your streams convert viewers into committed fans who smash that Follow button!

While having vanity metrics like follower counts and view durations is excellent, don’t forget to engage directly with your community. Nothing beats giving your loyal viewers personal shoutouts, answering their burning questions live, and sending them Whispers just to say thanks for all the support.

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