For a vegan or those that are trying to eat a vegan meal, dining out can often be confusing and difficult. The VeganXpress iPhone app by Brandon Berger seeks to alleviate some of those concerns. VeganXpress is a guide to vegan choices at many of the most popular U.S. chain restaurants.
I have on occasion wanted to order a vegan meal and gazed at menus wondering what hidden ingredients may be in a dressing or sauce. Containing recommendations for more than 100 restaurants, beers and candies, VeganXpress seeks to take the guesswork out of such decisions.
Open VeganXpress and select your desired restaurant to see your options. A quick look at Denny’s reveals a choice of Fruit/Veggies, Tortilla Chips, Pico de Gallo, Baked Potato, Sautéed Mushrooms, some Breads and Salad. Check out IHOP and decide between the Fruit Bowl and the Oatmeal.
Initially I thought this to be a wonderful idea. A daunting task this must have been to sort through so many menu items at so many restaurants. VeganXpress would be the guiding light at the end of the tunnel. Unfortunately, there is a problem but it’s not with VeganXpress. The problem is the poor choices offered at so many of the popular U.S. restaurant chains. VeganXpress does everything it sets out to do, providing vegan choices at many non-vegan restaurants. In doing so VeganXpress also sheds light on the aforementioned poor choices we have become accustomed to.
The bottom line is, especially if you’re a strict vegan, you’ll have to do your homework and ask questions. Some items listed in VeganXpress as vegan such as English Muffins are often made using dairy products. But during those times when you’re in an unfamiliar environment or grabbing a bite with your non-vegan friends and you need to make a decision on the fly, VeganXpress is a nice guide to have. When that time comes VeganXpress will be there to help you make a fairly clear decision.