Video Strip Poker — “Hi, my name is Natasha, I’m a 21-year old student and I love country music. Would you like to play strip poker? I may be a scatterbrain…hey, try to get me undressed!”
If poker and hotties are your thing, then you’ll probably like Arawella’s Video Strip Poker. The idea is the same as it ever was: Play poker and if you win often enough, your opponent has to disrobe. No surprise: The app is aimed at 17-year olds and up.
Launch the app, choose one of five women – Natasha, Maria, Nancy, Fiby or Silvia — to play against. To help you choose your opponent (aside from their looks and come-hither poses), you can read about each woman’s supposed occupation, interests and background.
Video Strip Poker gives you a choice between Texas Hold’em poker and Draw poker. It’s not likely you would ante up $2.99 for this app without knowing how to play poker, but if you don’t, there’s a comprehensive beginner’s guide that explains the rules and hand rankings.
Select your game, choose among Easy, Medium and Hard. There are several other more capable poker apps – such as Video Poker by Hoyle and THTouch Texas Hold’em Poker — than Video Strip Poker if that’s your main interest.
Each time you clean out your opponent, Video Strip Poker displays a brief video clip of her taking off a piece of clothing. Don’t expect to see anything remotely X-rated, as is Apple’s App Store policy.
Preferences are simple: Sound FX and music. Tapping the “Hide” button on the right side of the screen removes the poker game (cards and all) from the screen, giving you a look at your stripper without distraction.
The Video Strip Poker app comes with five women; with the option of unlocking four others through in-app purchase of $0.99 for each opponent