Start your summer travels off right with apps that make planning and packing a bit easier. One option that may be useful is Visual Travel Checklist, which was released last month and is on sale through the end of July. Visual Travel Checklist features a database of the most commonly packed travel items organized by category and creates a visual checklist with icons representing each item. A fairly intuitive app, Visual Travel Checklist helps you create a “to do” list for both preparation and packing before you head out the door.
The concept of assigning visual icons to a checklist can be creative and may be especially appealing to those who dislike traditional “to do” lists. Whatever your organizational style, Visual Travel Checklist is simple and intuitive enough for anyone to use. Whether you’re a seasoned jetsetter or an occasional weekend camping warrior, you can utilize the features of Visual Travel Checklist to create a personalized and customized travel checklist.
Categories included in the Visual Travel Checklist database encompass Tasks and Items. The Tasks menu includes home preparation, personal preparation, pre-travel arrangements, and trip planning. The Items menu features subcategories for all the items you need to pack from clothes to hygiene to electronics. There is a subcategory for babies and kids, making it useful for both the family and the solo traveler. Creating custom tasks and items is also an option. Once your list is created, you can sort by subcategory or by checked and unchecked items, making prep and packing less of a hassle.
Visual Travel Checklist has all the features necessary to create a thorough travel to-do list and makes it visually appealing. Users can select from a few stock themes to further personalize the visual appeal and there is even the ability to create your own icons from pictures you take. While the custom icon option is a nice touch, it is clearly the least intuitive of all features. You can not take a picture from within the app so must select one from your photo library. This is time consuming since you’ll have to exit the app, go take the picture(s), then return to the app to continue. The option to take a picture from within the app is an essential feature and would that would make VTC a hit in my book.
As it is, Visual Travel Checklist is a mere .99 through the end of July and represents a good value as a simple organizational app for travel preparations. The app combines user-friendliness and intuitiveness with visual appeal making it an all-around useable app. There is also a free version to try before you buy, but you will be limited to the number of custom items you can save and the number of lists you can make.