There are many application’s in the Apple App store fighting for your children’s attention, and while I am sure there are many other quality apps out there as well, Vixes is an app that is sure to please both parents and children alike. Vixes is a children’s interactive story by the developers at Brite Kids and is similar to the previously reviewed app, Builda the Re-bicycler.
Vixes HD features a narrated story about a city of Vixes that produce our dreams while we sleep. The story follows two little Vixes-in-training Valie and Alie as they make their way through the city to get to the dream center and help deliver dreams to a set of children who have not dreamed in two weeks.
Vixes HD alternates between narrative and interact games. The story will describe what is going on as Valie and Alie make their way to the dream center and then your child must complete a quick task to help the Vixes move on to the next page.
The first task for your children to complete is to help wake up Valie and Alie because they have overslept. Children must hit the alarm clock, turn on the television and drag Valie and Alie out of bed. Later in the story Valie and Alie need disguises to sneak into the dream center, so the task is to dress them with hats and mustaches.
The interactive activities are fun and entertaining for children, but some of them are not completely intuitive. Even as an adult, I was confused about what I was supposed to do next at times, and the book doesn’t move on until the task is complete. The age recommendations are children ages two through seven, but I believe that Vixes HD is better suited for children ages four and older. Of course children of any age could find entertainment from the app, but they will need a lot of help along the way.
Vixes HD is available for iPad, which is a great platform to show off the rich graphics and imaginative scenery. Children’s interactive stories are becoming a popular choice for parents looking to entertain as well as educate their children, and Vixes HD is a wonderful addition to the genre. I enjoyed using this app with my daughter, and it has already entered the rotation of favorite children’s apps on my iPad.