Vuemix is a video browsing app that allows you to stream up to nine videos — many from top tier TV channels — on your iPad simultaneously in order for you to pick the one you want to finally select.
Even better, Vuemix, through some magical algorithm, allows you to do all of this while not upping your Internet usage too much. Just how does it do this? The cloud. Yes, this is one of the benefits that companies are enjoying with the often touted cloud. Behind the scenes, the company takes those nine channels, mixes them into one video stream and sends it directly to you with your nine videos. Very handy.
How does it work? Beautifully. I was skeptical, but low and behold, you actually get a smooth stream of all videos as if they were all powered with their own Internet connection. But do you need access to all nine at once? Yes.
Think of it this way … back in the day, my college roommate and I had two television sets going at once to ensure we could watch the game of the week as well as anything else we felt like. Fast forward and now my home living room has a TV, a few tablets and iPhones. With all of these, I still have to barter with my kids and wife for TV screen time so selection is not always an option in my front room. However, with Vuemix, I can check in on nine channels on my iPad, see what catches my attention and select one from there. I can pick from different categories such as Comedy, Entertainment, Sports, and more.
And these aren’t just random shows from some amateur’s basement, in fact, you get news from the big guns such as NBC and CNN. There are plenty of options from Discovery, and the Biography channel as well. I have to admit, it’s a great way to consume video from the interwebs.
Overall, the Vuemix video browser app for iPad and iPhone is a very useful service. Packed with all the latest videos available on the Internet, simple search functions and of course the nine streaming videos all at once, this app is a must try for anyone who loves watching videos.