Space fighter apps are extremely fun to play and warpspeed 2 by Borderline Interactive is no different. The fast-paced action along with its visually stunning and equally trippy visuals will have a lot of budding Viper pilots coming back again and again for more action.
After you start warpspeed 2 you’re given the opportunity to login into OpenFeint to track and possibly be added to leaderboards should you prove worthy. To begin just tap on race and the first load screen offers up 40 levels to test your focus, reflexes and flying abilities in. It’s important to note that the free version you download only unlocks the first three levels. I’m fairly certain most gamers will download the full version via in-app purchase for a measly $.99. It’s worth it.
First up is level 1, which takes you through the Andromedia galaxy where you’ll take your glider through a 2D track. This is considered a beginner track as the 3D flight races ahead become very challenging. And trust me, the 3D tracks are very difficult. You won’t master it right away and it’s going to take a lot of frackin’ time to get squared away, but once you do it’ll be a blast.
A few tips on the controls will go a long way. First, you should know that the game was developed to take advance of the built-in accelerometer so tilting your phone is how you’re going to move left, right, up or down. However, one major point to factor in is your resting point.
The game allows you to set where you’re comfortable as the zero-out point, which is basically the level point so if you keep your phone at that point your glider will stay straight. If you find it difficult to keep your glider straight, I recommend trying to tweak your resting point.
I’d have to say that warpspeed 2 is one of the more exciting games on the App Store right now. It’s very unique in how it visually enthralls you into space at breakneck speeds. It’s reminiscent of the more hair wormhole adventures in various sci-fi flicks. Also, the music is very well done.
It’s a bit too much trance for my liking, but I also feel like it goes very well with the overall theme of the app. I definitely recommend checking this game out via the lite version and then going full throttle on the paid version.