WeatherBug Elite – A great many iPhone and Touch users I know have the free version of WeatherBug installed on their device. I did too, for a long time and then a few weeks ago I upgraded to WeatherBug Elite, which eliminates ads and provides additional features. I have a slight history with WeatherBug, well, not with it, but concerning it, so before I explain, I’ll just tell you that the upgrade to WeatherBug Elite was worth it.
WeatherBug is a program developed by AWS Convergence Technologies, Inc. and it displays live, streaming weather information. In order to provide local weather, WeatherBug and television stations partner together and also involve local schools, which house cameras for WeatherBug. My first introduction to WeatherBug came when a science teacher at my son’s elementary school asked for a WeatherBug station, which apparently could also be used as an educational tool (I love those). I clearly remember the powers-that-be said “no,” but it made me investigate a little further and prompted me to download the WeatherBug app on my Touch.
Having had both, I can say that WeatherBug Elite is worth the price. You still have access to the same features as WeatherBug, including the seven-day forecast, up to five area camera views, weather alerts, and the radar, but with WeatherBug Elite you can do more. You can put the radar into motion and you can also change layers to observe temperature, pressure, humidity, and wind speed. You can change the radar and satellite options and the map has incorporated touch technology to allow you drop a pin anywhere and view the current weather in that location. You can also zoom in and out on the radar before setting into time-lapsed motion.
I use WeatherBug Elite quite frequently to check for weather alerts, check the radar and forecast, and in the winter when we get a lot of snow it’s great for checking road conditions around town with the views from the local cameras. All in all, the enhancements that come with WeatherBug Elite are worth a dollar – easy. If you have frequent outdoor activities, work outdoors, or just want instant access to updated weather conditions and forecasts, then I can think of no better app to have.