More and more so it’s becoming obvious that people enjoy connecting with each other on a global scale. The popularity of social media apps is undeniable – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pintrest rule the world. Now a newcomer, WeHeartPics, wants to join the fun. WeHeartPics is a social media photography app that aims to provide a platform for users to create profiles by building a “life story” through photos and then share with the world. Integrated with Facebook and Twitter, WeHeartPics is based on categorical organizing and sharing of photos.
WeHeartPics features numerous categories and subcategories for pictures. Everything from what a person eats, drives and wears to where they live, travel and work can be shared in photos. There’s also a daily story category that expires each day, prompting creative sharing in random categories from coffee to socks. Users can view, “heart” and comment on other photos, but uploading and sharing can only be done by logging in with a Facebook or Twitter account.
If you’re one of those people who are addicted to browsing Pintrest photos, then WeHeartPics may be right up your alley. For a young app, there are quite a few pictures loaded into all the various categories and subcategories. Grouped by “popular” and simply “stories,” the Popular feed views more like a Victoria Secret catalog than a random view of the world with glimpses into people’s lives through photos. When you dig deeper into the subcategories though, many more realistic, fun and interesting photos are unearthed.
In terms of user-friendliness, WeHeartPics is fairly nice. Granted it seems like there should be an option to create a user account sans Facebook or Twitter like Instagram allows, but that isn’t available at present – which feels like a drawback.
To post pictures, you simply choose from one of the main Story Categories that include About Me, Friends & Family, Home, Work & Study, Places, City, and Daily Stories, then select the appropriate subcategory. Daily Stories is kind of the most fun feature of the app as it prompts users to take photos that represent the day’s category and share them. Previous ones include socks, beauty products, last seen movie, bicycles, geek things and one just called “jump.”
Social media fans who like to share photos can find much to “heart” with WeHeartPics. It’s free to use and kind of fun to browse, but could it replace Instagram? It easily could, but that may well depend on the broad base feelings of the masses. At the end of the day, WeHeartPics is pretty to look at and fairly simple to use and provides depth. If you really want a new way to share your life through pictures, WeHeartPics can help you share and neatly categorize them all at the same time.