All geography students, fact lovers, travelers, or state department employees will love World Wiki Plus, the fact app that provides detailed demographic information on almost 250 countries around the world. Like the recently reviewed World Countries, World Wiki Plus’s source for information is the CIA’s world factbook as well as Wikipedia and a very clean and well-arranged interface make this app a pleasure to use.
On the basic facts page for each country, developer Tech Lumina’s first and so far only app store release provides a picture of the country’s flag and coat of arms or emblem, as well as a map and basic information like the country’s capital, official language, current government, area, currency, time zone, internet TLD, and telephone calling code. Selecting the option for more information will bring up a short background introduction about the country, a map, and more detailed information about the country’s government, economy, communications, transportation, military, and transnational issues.
Since the source is the same, World Wiki Plus and World Countries offer the same facts but the two apps differ in design and one aspect that puts World Wiki ahead of its competitor is the option to play a musical version of the national anthem for each country at the hit of a button. To some users that might be an unnecessary addition but some might find it fun or interesting to listen to the different compositions.
The interface design points out further differences between the two applications, with World Wiki’s cleaner design providing well-arranged pictures of flag, coat of arms, and a map in the basic facts section. It furthermore offers the landscape mode for easier viewing. World Countries’ design is slightly less serious and offers less information but it provides colorful fact cards, which make it easier to learn and remember. Additionally, World Countries has the fun quiz function, which World Wiki does not offer.
The two apps provide the same information in different ways and in doing so they target different users. Through its more colorful design and the option of testing your knowledge through quiz questions, World Countries is the better app for anyone trying to expand their basic knowledge or studying for a test. The more serious user might prefer World Wiki for its clean interface and better map visuals. The added bonus of a little music in the anthems option brings a little fun to this app as well and everyone interested in other countries will love World Wiki Plus. With locally stored information and no required internet access, World Wiki can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Whether you are traveling and trying to catch up on some basic facts about your destinations, or you are trying to broaden your knowledge of the geographical or political landscape of our planet, World Wiki will be a reliable source of factual information.
Check out the World Wiki Light Edition if you want to get a taste, but at $0.99 there is really no reason not to get the full version right away.