YETISPORTS 1: Pingu Throw – Penguins are one of those well-loved animals on our planet. Maybe it is the adorable way they waddle, the little honking noises they make, or the way they fly through the air yelling “yippee!” when a Yeti hits them with a baseball bat.
Yep, you read that right. YETISPORTS 1: Pingu Throw allows your skill and dexterity to determine how far a penguin flies after being hit with a bat by an abominable snowman.
ROOT9 MediaLab first introduced Pingu Throw on the web five years ago, and they have since created a bunch of other family-friendly Yeti-penguin games. YETISPORTS 1: Pingu Throw is their first Yeti foray into the world of apps.
YETISPORTS 1: Pingu Throw is a well-made app that mirrors the web version of the game. Tapping the iPhone screen launches the penguin from a rock, and tapping it a second time makes the Yeti swing his bat. Tilting the phone left and right guides the penguin either farther into the air or down to the snowy ground. I actually like the iPhone controls better than the web controls; both the penguin and Yeti movements are sensitive to the directions you provide.
Unlike some unrelated Yeti-penguin games you might find on the web, YETISPORTS 1: Pingu Throw is a tame, non-gorey app that is suitable for children. The penguin shouts gleeful noises as he soars through the air and sighs “awww” when he lands on his belly without catching enough fish. You can play either the classic mode to see how far the penguin can go, or the level mode where you help the penguin gather fish as he flies. YETISPORTS 1: Pingu Throw is easy to play yet challenging with enough levels and varying flight patterns to keep you interested.
Many have proclaimed the web version of YETISPORTS 1: Pingu Throw to be an addictive game. If you like playing it on the web, you will love playing it on your iPhone. For those who have not tried this game, it is worth checking out. Before you download YETISPORTS 1: Pingu Throw, you can try the app online here using your mouse to launch the penguin and tilt the iPhone.