About Us

AppCraver is a website that is obsessively dedicated to iPhone applications and to the emerging iPhone app economy. We believe that iPhone 2.0 is the beginning of something big—something as important as the desktop in 1991, or the Internet in 1995. While mobile computing has always been talked about as a possible new frontier, history will remember 2008 as the year the tide finally changed and the app—and the Internet—moved into the cell phone.

We are startup guys ourselves—and we understand startups. For the last 10 years we have founded/seeded a number of companies including Fauve Software (sold to Macromedia), Random Noise (sold to Vignette), iWin.com (sold to Uproar, then Vivendi Universal), TrafficMarketplace, Flux, Adconion.

Our latest venture, Top Level Domain Holdings is a publicly traded company on the London AIM. TLDH currently owns Appcraver, Tutorial Blog and several portfolios of Internet Domain Names.

While we don't expect or intend to cover every single iPhone app, our goal is to review the most important (and most amusing) of them.  We also love hearing from the founders of app startups—we think their stories, struggles and successes are interesting and newsworthy.

We are:

Fred Krueger, Founder and Clark Landry, Founder

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Barbara Hollbrook, Managing Editor, writer

Jennifer Beam, writer

Michael Alexander, writer

Derek Walter, writer

Keith Lewis, writer