Manga is a Japanese term that refers to all types of comic books and graphic novels and has grown in popularity in recent years. Young people mostly read it, but it also appeals to a far larger readership. Manga is popular among readers, and many like to read it on their smartphones or tablets.

Manga is one of the earliest types of sequential art and narrative. The West has begun to take note of it. Manga’s key selling point is its story plot and relatability. All characters were made up but relatable to most people’s lives.

Here’s a list of the best manga apps for Android and iPhone devices. These applications can make manga reading easier and help you discover new series to get hooked on.

10 Best Manga Apps For Android And iPhone – Free & Subscription-Based Apps

Many alternatives are available today, so it might be challenging to select the best manga apps. However, you can rely on us to help you choose the best manga app for Android and iPhone. We investigated and discovered some of the top manga apps where you can read many of these comics.

The majority of these apps operate flawlessly on both iPhones and Android devices. Forget about looking elsewhere, as these are the best manga apps available today.

1) Crunchyroll Manga – Read The Best Animes On This Popular Manga App For Android

Best Manga App Crunchyroll Manga

Crunchyroll Manga is the best manga app for android and iPhone devices out there if you’re looking for a way to read the latest manga. Crunchyroll is the world’s largest collection of manga and the official source of anime and manga. With their app, you can access unlimited mangas.

One of the best features of Crunchyroll Manga is that it allows you to immediately access the most recent manga books or magazines as soon as they hit Japanese newsstands. The app lets you read all of their books and get new ones as soon as they hit newsstands in Japan.

If you’re looking for a free trial or a paid plan, Crunchyroll Manga offers both—but if you want to get serious about reading manga and if you are an avid anime and manga fan, a premium subscription is required.

In terms of usability, the app provides a clean and simple UI with adequate customization options for organizing your favorite titles according to your preferences.

Crunchyroll Manga App – Download: Crunchyroll Manga for Android | iOS (Free)

2) VIZ Manga – The Best Manga App For Animes, Manga & Global Entertainment

Best Manga Apps For Android VIZ Manga

If you are looking for the best manga app for Android & iPhone devices that will make the experience of reading manga as enjoyable as possible for you, you should try VIZ Manga. The app is an excellent choice for manga readers of all skill levels, from newbies to seasoned.

There is an exceedingly low chance that you will not find something that displeasures your interest because it contains a huge number of works in a variety of genres and an even larger library of manga titles. It lets you read the most recent chapters of popular series.

If reading individual chapters attracts you, you will need to subscribe to a subscription plan in order to read the complete manga. Aside from reading manga online, the app allows you to download any manga you want and read it without an internet connection.

This function is an amazing addition that fills a huge unmet need because it eliminates the necessity for an active internet connection.

VIZ Manga – Download: VIZ Manga for Android | iOS (Free, subscription available)

3) Comics & Manga by Comixology – Upgrade Your Comics Experience With This Manga App For Android & iPhone Devices

Best Manga Apps For Android & iPhone Comics & Manga by Comixology

You’ve reached your destination if you’re seeking a manga app for Android & iPhone devices that can help you locate your favorite manga and comic books. If you like manga or comic books, you should download the Comics & Manga by Comixology app.

They have a wide range of graphic novels and manga; you may be sure to find whatever you’re looking for, whether it’s Batman or Naruto. If you’re looking for a great comic book reader for Windows or Mac, you may also watch Comics & Manga by Comixology on your web browser.

While Comics & Manga by Comixology is primarily a comic book app, it also features a solid manga library that includes many of the most notable manga titles. Popular titles include Fairy Tail, Dragon Ball, and One Piece.

If you find a particularly useful resource within the app’s collection, you can also add it to your wish list.

Comics & Manga by Comixology – Download: Comics & Manga by Comixology for Android | iOS (Free, subscription available)

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4) WebComics – Read The Hottest Manga & Korean Comics, Anime & Webtoon With This Manga App

Best Manga Apps For Android & iPhone WebComics

If you’re a fan of manga and webtoons, then this manga app for Android & iPhone devices is perfect for you. Webcomics give users access to a large manga collection and promote the work of a varied range of manga artists from across the world.

You can also use Webcomics to create and publish your own mangas, just like you do with MangaToon, and communicate with a large community of manga fans worldwide. If you want to stay up with the latest manga and webtoons on a daily basis, consider using WebComics.

Using the app’s capabilities, you can create reading lists and receive personalized recommendations based on your tastes. In addition to Japanese manga, WebComics has a large library of American and Korean comics, Chinese manhwa, Korean webtoons, and American webtoons, all of which are among the most popular on the internet.

Whether it’s Japanese mangas or American webtoons, Korean comics, or Chinese Manhwa—there’s something here for everyone!

WebComics – Download: WebComics for Android | iOS (Free, subscription available)

5) MANGA Plus – The Official Manga App For Android & iPhone From Shueisha Inc

Best Manga Apps For Android & iPhone MANGA Plus

If you’re a manga fan and can’t wait to read the newest chapters of your favorite series, then you need to download this Manga app for Android & iPhone devices.

What if you want to avoid paying for a subscription, though? Or what if you just want to read a few chapters at a time rather than an entire volume? Manga Plus has your back—it lets you download individual chapters of some of the most popular titles in manga history.

Shueisha, the famed firm behind popular manga series like Naruto and My Hero Academia, creates this app. It delivers the first and final three installments of any given manga comic as soon as they are released.

This is how Manga Plus differentiates itself from other manga-reading apps: it provides only a limited number of episodes per comic. But if you want to catch up on your favorite series as soon as possible, this is definitely one of the best manga apps out there!

MANGA Plus – Download: MANGA Plus for Android | iOS (Free)

6) Mangamo – A Great Manga App For Android & iPhone That Provides Users With Unlimited Access To 300+ Manga

Best Manga Apps For Android & iPhone Mangamo

Mangamo is the most lavish manga app for Android & iPhone devices. With thousands of licensed manga and the highest quality visuals, Mangamo has something to offer everyone. The app’s publication of comics in a variety of styles is one of its most intriguing features.

It’s a simple app that publishes fresh chapters of various mangas daily. All you have to do is install it, select a paid plan, and you’re ready to go. Mangamo is an app that provides manga comics for a small fee of $4.99 per month. This price is very fair, and you can read more manga comics with it.

Every week, new chapters are added, so you’ll never be bored. Furthermore, there are no commercials, so you will not be bothered by random pop-ups and other advertisements.

Also, readers can read one free chapter of a manga every day without signing up if they want to try it out before buying it.

Mangamo – Download: Mangamo for Android | iOS (Free, subscription available)

7) Shonen Jump – Read Shōnen Manga Anthology Published In Japan By Shueisha With This Manga App

Best Manga Apps For Android & iPhone Shonen Jump

If you’re looking for a manga app for Android & iPhone that’s free and has a great selection of classic titles, like Naruto and Dr. Stone, as well as new and unique ones, like One Piece, this is it.

As soon as new chapters are released, they’re all updated in the app. You can read most of them for free, but full access requires membership—and it’s only a few dollars per month to get access to over ten thousand chapters.

It has a straightforward layout that allows you to pick up right where you left off reading. You can save your favorite moments and download comics to read offline when you want to catch up on your reading while on the go. And your membership will work on any electronic gadget you own.

Landscape mode allows you to enjoy 2-page spreads, which enhance the reading experience and make it feel more like reading a physical book. Plus, there is free access to up to 100 chapters per day!

Shonen Jump – Download: Android and iOS (Free)

8) Tachiyomi – Free And Open Source Manga Reader App for Android

Best Manga Apps For Android Tachiyomi

If you’re an Android user and a manga fan, you’re probably already familiar with this manga app known as Tachiyomi. It’s a free and open-source manga reading app that’s easy to use and packed with cool features. You can add sources for all major online manga sites to ensure you get all of your favorite series.

Tachiyomi has numerous customization options for the reader, including color filters, reading styles, and more. It has extensions for all major manga sites and supports MyAnimeList, AniList, Kitsu, Shikimori, and Bangui, so you can effortlessly add your favorite sources.

You’ll also have access to a vast online community full of other fans who are able to help answer any questions about your favorite series. The only disadvantage of this manga app is that it’s currently only available for Android users.

If you’re an iOS user, you’ll have to use one of the other apps on our list if you want to read manga on your phone or tablet.

Tachiyomi – Install: Android (Free)

9) ComicRack – One Of The Best Manga App For Comic Book Lovers

Best Manga Apps For Android ComicRack

If you’re looking for a manga reader app for Android & iPhone that will make your reading experience as pleasant and comfortable as possible, look no further than ComicRack. Reading is greatly enhanced by the many features available.

Changing the color scheme is one way to ease eye strain from reading for long periods. It also manages reading states such as unread, completed, and bookmarks. Keeping track of the tales that will keep you engrossed for hours is made simple by the app widgets.

With several cool live wallpapers on hand, you may also change the app’s design. Thanks to Twitter’s interface, you can also keep your followers abreast of the books you’re reading.

ComicRack – Install: Android ($7.99)

10) INKR Comics – Read Anime Manga With This Fast-growing, Legal Comics Reading App

Best Manga Apps For Android & iPhone INKR Comics

INKR Comics is a must-read for any comic book enthusiast. The widely-used scanlation manga gathering software “Manga Rock” developers are also responsible for INKR Comics. They announced the group in April 2020, and their mission is to aid comic book artists and publishers. To do this, the app’s income is split between those who make content and those who publish it.

You can read a comic that perfectly suits your current disposition and hobbies. When you use the customized recommendation system, you can easily find new favorites. Furthermore, this app will automatically synchronize your data and reading progress if you have many devices.

The app has features like reading settings, brightness controls, read tomorrow, and smart zoom. When you join a Manga, you will receive notifications when new episodes of that Manga are available.

INKR Comics – Install: Android and iOS (Free, in-app purchases available)


If you’re genuinely a fan of comic books and getting into the world of Manga, it would be a sacrifice to start reading in digital format. It would be best to give yourself credit by holding an actual book. That way, you can get the most out of these Manga.

Reading a comic book like this can be over in just a few minutes, so it’s easy to squeeze into your everyday routine. Soon you’ll be enjoying the many benefits of this delightful approach to storytelling and entertaining art. We hope this article on the best manga apps for Android & iPhone devices will help you find the right app.


1) What Is The Best App For Reading Manga Offline?

Manga Rock is a top manga reader app. It offers various features, including reading offline, bookmarking, collection, and more.

2) What Is The Best Free App To Read Anime Manga?

  • Manga By Crunchyroll
  • Manga Toon
  • Manga Dogs
  • Manga Plus
  • Manga Zone
  • Manga Z
  • UR Manga
  • Manga Now
  • Manga UP!
  • Manga Fox
  • WebComics
  • MangaMan
  • Manga ME
  • INKR Comics
  • Manga Reader

3) Which App Has The Best Manga?

  • Crunchyroll Manga
  • VIZ Manga
  • Comics & Manga by Comixology
  • WebComics
  • MANGA Plus
  • Mangamo
  • Shonen Jump
  • Tachiyomi
  • INKR Comics

4) Is Manga Reader App Safe?

While certain manga-reading applications are completely safe to use, users should exercise extreme caution before installing the app. After all, most manga writers like to be compensated for their work, and viewers who enjoy it for free online do not compensate the authors or illustrators.

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