Traveling from one area to another is now relatively simple, thanks to the numerous kinds of transportation available to individuals. To go to their destination, they can travel the road, the sea, or fly securely by plane. However, ensuring that the travel goes smoothly, or simply knowing the status of a loved one’s flight, can be difficult at times.

With today’s technology, one may utilize applications like NordVPN to secure online activities and geo-location-based assistance. Similarly, iOS and Android customers may employ comprehensive flight monitoring applications with valuable geo-tracking tools for flirting checking, flight status notifications, and airport tracking benefits. Do you know who you can rely on? This article will help you.

Best Apps for tracking flights on Android and iOS This 2023

There are several flight monitoring applications for Android and iOS users to choose from, some with more features than others. We looked into a lot of them and, based on our study and expertise, created a list of the best ones. We provide them to you here.

1) Flightradar24

Apps For Tracking Flights Flightradar24

Flightradar24 is a high-quality flight monitoring program that provides live flight information from across the world. With the help of this software, people in more than 150 different nations may follow the progress of flights in real-time and even obtain a 3D image of what pilots see in the cockpit.

You may view flight data such as ETA, route, departure time, and altitude by pressing the airplane symbol. Similarly, clicking on the airport icon will display information relevant to that airport, such as the sorts of aircraft that are present in the air, departure/arrival boards, and so on. Access to past flight information is also available.

Price: Free, with additional premium options available from $1.49.


  • Live weather reports for precipitation and cloud-based forecasts are offered for flight safety.
  • On aviation and nautical channels, flight trajectories can be seen.
  • Detailed storage of the last 365 days’ worth of flight data.
  • Details about which controllers are allocated to which aircraft are provided by air traffic control borders.


  • Flight data is available from many ground airport stations.
  • Support for multilateration for precise aircraft location estimation.
  • Obtain weather information such as temperature, wind speed, airplane speed, and so on when flying.


  • The app was littered with cookies and advertisements.
  • Your location and other details will be collected for tracking purposes.

2) Flight Aware

Apps For Tracking Flights Flight Aware

Users throughout the world may use Flight Aware to get a variety of information on their flights, including the airlines/airports. You may find out about any cancellations or delays at certain airports and the gate assignments for various carriers.

The app is simple to use, with a simple visual depiction of aircraft and even weather patterns on the radar. You can easily view information about the SkyVector, Hybrid, Satellite, and other Terrain map layers.

Price: Free, Ad-Free Version Available from $0.99


  • Logging into and sharing social media profiles is possible.
  • Sync the app with your phone’s calendar software to make scheduling easier.
  • Learn which airports are experiencing delays with departures.
  • FAA-based delay and closure programs are accessible in a few places.


  • For airline reservation details, call customer service.
  • Get access to the information help area, which includes advice, tracking term details, and FAQs.
  • Details on the weekly weather prediction are accessible for both the arrival and departing destinations.


  • Paid users can remove advertisements.
  • Not very useful for people who only fly a few times a year.

3) Flight Stats

Apps For Tracking Flights Flight Stats

With its excellent technical framework, such as VR compatibility, Flight Stats is one of the top flight monitoring applications for Android/iOS users. This provides users with detailed and consistent information regarding actual air traffic and supplementary information like altitude and speed.

Furthermore, the software is excellent for calculating flight directions and receiving notifications about approaching airliners.

Price: Free


  • Determine the content, color, and location of the aircraft labels.
  • Customize the map styles, such as satellite/detailed/simple/hybrid.
  • Search using easy and varied filters.
  • Enable and get regular personalized flight-based notifications.


  • Even for paying customers, the cost is quite modest.
  • To compute fly navigations, the software uses real-time MLAT/ADS-B aircraft signals.
  • Customer assistance is excellent, and there are frequent upgrades.


  • Because this program is primarily intended for casual usage, flight accuracy is not always excellent.
  • The app size is rather large.

4) Plane Finder

Apps For Tracking Flights Plane Finder

Users of iOS and Android often use this top-flight monitoring software with real-time updates to check for details about outgoing or incoming planes. The app is simple to use for watching nearby airline signals and receiving customized flight specifics such as inbound traffic information. One of the most notable features of this app is customer support. In addition to the quality of the app, the customer support is superb. No matter your question or comment, you will receive a timely response.

Price: $29.99 (No Free Version)


  • In the app, save information about your favourite airports and airlines.
  • Obtain weather radar assistance.
  • Find out about flight delays and cancellations.
  • The app has detailed information regarding gate possibilities and diversions.


  • Free flight status information.
  • Tracks any airline in the world.
  • Finding flight delays is straightforward using the “Where is my plane?” tool.


  • Piston-engine-based GA Only premium users have access to aircraft assistance.
  • Multiple advertising while free users might be annoying.

5) Flighty

Apps For Tracking Flights Flighty

Flighty is also a top-flight tracking app for iOS and Android users if you’re looking for trustworthy real-time details on various departing and arriving flights. iOS users, in particular, may download and utilize this software on their Apple Watch, iPhone, or iPad to obtain daily flight data such as route progress and so on. Here you can also find important airport information like gate locations and the delay index.

Price: Free, $8.99/Month For Premium Version


  • 3D Touch support for searching routes, departures, and airport conditions.
  • Detailed information on flights.
  • Both 3D Touch and view modes are accessible.


  • There is a very light app weight available.
  • Consistently receive flight arrival/departure and travel alerts.


  • Only email or helpline are used for customer support services.
  • The app format does not support more than one language.

6) ADSB Flight Tracker

Apps For Tracking Flights ADSB Flight Tracker

ADSB Flight Tracker is an all-in-one flight tracker system that provides consumers with comprehensive coverage of various flight information globally. You may obtain precise information about a flight’s location, the pace of travel, altitude level, and other details.

It is also excellent for quickly finding and learning flight information, such as the route and type, as well as obtaining specific airplane photographs.

Price: Free, $0.99-$9.99 per item.


  • Add flights to the fleet, then track them all.
  • Obtain information on airport circumstances such as arrivals/departures, visibility, and so on.
  • View information about the SkyVector, Hybrid, Satellite, and Terrain map layers.
  • Learn about your flight’s height and speed.


  • View a year’s worth of previous flight data here.
  • Advanced flight detail filtering.
  • You have complete control over what displays in full-screen mode.


  • Some plans are prohibitively expensive for frequent users.
  • For basic users, raw data downloads are limited to ten per month.

7) Planes Live

Apps For Tracking Flights Planes Live

Planes Live is an excellent app for tracking nearby and worldwide aircraft information. You may look for different flight details for yourself or your family members. Get all useful features, such as airport arrival/departure information and radar control, in one place with this app.

Price: Free, $4.99 Per Week


  • Access flight data from worldwide aircraft centres.
  • Add and track en-route airliners by registration or flight number.
  • There are international arrival and departure boards.
  • Sort flights into trip-based categories and save them for later.


  • It is a very light application.
  • Pro and Premium users can view the last 24 hours’ arrival and departure information.
  • Get precise flight information on airlines, flight numbers, article tail number/type, and so on.


  • The free edition includes advertisements.
  • You must apply for the premium version to view sophisticated information such as altitude tracking.

8) App In The Air

Apps For Tracking Flights App In The Air

The App In The Air app is one of Android’s top flight monitoring apps. This allows one to observe global and local aircraft, such as air controllers in active flight. Real-time airline data may be obtained using the pre-set receiver. You may also change the flight settings to obtain more comprehensive flight details.

Price: Free, $29.99/year


  • Get a close-up look at over 1,000 aircraft and domestic airliners.
  • There are gravity and gyro sensor capabilities available.
  • With GPS location, you can see and observe warning air traffic.
  • Receive a proximity warning with the height and distance of the close aircraft.


  • Rotate the phone to get a full 360-degree view of surrounding flights.
  • Real-time information on direction, altitude, and speed.


  • Users are not guaranteed data security.
  • The tracking benefits of the free version are limited.

9) The Flight Tracker

Apps For Tracking Flights The Flight Tracker

To learn more about currently flying flights throughout the globe, utilize the Flight Tracker app. You can easily find out the flight status of planes on time because the app updates this information in a matter of minutes.

Users, for example, receive immediate warnings if a flight is delayed. The search interface is similarly straightforward, with several options for faster sorting.

Price: Free, $1.99/Month


  • Quickly switch between the Arrival and Departure boards.
  • Choose and look for flights using their identifiers, destinations, and flights.
  • 1,400 airlines and 16,000 airports around the world are represented in the data.
  • The flight status is available in real-time.


  • Multiple language support is provided here.
  • A realistic flying deck user interface.
  • Suitable for iPhone and iPad displays.


  • Some chartered flights are not listed.

10) Live Flight Status

Apps For Tracking Flights Live Flight Status

Users of Live Flight Status can obtain precise information on various aircraft, such as proximity radar and ground radar software. This app also provides notifications for FAA advisories, delay information and warnings.

The program has automatic email support as well as dual-sided calendar syncing.

Price: Free


  • Receive push updates about the status of your flights.
  • To make scheduling simpler, sync your calendar with an application.
  • Import your email address for a better user experience and customer service.
  • An accurate delay-predicting function has been added to the app.


  • Get real-time flight status information.
  • TripIt syncing is enabled.
  • With 24-hour tracking, you can access flight information at any time.


  • The app is hard to find on app stores
  • Not very reliable information


You may simply utilize these applications to find out the flight status, time of arrival/departure, and other correct flight data for your flights or those of your loved ones. We would pick Flightradar24 above the others because of its real-time accuracy. In terms of ease of use, RadarBox is a superior option, but FlightStats takes the crown as freeware with a long list of features.

Make your ultimate selection after considering all of your possibilities.


1) Which flight tracker is the best?

We choose Flightradar24 over the others due to its real-time accuracy. RadarBox is the superior alternative in terms of simplicity of use, while FlightStats gets the crown as freeware with a vast range of capabilities.

2) Which is better? Flightradar24 or FlightAware?

Flightradar24 is better than FlightAware because it provides its users with real-time data.

3) Is there a real-time flight tracking app?

Yes, Flightradar24 can track flights in real-time.

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