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“ We are Appcraver – The leading media platform for fact-checked and source-checked information on NFTs, Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain”



  • The latest news on cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, and other top cryptocurrencies. Our team conducts research into the most recent NFTs news launches that have been listed on Opensea, Rarible, and other NFT marketplaces.
  • The most recent news in the technological field includes new app launches and app reviews. “How-to” instructions on financial apps and platforms, are also researched and covered by our team.




Kajal Shine (Content Strategist)

Kajal Shinde is a fintech journalist with a degree in finance and a double major in journalism. As an investor who believes strongly in blockchain technology, NFTS and Cryptocurrencies, she writes about digital assets on various news platforms regularly which helps people turn towards new possibilities in the Crypto space!

Jayashree Ingle: (Writer)

Jayashree Ingle


Jayashree is a known fintech journalist holding double graduation in Electronics Engg. and Economics. With her PG in Mass Comm., she interprets complex technology in simpler terms. As a blockchain technology admirer and crypto investor, her insightful pieces on digital assets, blockchain technology, and emerging technologies in the fintech domain lead towards new digital propositions.


Prathapan Bhaskaran

Prathapan Bhaskaran is an avid investor in the crypto market and writes on cryptos, NFTs, financial markets, green business, and commodities. He has worked in several international news organizations in the Middle East and India.

Archana Shivkumar ( Writer)


Archana Shivkumar is a personal finance and fintech writer holding double graduation in finance and commerce. With her Masters in Economics, she skillfully analyzes global financial and crypto markets and provides meaningful insights on their future prospects. As a blockchain enthusiast and digital asset buff, she likes to write about the latest developments in the DeFi space, especially NFTs, crypto gaming, and new blockchains touted as Bitcoin or Ethereum-killers.

Derek Francis

Derek Francis is a finance junkie, with the writing chops to explain complicated financial jargon to anyone. He has experience with stocks, bonds, funds and cryptocurrencies.

Thomas Morris

Thomas Morris is a Mass Media graduate with extensive experience in writing for finance, lifestyle and tech. He has worked with numerous marketing and advertising agencies throughout his professional career. His interest in the world of business and technology motivates him to stay informed about every little detail and write with passion.

Trishla Tyagi

Trishla Tyagi is a Cryptophile and a Content Writer of Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Finance and Fintech. She is a keen investor in crypto-currencies and is bullish on the era of crypto-currencies as a whole.

Viraj Desai

Viraj Desai is a former banker turned communications professional with over ten years of experience across Financial institutions, multilateral media and corporates. He has over ten years of experience including a stint as a financial journalist with India’s largest business daily, The Economic Times, covering energy and infrastructure policy developments in India. He has also led communications for advisory projects in the International Finance Corporation, World Bank’s private sector arm. Mr Desai has a Masters in Public Policy from TERI School of Advanced Studies, graduation from Madras University, a diploma in Journalism and a certification from the MICA Institute, Ahmedabad on Data Analytics.

Nithya Nair

Nithya P Nair is a journalist based in South India. A regular contributor to Fintech News, she writes business and technology-related topics for the global audience. A postgraduate in mass communication and journalism, she has over five years of experience in the online space and worked with Times Internet, IBTimes, and One India.

App Craver

App Craver

We are Appcraver – The leading media platform for fact-checked and source-checked information on NFTs, Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain.