Have you ever considered how you could appear to others? You may now find out by downloading a face swap app on your iPhone or Android device. Using these face-swapping applications, you can have a good time with your pals while creating material that will go popular on social media. Being a well-known music singer or Hollywood actor has never been easier since you can effortlessly exchange faces with your favorite celebrity. In this post, we’ll look at some of the best face swap apps available in 2023.

 Top 10 Face Swap Apps For Android And iPhone In 2023

Before proceeding, it is critical to understand that your results will depend on the program’s capacity to swap faces. The faces in the merged photographs must be visible for the face swap to work. Feel free to experiment with different photo combinations before deciding on your favorite. Let’s take a peek at some of the face-swapping applications that will liven up 2023.

1) Snapchat

Face Swap App Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the most popular social networks, with over 200 million daily active users. Although this cross-platform application has some great video and photo recording capabilities, many users need to be made aware that it can be used to swap faces. While capturing a picture or video, slide your finger over the region of the display where the face is located to see various faces emerge below the screen. Seek the Face Swap option’s icon and choose it. Consider the following activities as the image or video you’ll share on social media.

Price: Free with in-app purchases available

Support: iOS and Android

2) B612

Face Swap App B612

The B612 is primarily a beauty and filter camera with a Face Swap function that is often used to shoot amazing selfies. After starting the software, go to the menu and pick the smiling icon to get the face switch option. When you enable the face swap capability, the software will switch faces for you whenever you begin shooting or capturing photographs. Because the technology only works in real-time, your photo must include at least two individuals.

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Price: Free

Support: iOS and Android

3) Cupaces 4.8

Best face swap app Cupaces 4.8

This tool makes it simple to generate memes and other sorts of hilarious photographs by simply copying and pasting a face from one image into another. You may utilize the magnifying glass option since it allows you to trim a picture accurately. The software’s Face Gallery will retain all the faces you extract from images, allowing you to use them without going through the image extraction technique. After you’ve chosen a face, you can quickly paste it into a new photo and accentuate the wit with a clever comment or sticker.

Price: Free with advertisements

Support: Android

4) Microsoft’s Face Swap

Best face swap app Microsoft's Face Swap

All you have to do with this cross-platform program produced by Microsoft is take a quick selfie, select the image of the celebrity or other person you want to swap faces with, and the app will handle the rest. Even better, the Face Swap application recognizes faces in images and overlays a new face over them, allowing you to swap several faces into a single image. You shouldn’t always expect to get amazing results, so brace for failure and keep trying until you have a shot you’re happy to share on social media.

Price: Free

Support: iOS

5) Face App 4.2

Best face swap app Face App 4.2

Installing this face swap app on your smartphone is a terrific idea if you want to see how you would look if you were a different gender, had a broader grin, or were older or younger. Because it lacks face-swapping functionality, you cannot utilize this tool to trade faces with your buddies. Just keep in mind that the free edition of the program only provides the most basic beauty features; to access all of the functions, you must purchase the pro version.

Price: Free with in-app purchases available

Support: iOS and Android

6) Face Swap 4.3

Best face swap app Face Swap 4.3

The Face Clone tool allows you to clone a single face as often as you like inside a single video clip, or you may pick a motion face and add it to your movie, giving you a range of face-switching alternatives. Along with some extremely nice face swap choices, the program has some decent picture editing capabilities that allow you to improve colors, add stickers and text overlays, and apply effects to your photographs. You can instantly share your creations on all of the main social networking sites with the Face Swap app.

Price: Free with advertisements

Support: Android

7) MSQRD 4.3

Face Swap App MSQRD 4.3

Do you enjoy taking video selfies? If so, don’t ignore MSQRD, pronounced masquerade, which is cross-platform and packed with interesting features. You may transform into a superhero cartoon figure or one of your buddies at any time. Wearing a mask when streaming live footage on Facebook is also permissible. The program also includes a variety of filters that you may use for each 30-second video you make to enhance its appeal. MSQRD photos and videos may be shared and posted to social media sites other than Facebook.

Price: Free

Support: iOS

8) Face Swap Live 4.0 

Face Swap App Face Swap Live 4.0

Because all you have to do to begin switching faces with your pals in real-time with The Face Swap is begin shooting a video, the application will handle the rest. You may also use this application to instantly change your face in photos, immediately allowing you to become your favorite star. If you want to try out the application before purchasing it, you may do so using the light edition.

Price: $1.12

Support: iOS

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9) Face Swap Booth

Face Swap App Face Swap Booth

If you choose to download this software on your smartphone, you may add your face to a single image as often as you like, swap faces across photographs, change faces with famous people, and do much more. You may concentrate on finding methods to make your images as fun as possible by carefully changing the faces in every shot utilizing cutting-edge face identification technology. The only issue is that you must upgrade to the premium edition of the program to enjoy all of its features.

Price: Free with in-app purchases available

Support: iOS and Android

10) MixBooth 4.0

Face Swap App MixBooth 4.0

In a matter of seconds, you may turn into your favorite actor or musician, a movie star, or any other renowned figure with the help of this face swap app. To use this application, you must select a photo from which you want to replace a face with your own, and the program will handle the rest. You may shoot images, upload them from your computer’s photo library, or even download them from your Facebook account using MixBooth. Simply shake your phone to view the final image. If you’re pleased with the outcome, you may save the image to your phone or post it on the social networking site of your choice.

Price: Free

Support: iOS


Face-swapping applications give us precisely what we want: a good laugh. Pretending to be a friend or a famous person might be entertaining for you and your social media followers. Try one of the face-swapping applications we recommended in this article to add additional levity to your social media postings.


1) Which App Is The Best For Swapping Faces In Pictures?

The best app for swapping faces in pictures is Snapchat. Snapchat is one of the most famous apps in the world, having more than a billion users registered on its app.

2) What Is The Easiest Face Swap App?

The best and easiest app for swapping faces is Snapchat and B612.

3) Which Video Face-Swapping App Is The Best?

The best face swap app for videos is Snapchat, B612, and Cupace.


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