Buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) apps like Quadpay (now renamed to Zip) have always been a genuinely important source for users. This is because not all of us have access to international payment methods, or perhaps any other payment methods than your usual bank seem untrustworthy.

However, apps like Quadpay can help you tremendously; they get you buying from Amazon and any other digital store in no time. We realize where even that can be a problem, though, as Quadpay won’t serve as a one-stop solution for all your payment problems online.

What we are highlighting in this article are 10 alternative apps like Quadpay. Additionally, we will go over the features of these apps and let you decide if they interest you!

How Apps like Quadpay Work!

Quadpay and all the apps like Quadpay are supposed to divide your purchases into smaller installments. A buyer may pay for an item in four installments using the app. In light of this, anyone will undoubtedly be able to pay significant bills thanks to this BNPL service. This app functions roughly in the same way as other BNPLs.

It would be best to use apps like Quadpay for bills on platforms where you can purchase essential items, but you can even use them on smaller purchases from Amazon and more. Apps like Quadpay ease the burden of paying immediately while eliminating overly high installment costs. Of course, Quadpay does have its downsides as well.

Best Apps Like Quadpay

Personally, it does get frustrating when you’re charged with any late fees, and the automatic charges by Quadpay can be pretty confusing if you don’t read their terms of service properly. Moreover, their refund scheme is quite tedious, where you must deal with the seller instead of just asking Quadpay for a direct refund.

These issues can be problematic, but worry not; we’ve got a bunch of alternatives for Quadpay that are available for use right now! Here are 10 best apps like Quadpay.

10 Best Apps Like Quadpay (Now Zip)

Here we will be talking about the 10 best apps like quadpay which anybody can use for various payments of bills, shopping, and many other things. So lets get started!

1) PayPal – Easy To Use App Like Qaudpay

PayPal - Easy To Use App Like Qaudpay
Source: Paypal Credit

PayPal is an excellent easy-to-use app like Quadpay invented as a digital wallet, letting you buy, sell, send and receive money in one place. It was essentially a digital bank, which enabled international transactions with complete ease. However, PayPal’s digital wallet financing solution provides users with a phenomenal BNPL service.

They offer a convenient interest rate, where you have to pay 2.9% on every transaction and the mandatory $0.3. There will be no late fees with PayPal; that part is guaranteed. You only have to pay 25% of the total price for any product/item and then pay it three more times to finish your purchase.

The most convenient thing about PayPal credit is that it’s simple and efficient to use. The user interface itself is super simple, and applying is an easy process.

Key Features That We Liked:

  • Speedy and super efficient signing up process.
  • A highly reliable company with a reputable background.
  • Pay only 25% and the rest in due time.
  • Known globally as the most popular financing solution.
  • No late fees.

2) Splitit – A responsible And Efficient App Like Quadpay For Payments

Splitit - A responsible And Efficient App Like Quadpay For Payments
Source: Splitit

Another popular app like Quadpay – Splitit, provides a buy-now, pay-later option using your own credit card. There will be no additional interest or fees with Splitit, as it allows you to pay over time without accruing any interest. There is zero need to create another account for Splitit, as you will be using your already existing credit card.

Moreover, there will be no credit checks because all you need is the available balance on your credit card. Splitit makes it extremely easy for buyers to purchase products. You’ll keep your credit card points rising up with Splitit, which can come quite handy when we’re talking about those big purchases!

Key Features That We Liked:

  • No new accounts are needed; you’ll be using your existing credit card.
  • No credit checks will be required, only the balance on your existing credit card.
  • A 0% interest rate will be added if you pay your monthly dues.
  • It’s super simple to use, and you can get it going in less than 10 minutes.

3) Affirm – Easy To Use App Like Quadpay For Bills

Affirm - Easy To Use App Like Quadpay For Bills
Source: Affirm

Affirm is an easy-to-use app like Quadpay for bills that have partnered with big, global, and highly popular brands due to its magnificent reputation. It’s got a vast client base within the U.S.A and even worldwide. Affirm’s buyers must pay an annual fee of 30% or lower.

That might seem like a detriment, but Affirm allows buyers to pay for any purchases within one full year. This is a huge benefit to buyers, as they can take their time with paying their dues.

If you pay ahead of the due dates, you will receive larger perks, such as increased spending limits and better deals on specific items! Moreover, Affirms is very quick to notify you through emails and SMS about your due dates.

Key Features That We Liked:

  • Partnered with big brands in different industries.
  • A time frame of one year to pay for purchases in full.
  • Great deals for users, with discounts and depleted markup rates.
  • Rewards for paying before the due date, such as increased spending limits and better deals.
  • Annual fee of 30% or less.

4) PerPay – App Like Quadpay With Its Own Online Marketplace

PerPay App Like Quadpay With Its Own Online Marketplace
Source: PerPay

PerPay is one of the few BNPL apps like Quadpay that will not require an in-depth credit check when signing up. However, it will still continue to increase your credit score nonetheless. The incredibly user-friendly interface can make using their app/service nothing more than a matter of convenience.

The soft credit check takes no more than a day, then you’re assigned a spending limit, and you’re practically good to go. You can use the PerPay marketplace to access merchants and get your hands on some great deals.

If you make a purchase and diligently pay on time as a PerPay member, your credit score will keep rising without any issues! This makes PerPay one of the best apps like Quadpay for bills!

Key Features That We Liked:

  • No in-depth credit checks, but increase credit scores.
  • User-friendly interface for their apps.
  • A spending limit is assigned right away.
  • PerPlay marketplace offers great deals and lots of offers.

5) Tabby – Get Huge Cashbacks With This App Like Quadpay

Tabby - Get Huge Cashbacks With This App Like Quadpay
Source: Tabby

With Tabby, you will never have to fear any incurring charges or any hidden fees on your credit and you can get huge cashback by using it. This is a transparent app, and it offers nothing but solutions for its buyers. Tabby is partnered up with a large variety of American retailers, meaning that its best used for Americans or people in the United States of America.

It has a simple and fast account application process where you can get access to a spending limit quite fast. It might not have too many features, but what makes Tabby great is the cashback that you get when you use it. Plus, it has many partnerships with brands that offer lots of deals!

Key Features That We Liked:

  • Large number of partnerships with American Brands.
  • Simple and fast application process.
  • No hidden fees, or confusing incurring charges.
  • Full transparency from the Tabby team.

6) Zebit –  A Decent App Like Quadpay And Klarna For Bills

Zebit -  A Decent App Like Quadpay And Klarna For Bills
Source: Zebit

Zebit is a decent app like Quadpay and klarna that has teamed up with international businesses to help customers access products efficiently. You can apply and be accepted to take advantage of Zebit’s 0% APR while paying for an item over a six-month period. They even have interest-free payments for their users, which is a big deal.

Brands like Samsung, Apple, Sony, Nintendo, etc. are among their partnerships, which makes them one of the largest companies of their type. A significant population additionally favors Zebit due to the complete transparency they offer regarding the non-collection of late fees, membership fees, and even product repossession.

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Zebit doesn’t do simple credit checks, of course. They have their own service known as the Zebitscore System, which generates a report for each buyer applying. This generated report will showcase what your spending limit should be while being a member at Zebit.

Key Features That We Liked:

  • Complete transparency on membership fees and product repossession.
  • Partnerships with industry-leading companies.
  • Pay your dues in a six-month time period.
  • Large maximum spending limit.
  • No late fees and 0% APR.

7) Klarna – A Great Buy Now Pay Later App Like Quadpay

Klarna - A Great Buy Now Pay Later App Like Quadpay
Source: Klarna

Klarna is a great buy now pay later app like Quadpay, partnered with a huge number of industry retailers, with which they offer installment deals for their users. Klarna will never charge you an annual fee of any sort, which makes it much better than the competition in that regard.

There are no interest rates for Klarna’s purchases, so the BNPL format is particularly good here. The late fees are indeed there, though they’re not very high as the maximum amount will be $7 at most.

Moreover, if you pay on time, you don’t need to worry about it. Klarna also offers huge deals for its users, both through its in-app marketplace and online!

Key Features That We Liked:

  • Lots of deals and offers for consumers.
  • Large partnerships with retailers.
  • $7 as the maximum late fee.
  • No interest rates.

8) AfterPay – A similar App Like Quadpay For Payments & Bills

AfterPay - A similar App Like Quadpay For Payments & Bills
Source: AfterPay

AfterPay is a similar app like Quadpay known for the tremendous amount of transparency that it offers to its buyers. AfterPay’s whole appeal is centered on how openly they let you know that there will be nothing shoddy going on. They’re also known for having no hidden fees and no higher rates for purchases on installment.

Moreover, AfterPay ensures you’re only paying 25% of the full price for every item you purchase. If that doesn’t sound like a phenomenal deal already in apps like QuadPay, there’s more to mention.

AfterPay will provide you with a spending limit as soon as you sign up, and they’ve got tens of thousands of trusted sellers across the globe, along with MILLIONS of verified customers vouching for them.

Key Features That We Liked:

  • Full transparency of no hidden fees, or higher rates.
  • Spending limit upon signing up.
  • Tens of thousands of partnered sellers.
  • Pay in 4 easy installments.

9) ViaBill – Great Alternative To Quadpay For Shoppers

ViaBill - Great Alternative To Quadpay For Shoppers
Source: ViaBill

ViaBill is a great alternative to Quadpay that allows you to pay in four installments over time without worrying about any interest being charged. The short application process is quite simple, and they can approve and verify you within a few seconds.

It’s straightforward to use; you can simply make your purchase on one of their partnered platforms and choose ViaBill as the payment method. You will only have to pay 1/4th of the total price, and the rest can be paid in installments.

ViaBill will offer you an additional 15 days if you cannot pay your installment on a due date. If you haven’t paid up on the 15th day past your billing cycle, ViaBill will charge you $15.

Key Features That We Liked:

  • Straightforward to use, just make a purchase and pick ViaBill as your payment method.
  • Get an additional 15 days of time to pay your dues after every billing cycle.
  • No interest rates.

10) FuturePay – One Of The Best Apps Like Quadpay For Merchants

FuturePay - One Of The Best Apps Like Quadpay For Merchants
Source: FuturePay

FuturePay is one of the best apps like QuadPay due to its fast application process and customer-oriented policies. Their app is the most impressive aspect, providing you with all your financing needs in one place. You will find many offers on the FuturePay app, with hot new deals on products that you just might need.

FuturePay’s only detriment is that it charges you USD $1.50 for every $50 if you cannot pay your due bills on time at every billing cycle. However, if you’re making sure to pay for everything on time, you won’t be losing out on any money whatsoever!

Key Features That We Liked:

  • Simple application process, fast and easy without the use of a credit/debit card.
  • The unique deals on FuturePay’s app can come quite handy when looking for random products to purchase.
  • It charges you $1.50 for every $50, so make sure to pay on time.
  • A super convenient app.


We hope this article will help you find the right app like Quadpay for bills, Amazon, etc. Some of the apps mentioned above are better for bills, while the others are apps like Quadpay for Amazon. The best thing to note here is that these are completely different, and each offers a unique take on the BNPL format. If one doesn’t seem to be your type of service, then another surely will.

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