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BreathPacer - Therapeutic Breathing techniquesNew York based Larva Labs Ltd., the developers behind such apps as Flip Clock and Face Mixer, bring BreathPacer to the mobile platform, an easy-to-use breathing guide to help reduce stress and assist relaxation. Therapeutic breathing can reduce stress for anyone and can be a helpful treatment for numerous disorders and by bringing BreathPacer to the iPhone, Larva Labs make guided breathing easy and accessible for anyone.

The company's first health-related app, BreathPacer works really well in helping the user to practice slow breathing. Through animated visual cues and rain sounds the app directs the user to inhale, hold and exhale. The breathing pace is based on the user's height and can be adjusted if necessary. An option to reduce the breathing rate over the course of a session makes it easier to gradually slow your breathing down, especially for the inexperienced user. By being assigned a therapeutic breathing rate and by gradually slowing the pace down, BreathPacer makes it possible to get to reach a state of full relaxation. Should the rain sounds not suit your audio wishes, an option to turn them off makes it possible to listen to iTunes while using BreathPacer.

There is really not a lot to criticize here. The rain sounds could be a little more distinct, making the difference between inhaling and exhaling more obviously audible for users who prefer to close their eyes while using the app. But other than that it is very easy to use and it really helps you relax. This could be a great assistant for anyone having trouble falling asleep as well since the sounds and the slow breathing can easily make you feel sleepy.

BreathPacer can be used anywhere, during the daily commute on the train or at home after a long day at work, and it offers cheaper and healthier stress relief than most breathing guide CDs, a stiff drink, or a cigarette. BreathPacer is a great app for anyone looking to relax or to get into the habit of breathing better for increased health.

For more info on BreathPacer and the company behind it read the Appcraver interview with Larva Labs.

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  • Shannon18

    These health-related apps are a great new way to keep America and the world healthier and happier. How exciting

  • MaxxineStamos

    Great thinking for making it able to play iTunes while using the app

  • rxCaptain

    I can use this while doing my yoga. I hope they won't mind if I bring this into my yoga classes. Just kidding =)