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By far the most popular category in the App Store, there is a never-ending parade of great games available for iOS devices. For a list of our favorites, check out AppCraver’s Editor Picks of the Best Games for iPhone and iPad, or read on for news and reviews of the newest game releases for iOS.

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Pounce Takes the Solitary Out of Solitaire

Pounce takes the solitary out of Solitaire, according to its developer, Double Apps. It’s a multiplayer card game that goes by many different names including Nertz, Canfield, Blitz, Grouch, Peanuts  and Nerf.

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Transylvania Adventure is Ideal iPhone Adaptation of a Classic

If you missed last year’s Halloween special when Transylvania Adventure was offered for free, fear not – the game is still available for a mere $0.99, which in the App Store is the next best thing.

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Strategic Board Game Lovers Unite! Boardz is Online Play

Boardz is an iPhone app that contains four classic two-player strategic board games – Chess, Go, Shogi, and XiangQi. It is designed to work over a network connection and seeks out other players as opponents.

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Zepi:Dark, The Newest Zepi Theme

iPhone and iPod Touch users already familiar with OstinGames’ Zepi will appreciate Zepi:Dark, which is one of two new Zepi themes just released. Granted, those with a strong aversion to the macabre or a preference for flowery things will probably prefer Zepi:Spring over Zepi:Dark, but both versions give the game a whole new look and feel.

Knife Toss Proves to be a "Sharp" Target Shooting Game

For fans of casual shooter games and displaced carnies who enjoy clowning around, Knife Toss by Crawlspace Games and Elevate Entertainment could hit the mark as the next game in your iPhone or iPod touch arsenal to combat boredom.

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Become King of the Ocean With iShark

Sharks are seriously misunderstood creatures in nature, but when it comes to iShark for iPhone, there isn't much to understand except that this shark has a seriously destructive side.

Buy Demolition Master: Project Implode All on the App Store

Demolition Master Satisfies an Explosive Temper

Demolition Master -- Big crowds always turn out to see a building implode, caused by the handiwork of highly skilled demolition experts. There’s hardly a more satisfying and captivating sight than to see a huge building collapse on itself.

Buy Blyx Alien Puzzle on the App Store

Blyx Features Fun without Commitment

You want a game with simple rules and one that doesn’trequire any commitment on your part. Play it, put it down, pick up from where you left off. It's that simple. Blyx, from Pearl Fisher Games, falls into that category.

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Woffo Is a Smarter, Harder, Twistier Word Puzzler

Developer Obo Games says its app Woffo has "more smarts than Crosswords, harder strategy than Scrabble and more twists than Boggle." Trust me, it’s true. Woffo is easily one of the more challenging word puzzlers that I’ve come across.

Buy dizm SKATE on the App Store

dizm SKATE has the Attitude, but is a Rough Ride

dizm SKATE - Most skateboarding aficionados regard Touchgrind as the pinnacle of apps in this category. It has an innovative interface and captures the rough and uneven nature of pulling off tricks on a skateboard.

Buy Relix on the App Store

Relix Is Easy to Learn but Can Be Hard to Beat

Mark Mengelt’s Relix is one of those “easy to play, lifetime to master” kinds of match-up games that keep you engaged for hours on end. The objective is to clear game tiles from each level—there are 50 in all—by strategically moving them around the board to match up two or more tiles.

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Think, Swipe, and Evolve into a Swipehead

With the overwhelming collection of puzzle apps available a few truly smart and original ones must surely get lost in the shuffle. This is obviously the case with Swipehead by Wizkeit Games and Vive Technologies.

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Catch-21: A Free iPhone Card Game With No Catch

In the spirit of the Game Show Network (GSN) hit show Catch-21, now in its third season, Catch-21 for iPhone and iPod Touch is blackjack mayhem in a race against the clock for high scores. Unlike the television game show, Catch-21 for iPhone leaves out cumbersome trivia questions and opponents and pits players against the clock to make as many 21s as possible.

Don't Worry About Collateral Damage in Tank Battles in Suburbia

Don't Worry About Collateral Damage in Tank Battles in Suburbia

Tank Battles in Suburbia, from Cloud Scissor, is a dark, but funny, take on the classic tank shooter. Hop into a tank and start blasting away, not just at other tanks but also at pricey homes, cop cars, warehouses, fast-food restaurants – in short, everything in sight.

Jet Through Sky and Blast Aliens in Defendroid

The iPhone's accelerometer has made possible  many great aviation and racing games. It works again in Defendroid, a fun jet vs. aliens aerial combat game that has some fun, albeit simple, gameplay.