Meet the real Casey and Bella from the unique book series where children become published authors! Casey and Bella are not just cartoon characters, they are real dogs who travel to schools and libraries across the country to teach children no dream is too big if you believe in yourself!
The New Casey and Bella Free App for all ages includes the free iBook version of Casey and Bella Face Their First Bully, the 6th book in the series, Casey and Bella Video Games, silly dog videos, free book previews to learn Casey and Bella’s many adventures, and Writing Contest to learn how you can submit your own Casey and Bella story idea for a chance to become a published author!

Meet Casey and Bella!

Casey is a resourceful Jack Russell Terrier, and Bella is an energetic, mischievous TeaCup Yorkie. In each book the doggy duo sneaks out on adventures while learning important lessons. However, Casey and Bella must always return home before their owners Jane and Jeff. Come explore with Casey and Bella, and discover the clue left behind at the end of each adventure.

Where Should Casey and Bella Go Next?

To promote literacy for children, each year a child becomes a published author through the Casey and Bella Writing Contest! Children submit their own Casey and Bella adventures, and the grand prize winner will have his/her story published as the next book in the Casey and Bella book series.
Casey and Bella Books for Kids 1.6 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Books category.