Red Prawn Games proudly announces the App Store release of Colorino. With markets oversaturated by “match-3” game genre, Colorino uses board and gems for a totally different and unique mechanics. The player’s goal is to complete levels by removing initial tiles from the board. Tiles are removed when full colums or rows are completed. Player adds tiles to the board adjacent to one or more existing tiles, matching either their color or shape. Tiles that can\’t be placed on board can be skipped, but skipping them wrongly will cost lives.
Featuring clean, minimalistic graphics, amazing ambient/electronic music and sound effects, and literally hundreds of levels, Colorino is a must play title for almost any age. After its release in Google Playstore, the game has been widely recognized by the mobile gaming community due to its uniqueness and gameplay that quickly get addictive. To quote a reviewer from AndroidTapp: “Colorino is awesome. It’s simple to play yet tricky to master. It’s a refreshing twist in the land of way too many gem swap games in the markets. Tap the Install button to play and see why you’ll be addicted!”
Game features:
* Very intuitive and easy-handled interface, making the game suitable to play in any situation
* Casual, relaxing gameplay
* No progress reset after the game is over, one can start a new game on the last level played
* Hundreds upon hundreds of levels, giving you countless hours of mind-boggling entertainment
* Easy-to-learn, hard-to-master type of gameplay, with a smooth difficulty increase as players progress through the game
* Detailed in-game help section, explaining the game mechanics when needed
* Amazing ambient/electronic music, further enhancing the atmosphere of the game
“We are very satisfied with the quality and addictiveness of Colorino. It’s very hard nowadays to offer players something fresh and unique,” says Michal Zwolinski, CEO of Red Prawn Games. “We’re also very happy about the recognition and acclaim that the game received the past few months. We are certain that iPhone and iPad users will appreciate Colorino as much as we do.”
Colorino 1.0.1 is a free app, available for download worldwide from the App Store in the Games category.