Available today, MiTapes is a music player app for iPhone that allows you to create mixtapes, just as you did on cassette tapes back in the day. Using the songs in your iPhone music library, you can create a collection of mixtapes, compiling that perfect mix of songs to suit a particular mood, occasion or person.
Independent developer Raphael Villareal developed the app as a way to recreate the experience of compiling mixtapes from the days of cassette tapes. “I used to spend countless hours making mixtapes back in the day, labouring over crafting that perfect mix of songs. I want to bring that back”.
* Select tracks from your iPhone’s music library
* Each tape has a limited running time of 60, 90 or 120 minutes
* Each tape has two sides, A and B
* All tapes are displayed in an old school tape rack
* Each tape has its own cover displaying the tracklist with handwritten labels
* Mixtapes are played in a music player that looks and behaves just like a cassette tape – spinning cogs, handwritten tape labels, and even switching between side A and B
Raphael added, “The constraints of a cassette tape were what made making mixtapes an art. You can make a digital playlist in seconds these days, but with mixtapes you had to consider not just track selection but tape length and song order as well. MiTapes allows you to do just that”.
MiTapes 1.0.1 is $0.99 USD and is available worldwide on the App Store in the Music category.