Google Image Search – Google launched today a new image search results page for iPhone, iPod touch and Android phones in the US, the UK and Japan, according to Leo Ting, software engineer, Google Mobile Search.
With the new image search features, you can view up to 20 images on a single results page and get the details for each image. From the details page, you can see bigger thumbnails, visit the image’s Web page or view the image in full size.
The new image results page also features “search-by-style” filters, which allow you to limit search results to faces, clip art, line drawings and photos.
How to use Google Image Search:

  1. For a test drive, open Google Mobile, go to to on your iPhone, iPod touch or Android-based smartphone, enter your search term and click “images” to search.
  2. The results page shows related images. Click on an image to load the details page. Optionally, use “filter” to select image style and SafeSearch settings.
  3. The image details page shows a larger thumbnail and links to the image’s Website and the image.
  4. Tap image to see it in full size.