This game is like the TV show Airwolf – both the best and worst thing ever conceived.
You ever want to take the back of your hand and give someone a nice smackarooski, but, at the same time, give them a big hug too? That’s the feeling I get about Hold On! Most people will see this app and just cringe.
But, I, and many iPhone users, are not “most people”. I like doing things which others might have problems with.
So I’m the freakish kind of guy who likes the soon-to-be iconic cultural time waster Hold On!
This game has ZERO learning curve. Just put your finger down and don’t let go. The app keeps track of how long you can keep your finger pressed. Genius bastards.
I’m only mad that I didn’t think of this first.
TRY IT. HATE IT. LOVE IT. Tell yourself you aren’t going crazy.