Have you ever wondered how Jackson Pollock became so successful by dripping paint on canvas? I’m sure that anyone that has ever stood back and admired one of his works has asked themselves that very question. Yet as one examines his works you’re often amazed by the creative intricate patterns the colors form with a feel of simplicity hanging in the mists and become conflicted by the naïve belief that you can somehow replicate it.
Thanks to the Jackson Pollock by Miltos Manetas iPhone app from The Mega Super Awesome Visuals Company there is no need to clear out space in your garage, purchase large canvases, or scavenge around for all of the unused house paint stashed away. You can give it a try right on your iPhone. No fuss, no muss, no long hard nights of drinking and puking. Simply sit back and create.
The Jackson Pollock iPhone app is a simple straightforward app that’s so easy to use you’ll be painting in no time. From the opening screen you can tap the screen and start painting immediately or drag to the next page to select painting options.
Jackson Pollock offers you a choice of painting using a couple of different modes. When using the Random Color mode a different paint color appears every time you touch the screen. While working in the Choose Color mode, you can choose a color and that color is used when you touch the screen until you change to a different color. Within the Choose Color mode you can select from five different styles providing multiple degrees or shades throughout a specific color spectrum.
To paint just drag your fingers across the screen and watch as you create patterns on your iPhone canvas. Based on the way you touch the screen or tilt your phone you will create lines of varying thickness and distribute splatter or drops on the canvas as well.
When painting double tap the screen to return to main menu or shake your iPhone to clear the screen when you want to start a new painting. That’s it! Go release your inner Pollock. I can’t even begin to explain why I enjoyed this app so much. On one hand it presents no real challenge, it’s simplistic, provides no service, or offers any intellectual stimulation. On the other hand while trying to create a beautiful piece of artistic expression Jackson Pollock is extremely challenging, simple only in concept but not in execution and quite stimulating intellectually.
Much like the man himself Jackson Pollock iPhone app will provide years of visual enjoyment and keep you conflicted by the seemingly simplicity of his works and the naïve belief that you can replicate it.