System Manager for iPhone is an inexpensive app that provides information about your device’s use that you can’t get in any native application—specific information about memory use, disk space, battery life, and device identification. There are also a few useful tidbits thrown in as “tips” for managing your device.
Without really knowing if any similar apps exist, there’s no real basis of comparison for System Manager. The utility functions slightly similar to systems properties on a PC; it’s designed to provide basic information only. In other words, System Manager for iPhone doesn’t have the ability to make changes to your device. The app does provide a useful explanation of wired, active, and inactive memory and lets you see how much free memory and disk space is available on your device. But, when it comes to actually managing the system on your iPhone, you will need to have some basic understanding of what to do next.
The best feature of System Manager is the battery information it display. It tells you exactly how much battery power is left, displays the amount of time required to achieve a full charge, and even explains approximately how much battery life you have left if you’re using specific functions – i.e. games, phone, video, and so forth. The battery information feature is also one of the sections that provide additional “tips” for managing and maintaining optimal battery power.
If you’re an information junkie who loves to look at the stats or your phone is running sluggish and you want to know why, then System Manager for iPhone will give you what you need. But, aside from providing basic device information, System Manager doesn’t do anything and so to improve the actual performance of your device you’ll have to know how to manually manage it based on the provided information.
As an information tool, System Manager is a decent utility to couple with the native system settings. Eventually, it would be nice to see an update that lets us dig into the system for more detailed management.
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