If, like me, you are a text-minded individual and could use daily, weekly, or even single occurring reminders to do something, go somewhere, or pick someone or something up, then TextMinder sms text reminder by Adam Alexander might be just the app you’re looking for.
Granted, as tech savvy as I like to think myself to be, I still sometimes prefer a good old fashioned sticky note note reminder. Yet, I can see some benefits to using an app like TextMinder — especially for those times I might not be standing in front of my Post-it lined refrigerator.
TextMinder is a simple-to-use app that allows you to create a text reminder and schedule it to be sent via SMS text to your wireless phone. I know what some of you might be thinking — there are plenty of “reminder” apps already available. What’s the benefit of yet another reminder app?
I suppose it depends largely on your situation and some users may have no use for it at all, but the first benefit of TextMinder is simply the ability to quickly and easily schedule reminders as much as a year in advance. Plus, you can schedule text reminders to recur daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, whatever you need.
The other benefit of TextMinder, and this is huge in my text-minded opinion, is the ability to designate scheduled texts to any wireless carrier. When I say any, I’m pretty sure I mean it. The list of available carriers on TextMinder is pretty expansive. However, in my situation (I have an iPod touch for use on my AT&T wireless home network, but use a Blackberry on a different wireless carrier for wireless phone service) the carrier I currently use was not included. I contacted TextMinder support and literally, in under two hours, I had a response and my carrier was added. Which leads me to a third benefit — support.
To use TextMinder, users simply register for a free account, select a wireless carrier from the expansive list (which includes all the major carriers like AT&T, Verizon, Sprint PCS, and T-Mobile, as well as a few surprising carriers like Cricket, Virgin Mobile, Boost Mobile, and Tracfone), and input the 10-digit wireless number. I tested TextMinder on my newly added network, Cincinatti Bell Wireless, as well as AT&T and Sprint. All texts were received from the TextMinder server.
Being more of an iPod touch user than a regular iPhone user, I do not know specifically how push notification is working with incoming text messages. I seem to remember hearing something about push notification changing soon, but the regular iPhone user in my life seems to have no problems.
Further, for the ability to use TextMinder to send scheduled texts from an iPod touch with wireless connection to any wireless user, I can tell you that my teenage son’s life is about to change. I am looking forward to recurring reminders to pick up dirty laundry, do homework, and mow the grass without ever saying a word.
Whether it’s you who needs reminders or someone else, TextMinder is worth taking a look at for its flexibility and stellar support of use. While there doesn’t appear to be a way to send reminders to multiple numbers, you could still designate a number and carrier other than your own if necessary, even though the obvious use is to send text reminders to yourself. Please keep in mind that while TextMinder is free to use after downloading, individual plan and carrier texting rates will apply when receiving text messages.
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