While there are a slew of iPhone apps that give you the opportunity to be creative, and it is more unusual for an app to allow for creativity on multiple levels. Type Drawing does just that: it allows you to write and draw, combining the two to make captivating visual art.
I immediately fell in love with Type Drawing. Type Drawing is innovative and it lets me tap into my artistic side which can get squelched when I spend too much time using productivity apps and playing games on my iPhone.
The name Type Drawing is not well suited to represent just how creative you can be with this app; Poetic Visual Art might be a better app name for Type Drawing.
Type Drawing is hard to explain, as you may notice on iTunes and on developer Hansol Huh’s website, but it is a must-try. You type in a word or write a colorful phrase or sentence, then drag your fingertip on the iPhone’s screen to make a drawing. The words you typed make up the lines of the drawing. Drag your fingertip fast for small letters, and more slowly for bigger fonts.
Type Drawing is based on the premise that anyone can be an artist. My fingertip may not be so talented, but check out Type Drawing’s Flickr site to see the drawings that other iPhone users have made. I could see some of these works hanging on gallery walls.
Type Drawing could use a few tweaks, some of which the developer promises will be included in the next update. Though there is an undo button, Type Drawing has no “clear” or “start over” option. A guideable eraser function would be a nice addition. Users have also asked for more stock backgrounds and colored fonts. Currently, you can use one of your own photos as a background which can add to your poetic expressions.
This creative iPhone app is a dollar well spent. Type Drawing is a time eater, but perhaps time is not truly wasted when you are creating art.