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Microsoft's Seadragon Offers a Stunning Glimpse of the Future

It's not exactly one of those "When hell freezes over" moments, but it's close. On Friday afternoon, Microsoft released Seadragon Mobile, its first iPhone app. Seadragon Mobile [eventually will permit iPhone users] "to access every photo they've ever taken, every document they've ever written, every one they've ever talked to, every email they've ever sent, without ever having to hit a loading screen, without ever having to hit a next button, or page through, or scroll though a massive list of items," says Microsoft Developer Ben Vanik in a video on the Microsoft Live Web site. Continue reading this post...

Microsoft's Tag Reader Promise to Take You to All Sorts of Nice Places

Imagine if you were able to take a picture of a travel poster using your iPhone's camera  and then automatically download to your iPhone a list of Web sites where you could compare tour packages, look at maps, find names of places to stay and all the other information you would need to put together the vacation of your dreams. Continue reading this post...

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