Warzone is Infinity Ward’s response to the release and popularity of PUBG and an attempt to offer fans of the Call of Duty series their own version of the popular battle royale. You will fight alone or in small groups of up to three people to try to remain the only survivor on the game map.

You yourself will regulate the place to start the match, and you need to gradually get used to the game map in order to find the best and most profitable places to collect the first drop and understand the points where there is the least risk of getting a bullet, at the very beginning of the round.

You need to survive as long as possible and kill as many enemies as possible, because it is these values that are taken into account when creating the rating, and it is on them that they rely when providing cod boosting services.

Top Tips for Survival & Rank Up in Call of Duty Warzone 2

Let’s take a look at some of the ways by which you can survive and rank up pretty easily and quickly in Warzone 2.0. Not only are these methods tried and proven, but they will help you a long way in upcoming future updates. So, let’s get started!

1) A Good Warm-Up

Don’t underestimate a good warm-up and shooting, especially if this is your first match today or in a long time. Like all shooters, Call of Duty requires playing out so that you again feel the weapon, aim, and movement of the character and enemies.

warzone 2

If you don’t pay attention to the warm-up, then the first matches will most likely be wasted and will bring a lot of unpleasant emotions simply because you won’t adjust your aim, shoot accurately, and so on. No matter what anyone says or describes in the guides – until you develop a mechanical, automatic shooting skill, without which it will be difficult for you to get comfortable in the world of Warzone.

This does not mean that you should shoot at everything that moves, and you still need to think about the moments of the beginning of the battle, especially if the enemy does not see you yet, but you will understand the understanding of your characteristics and the benefits of the position you occupy during the game and the development of personal skills and understanding of gameplay.

2) Deciding a Good Drop-Off Point

deciding good dropoff point

The plane will fly along a different trajectory each time, but this will not prevent you from landing at specific points to start collecting equipment; only the time required for the approach will change.

The main thing is not to miss the moment of disembarkation, otherwise you will simply fly off the edge of the map and the match will end for you without starting – with a minimal reward and without gain in terms of personal rank in Warzone.

best drop location

You can choose three types of drop-off points:

  1. Large cities and points– are places of large accumulation of potential resources, but large numbers of players will flock there, and this will be a place where you need to fully survive and fight, quickly make decisions, grab your first equipment and prepare for battle, because enemies can be everywhere.
  2. Zones with two or three buildings – it is safer because literally several players land here, or no one lands, depending on your luck, and can be tracked by open parachute canopies. The scenario is similar but safer because it is easier to fight with two or three enemies than with dozens of enemies, and when lying down, you can even hide – let them fight among themselves or wait until they leave.
  3. Small single buildings – You can choose the safest but unpredictable landing method. It is safe because few players will want to choose such a landing zone due to unpredictable equipment and often distance from the first zone of location reduction, which often leads to inconvenience and the need to quickly move and expose themselves to damage from other players who have taken more advantageous positions.

3) Choosing the Right Weapons

To be able to get a boost in Call of Duty, you need to understand and be able to use all types of weapons because you will never know what equipment you will use at the current moment of the match. Of course, the main weapon remains the assault rifle, which allows you to deal effective damage from any distance.


Then there is the sniper rifle, which allows you to solve problems at a long distance and conduct reconnaissance due to zoom-in sights. Use the shotgun and pistol for close-range combat when more powerful weapons are unavailable, but try to switch them out as soon as possible. Automatic weapons will help you fire tightly but do not forget that they are still inferior in terms of damage.

4) Grenades and auxiliary equipment


If you want to steadily progress in boosting your rank in Call of Duty Warzone, you need to collect not only what shoots but also equipment and medicine that will strengthen your defensive and offensive capabilities. First of all, these are medicines, boosters and armour elements that can be inserted into a bulletproof vest and thereby restore its strength.

These are important points because sometimes your battles will end with minimal remaining health, and without replenishing them, your chances of further survival will be minimal, so you need to replenish all resources before further advancement in the location.

As for grenades, this is an excellent tool for quickly and efficiently knocking enemies out of cover and inflicting fatal damage on them. Of course, right away, you may not be able to throw them correctly and accurately, but gradually, you will master all the subtleties well and will inflict good damage on enemies, whether on the offensive or in a defensive game.

Not only attack grenades will be useful, but also auxiliary ones like smoke screens and flash-noise grenades, which destabilize opponents and help you solve your problems and attack more safely.


In conclusion, Warzone 2 offers many different challenges and opportunities, so keeping alive and ranking up requires a multifaceted approach. Make use of cover for tactical engagements, prioritize good loot locations, and use various movement mechanics. Keep an eye on your minimap and listen for enemy cues. As the battlefield changes and your playstyle changes, you’ll be able to cope with different weapon combinations and perks.

Keep practising, learn from your mistakes, and climb the ranks! The Warzone 2 game is ever-evolving and complex. You can use these tips and tricks as a starting point, but adjust and experiment to find what works best for you. Do you need more guidance? Keep an eye on us!

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