How to Print from the iPad


how to print from ipad

Designed to fill the gap between smartphones and laptops, the iPad is marketed as a mini computer that's fun to use when it comes time to get some work done. And, if you're using their iWork suite of iPad apps, including Keynote, Pages, and Numbers this may be true. But there a few things that stand out as big reminders that the iPad is not a laptop and doesn't really function well as a computer. One of the most noticeable pitfalls comes when you try to print from the iPad. As in, there's no easy way to print from the iPad.

Thankfully, just as they did with the iPhone, developers have already released a hefty list of apps that make printing with your iPad easier. We haven't had a chance to test them all yet, but here are 5 of our favorite printer apps. Which iPad app do you use for printing? Leave a comment and we'll check it out!

printcentral ipad appPrintCentral. EuroSmartz. $9.99. Rating 9/10 This app will let you print basically anything from basically anywhere. With PrintCentral you can print wirelessly from iPad to any printer that's connected to your computer — regardless of whether it's WiFi, bluetooth or USB. Of course, for around 10 bucks we expect more than the ability to print from our iPad. PrintCentral has plenty of other features: mount your iPad as an external hard drive; view docs from your iPad stored on your home computer, sent by email, virtually from the cloud; print directly from supported apps. If you want to print Internet web pages, Google Maps, SMS messages, or your contacts' information, you can easily do it with this app.

printmagic ipad appPrint Magic. Wellala, Inc. $6.99. Rating 8/10 Designed for iPhone and compatible with iPad, this app will print web pages, text, and images without the fuss of installing additional software. Print Magic works with all HP printers and many OEM printers (Epson, Brother, Canon, etc). This app is a good choice for people who want easy printing without a lot of frills.

eprint ipad appePrint. Microtech Corp. $2.99. Rating 7/10 This is a budget-friendly printer application that can print web pages, downloaded images, and even PDF files. ePrint offers several printing formats, including some photo-friendly options like border and time stamps. However, don't expect a full-featured printing app for three bucks. While ePrint is compatible with iPad, it doesn't support document sharing so you won't be able to print directly from your other apps. If money is an issue, ePrint will work with a few extra steps.

iprint ipad appiPrint. Epson. Free. Rating 8/10 If you've got an Epson printer, then downloading the official Epson printer app may seem like a no brainer. While this app is great at what it does, the downside is that it's ONLY great at what it does. iPrint is designed to print only photos. You can also only print via Wi-Fi, not through the 3G connection. The upside is that there are no drivers to install, and printing your mobile photos has never been easier, and it's free. Can't argue with free.

actprint ipad appACTPrinter. Houdah Software. $0.99. Rating 8/10 One of these apps is not like the others. ACTPrinter is a virtual printer — more like a reverse printer for your iPad. Instead of printing from computer to paper, ACTPrinter "prints" from your computer right onto your iPad screen. It's an easy way to carry temporary information like shopping lists, coupons, addresses, to-do reminders etc. Save paper by "printing" to iPad. Where else can you find eco-friendly printing for under a dollar?

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  • Chattertrap iPad

    How to Print from the iPad #ipad

  • Franklin

    Great app, this might help people who use iPad as their personal computer

  • http://www.NoTie.NET Todd Bernhard


    Great article... thanks! Think I may have to bite the bullet and go with PrintCentral!

  • Scott Roewer

    NAPO Mac people - someone at conference asked me if you can print from the iPad - here's how. via @appcraver

  • Russ Curtis

    Print from the iPad: #PrintCentral gets high marks: Any others worth considering? #iPad

  • Deborah Farrow

    Great, Great article-Print Central sounds like its worth the price.

  • Jodes

    Glad to have found this article....downloaded Print Central app and was able to print forms off the internet within a few minutes!

  • terry rouse

    Printcentral tells you it is not setup to print Pages, Keynotes and numbers, but only after you buy the program. You have to go thru some gyrations to get it to a print status. Not user friendly

  • Brittany

    Does anyone know if you can use any of these print apps to print from Haven't bought an ipad yet, but trying to find out all my pros/cons regarding printing.

  • Russell

    I can recommend Print n Share which is put out by the same people as PrintCentral and can recommend that for my ipad and HP Printer - I never thought when I got the ipad that I could actually print - even directly from it!

  • Tom

    Can someone please identify an app that WILL print the Apple suite of Pages word proc. and related software?

  • Barbara Holbrook

    @Brittany Most sites like require that you install software on your computer before you can print the coupons. If this is the case, then, no, it's doubtful that any of these apps will print from their website.

    However, check out the app which allows printing, or using the coupons straight from the app:

    @Tom According to the developer, PrintCentral will "Print from Pages/Numbers via Mail or print button."

  • Tami Brass

    How to Print from the iPad | The Best Apps Reviewed via

  • ✜ Stephen Ransom

    "How to Print from the iPad" - Review of apps.

  • elwin

    There is another 'reverse printer application' which I think is better than ACTPrinter and that is iPrinter ( the thing that is nice about this app is that it makes your ipad into a virtual printer that is available from bonjour from any platform. It is stupid simple.. just set up your ipad as a printer from your mac, windows, linux device and print away.. the docs show up as PDF's on your ipad. The only issue is that the PDF's are captive in the application you can view them, zoom etc. but not export them to an annotation program or to something like drop box.. I am looking forward to the developer adding this feature.

  • terry shea

    Print Central is now $7.99 and a bargain!!

  • karen

    Just bought a new wireless eprint printer and purchased the print central app on my Ipad, Iphone, Imac. Success! I am able to print from all of my devices, from web pages, pages, notes, email, excel, word, etc, etc... My eprint printer has apps on it so I am able to print coupons, games such as tic tac toe on paper. I even printed out a college rule paper, looks just like notebook paper. So, I would recommend the Print Central. It does take time to set up, especially the 3g, so have your internet and email information ready before you get started. Remember to turn off and turn on the devices after installation and after entering your information, just as if you installed a new program on your computer and it advises you to restart. Good luck!

  • Bikerider

    Hi, i've read the review....but where can i find a program to print from ipad but the outcome/result is the pdf format instead of the actual printout...just like when you print from the pc using "DOPDF" (just give an example...) Thanks.

  • elwin

    Printopia will allow you to print to a macintosh as a PDF. It requires an app to be running on the mac and the app on the ipad.. unfortunately I don't believe it works with windows

  • D

    Can u link ipad to a wireless reciept printer? I need to print 4 numbers generated from a web based ordering system. Thanks for your time.

  • uvodee

    I just purchased Printcentral. It took me no time at all to have this up and running.
    I downloaded the app on my iPad and downloaded the free wePrint on my generic pc and had it working immediately.
    For those who need more specs:
    Generic pc (homemade) 2.2 Ghz
    Windows Vista Home premium with SP 2
    32 bit
    HP Photosmart 8250 (usb)
    Netgear router

    printing works like a charm.


  • lil jim

    Bot Print Magic for both 3G iPhone and iPad running current OS. Product does not work with a Canon MX860, a printer offered on the Apple Store for months. Company asked for printer info and I have heard nothing since. Don't waste your money and sanity on this product.

  • Connie

    This is an incredible! Downloaded, installed & working within minutes! WOW!!

  • Jgkitts

    When will pages be upgraded to work with print central?

  • Tom

    As for Pages w.p update, I have not heard. It is more likely that Print Central will have to be upgraded to Pages11 rather than vice versa but you never know. Check out both websites---and try new Apple Apps Store (mainly but not only iPhone apps---including selling Pages as a stand-alone $20 item now, which makes it easier to contemplate an upgrade since I have the '08 edition but did not want to spend $90.)

  • Judy

    What printer is recommended for use with the ipad?

  • lil Jim

    Able to print to a Canon Pixma MX 860 from iPhone 3G but not from the iPad 3G both running the latest software.

  • Brian

    Print n Share is also a great app with all the features you get from printcentral I think its only 7 dollars instead of 10 it works with my epson workforce 630

  • Nancy

    Do you think that Print Central with work with my Kodak Office 1650 Wireless printer? I would hate to find out it didn't work after I purchase the application.

  • Mark Jones

    My only real issue with these apps is that they don't have the simplicity as AirPrint. After trying a few of these apps out, i have noticed i need to have my desktop powered on the whole time to be able to print. Effectively i am sending a job to my pc which then send to print.
    - What i'm after is an app which will print direct to my wifi printer without any connection to another desk/laptop.

    I'm using a Kodak Hero 7.1 which i think is great, but to print webpages at the moment its impossible.

    Any ideas?


    Just get a airprint enabled printer so you can print anything. You should get an iPad because it is amazing.