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By far the most popular category in the App Store, there is a never-ending parade of great games available for iOS devices. For a list of our favorites, check out AppCraver’s Editor Picks of the Best Games for iPhone and iPad, or read on for news and reviews of the newest game releases for iOS.

Gamenauts Launches Fish-and-Slash Arcade Game for iOS

Gamenauts Launches Fish-and-Slash Arcade Game for iOS

Gamenauts and Menara Games announced the launch of their colorful fish-and-slash mobile game, Ninja Fishing. The game combines the tilt and touch mechanics of iOS devices and welcomes iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch ninjas to the iTunes App Store dojo starting today.

Squirmee and the Puzzling Tree Takes Root Amongst Action Puzzles

Squirmee and the Puzzling Tree Takes Root Amongst Action Puzzles

If games such as Cut the Rope and Cover Orange are tops on your list, then Squirmee and the Puzzling Tree is worth taking note of. A creative puzzler with clever mechanics, Squirmee is a challenging, but intuitive, touch-to-play game with great elements of surprise.

Hanging with Friends Makes Hanging with Strangers Fun

Hanging with Friends Makes Hanging with Strangers Fun

Zynga makes good use of their experience with Words with Friends and offers up a different kind of word guessing game. Hanging with Friends is classic hangman with enough twists to create a solid, multiplayer online word game that iPhone and iPod touch players will love.

Swords and Soldiers is Castle Defense Bliss with Ninja Monkeys

Swords and Soldiers is Castle Defense Bliss with Ninja Monkeys

Ouch! Did you just hit me with a ninja monkey? Chillingo, developers of Cut the Rope, has done it again with Swords and Soldiers, where they welcome you to ye olde times of castle defense dominance where your strategy should be mightier than your sword.

Buy Line Birds on the App Store

Line Birds Attempts to Follow the Flock

Immediately following any success is the attempt to recreate it and the Angry Birds phenomenon has certainly prompted more than a few attempts. Bird-themed games are quickly becoming a dime a dozen in the App Store, and the recent price drop of Line Birds (from the same developer as Line Surfer) has prompted some attention.

Buy Rc Plane 2 on the App Store

RC Plane 2 is Ultimate iOS Flight Simulator

With its robust mini games, realistic controls and fantastic music, RC Plane 2 for iPhone and iPad is one flight simulator that I've really enjoyed lately.

Buy 3 Minute Baseball on the App Store

3-Minute Baseball is iOS App of Strategy and Statistics

It's the bottom of the ninth, the bases are loaded and your team is up by three. Do you keep your pitcher in who has thrown a solid game or do you bring in your star closer? These are the types of questions, that as a manager, you'll have to know in Strat-O-Matic's 3-Minute Baseball app where putting in a southpaw closer might bring you the victory you've practiced for all year.

Buy Cometkaze on the App Store

Cometkaze is Intergalactic Physics-based Game with a Love Twist

I've often wondered what it would be like to play Angry Birds in space, except the bird would be a comet and the game would mash together the fierce style of a Japanese fighter pilot with the speed of light and the physics of space.

Buy Absolute Instant on the App Store

Absolute Instant iPhone Shooter Teleports Gamers to a New World

Boy meets girl, girl eats fruit, Celestians create an empire, take over the world with their mystical forces and oppress the children of Terrestrians for centuries. We've all heard this story before, right?

Buy GT Racing: Motor Academy Free+ on the App Store

Race to Glory in HD With GT Racing: Motor Academy

When it comes to the expanding lineup of games on the iPad, GT Racing: Motor Academy HD proves once again that the racing genre outshines the rest. GT Racing: Motor Academy is another excellent option and should especially appeal to automotive purists.

Buy Lane Splitter on the App Store

Lane Splitter is Motorbike Arcade iOS Fun

Lane Splitter is a fierce, fly by the seat of your pants arcade game that not only keeps you irratically tense throughout the gameplay, but keeps you coming back for more. And it's also the reason why you don't want to be pressed for time for your wedding.

Stoned 3D Match Game Requires Speed and Accuracy

Ever feel like you're just caught up in an app wonderland full of fun and goodness. Me too. Stoned 3D, my latest deliciously decadent app discovery, is a take on like what I feel is a game Fred Flintstone would try to school Barney on.

Buy Foodies on the App Store

Foodies Makes Gluttony Fun

Featured in the App Store as a current top paid app and receiving rave reviews, Foodies is worthy of its “sweet” accolades. A unique game taking a different approach to touch screen control, Foodies features “Snacky Sam,” an adorable orange blob engaging in the deadly sin of gluttony.

Buy Squibble on the App Store

Squibble for iPhone Well-Suited as a Handheld Game

Remember wacky wall-walkers? Telling as this question is, it is the first thing that came to mind when playing Squibble – a relatively new 2D platformer built with handheld intuitiveness for easy play.

Buy Poker for iPad on the App Store

Texas Hold'em Poker Takes Amateurs to Hold'em Superstars

Texas Hold'em now available in the app store. Winner, winner chicken dinner. Yes, that's a Black Jack term and a bad one at that, but what I’m reviewing here is the good old Texas Hold'em Poker app from Viaden Mobile.