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By far the most popular category in the App Store, there is a never-ending parade of great games available for iOS devices. For a list of our favorites, check out AppCraver’s Editor Picks of the Best Games for iPhone and iPad, or read on for news and reviews of the newest game releases for iOS.

Apple Craze game for iOS released by indie developer GameKlaus

In the distant forests of Australia, the hungry Blue Koala scavenges for apples... Ever since that fateful day when he took his first bite of that juicy, crazy fruit, he's been obsessed. But he needs help finding all those lovely apples, and that's where you come in!

Buy Doodle Grub Expansion on the App Store

Doodle Grub Expansion Uses Players to Choose New Updates Each Month

Pixowl today is pleased to announce the release of Doodle Grub Expansion - a stand-alone, ad-free full version of the game, which allows players to submit their suggestions for new levels and vote once a month on the best one.

Buy Farm Mania 2 HD - Free on the App Store

Free Trial of Farm Mania 2 Lets iPad Owners Test Out Time-Management Game in the Garden

Spring is the best time to have some gardening fun on your iPad. A trial version of Realore's fan-favorite time-management game Farm Mania 2 HD is available for free download. Now everyone who wants to test her or his multitasking skills can get the game from the App Store to try it and decide on the purchase after they actually see the game.

Oh My Nuts App Makes Pigs Fly Squirrels to Floating Acorns

Oh My Nuts App Makes Pigs Fly Squirrels to Floating Acorns

Underneath the shell, Oh My Nuts is a physics-based puzzler that uses a touch and drag shooting mechanic to launch a squirrel across the screen via a pot-bellied pig onto none other than a floating acorn.

It's Tax Season so Screw the I.R.S. with a Strategy Card Game

It's Tax Season so Screw the I.R.S. with a Strategy Card Game

Just in time for tax season, iPhone and iPad users can relieve some of their IRS frustration with the Screw the I.R.S. app – a fast-paced card game in which players attempt to be the first to come up with expenses to match their salaries and play the winning “Screw the I.R.S.” card.

Help Purple: A Not-So-Obvious Adventure Puzzle With Candy-Colored Cuteness

Help Purple: A Not-So-Obvious Adventure Puzzle With Candy-Colored Cuteness

In a delightfully unique and colorful style, Gameday Inc. presents Help Purple – a whimsical adventure game that personifies the colors of the rainbow as little plankton-style jellybeans with special powers.

Buy Kinito Ninja on the App Store

Kinito Ninja: Unleash Your Inner Ninja in New Side-Scrolling Adventure

Yubi Games, an innovative mobile games developer and publisher, has today announced the release of Kinito Ninja for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. An addicting arcade adventure, Kinito Ninja charges mobile gamers with guiding their ninja hero past enemies and obstacles, shooting past wildly stylized worlds, and collecting as much treasure in the nick of time as they can!

Buy Mario Duck Hunt | Mario Games on the App Store

Mario Ducks Gives Duck Hunt Fans Their Dream Come True

More than 25 years after the launch of the "original first-person shooter game," the creative minds at 1Tucan have come up with an enhanced version of Mario Ducks. Now only one question remains: can you get to the dream rounds?

Elf Defense is Magical Tower Defender for iOS

Elf Defense is Magical Tower Defender for iOS

I've said it once and I'll say it again, there are too many tower defense games available. However, just when I'm about to give up on it for good, something like Elf Defense pops up and totally redeems the genre.

Buy Word Stack Free - A word association brain game on the App Store

Word Stack Challenges Players With Word Association

MochiBits is proud to announce the release of Word Stack, a free word association game for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Challenge your brain and have some fun with our new word association stacking game.

Buy Mysteryville 2 HD: hidden object crime investigation on the App Store

Mysteryville 2 Brings On More Hidden Object Adventures

Nevosoft, a top Russian casual game developer, announced the release of their game Mysteryville 2, an original adventure with intriguing storyline, and hours of seek-and-find fun. 

Buy Match Trek Arcade on the App Store

Match Trek Arcade Features Popular Characters With All-New Artwork

Six Foot Games today is proud to announce the release of Match Trek Arcade, the second game in the Match Trek series. Match Trek Arcade, a pair-matching game with a beat-the-clock element, is free to download at the App Store.

Buy Pictures Mania HD 2 on the App Store

Spot the Difference Game Pictures Mania HD Plans Price Drop

Racoon Digital Technology today is pleased to introduce Pictures Mania HD 2 v1.0 for iPad, their newest spot the difference game, which includes 100 levels and 3 modes of play. "In this latest version of Pictures Mania, you get 100 levels and all 3 modes of play unlocked," stated a spokesperson for Racoon Digital Technology.

Mean Mallows Survival Fun That Leaves You Wanting S'more

Mean Mallows Survival Fun That Leaves You Wanting S'more

Without a doubt, Defyn’s Mean Mallows is a game with one sweet storyline – defend the campfire from the evil marshmallows and graham crackers intent on destroying you, the sole remaining chocolate bar.

Buy Final Freeway 2R on the App Store

Retro Racer Returns in Final Freeway 2

The sequel to chart-topping retro racing game Final Freeway is set to wheel-spin onto a mobile device near you. Final Freeway 2: Retro builds on the critical acclaim of the original which received overwhelming praise for the way it captured the authentic feel of old-school arcade racers.