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Developer: Sony BMG Music Entertainment
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pinks funhouseP!nk's Funhouse is the new iPhone app in support of recording artist Pink's new album, which was released this week. This new trend of using the iPhone as a marketing and sales platform for music is making the news with other artists like Snow Patrol or Nine Inch Nails releasing apps as well.

P!nk's Funhouse offers 30-second previews of the songs on Pink's new album with the option to buy the tracks. In addition, any hardcore Pink fan will be delighted to find features like latest news, photos, the artist's bio, as well as all the liner notes from her previous albums (with the obvious option to buy) as well.

These new artist apps could take up a meaningful place in music marketing, one level up from the mandatory MySpace page. The apps are great for fans of the individual band or musician and P!nk's Funhouse will therefore be an awesome app for any Pink fan out there. And with the music industry facing dire times, the iPhone seems like a perfect platform for a new marketing strategy that ties artist and fan closer together.

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  • MaxxineStamos

    I love Pink but who would get an app that is just for advertisement? You can't even hear the full song. Might as well just go to the apple store

  • Roxy22

    Pink rocks. She's such a punker. I hope she does even better by doing this application. I think it's a genius idea to start advertising through the iPhone

  • DexMex77892

    I'm not a big fan of hers but the music industry getting into iphone apps is both ingenious and preposterous