Problems with iPhone applications closing abruptly


Since picking up my iPhone three days ago, I've been blown away by the UI and all the applications available for the phone. I've never had a phone that was so easy to use and so powerful at the same time.

My one gripe (and it's a major one) is that applications frequently close up on me at random times for no reason. Texas Hold'Em is unplayable for me due to this glitch - it happens every time I play within minutes of getting started. Ditto with Super Monkey Ball. I was trying to review the latter just now and haven't been able to since the game shuts down within minutes of opening the game. Is this a widespread issue? Are other iPhone 3G users seeing this?

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  • Fred Krueger

    This doesn't happen much to me, but it does happen. Hopefully, there are no long term side effects on the phone itself

  • Jamin

    I have the original iPhone and have upgraded to the 2.0 firmware. I started to have this issue as well. I had over 20 Apps installed and they worked great for about a week.. then all of a sudden... I couldnt open ANY app with out it closing after 3 to 5 seconds. I had to use iTunes to restore and then NOT reinstall the apps. I installed Texas Hold'em by itself and its working fine. I havent reinstalled any other apps as I am afraid the same issue will start to happen!

  • CL

    Jamin, I fixed the problem by doing the following:

    1. Click on "Settings."
    2. Click on "General."
    3. Click on "Reset."
    4. Click on "Reset All Settings."

    After doing this I haven't had the problem again.

  • Ching Chong Ching

    I too have the same problem with my iPhone 3G 16Gb. All my apps were working perfectly until now. =/

  • amir

    happened to me too. the fix doesn't work for me though. they still reset.

  • CL

    Amir, have you downloaded the firmware update?

  • kt

    I am really annoyed by this issue too. The phone works great but all the downloaded apps would close themself as soon as I open them. I tried all the tricks, soft reboot, hard reboot, reset network, reset all settings, update firmware. none fixes the issue. The only thing that would work is to remove the app and reinstall it. But it is only 2 days after I re-installed the apps now. the problem came back again.

    I search all over internet, not too many people seem to have the same issue. so it is largely ignored. should anyone has this same issue please speak out and hopefully Apple will fix this problem.

  • Adrian

    I have the same problem... what's more annoying is when it happens to apps that you paid for. As for the "reset all settings"... what settings does it reset? In otherwords, will I lose my notes, my weather setting, my ring tones, etc., if I do reset all settings?

  • Kat

    I've had this issue as well. It's really annoying. That 'reset settings' technique doesn't work either.

  • John

    I have the same issue. Rogers may have to swap my phone

  • Peter

    I picked up my phone yesterday, 16gb, here in Switzerland, then installed about 10-14 apps which all worked fine. Then just now upgraded to the latest firmware 2.0.2 (i think it was) then most apps just close as soon as I open them. Shit! This is very frustrating... tried reset without luck! ... any ideas?

  • Clark Landry

    Peter - try deleting the app (apps?) that are giving you problems from your phone. Restart your phone and computer. Sync your phone. Can't promise that that will work but it's worked before for me when I was having problems with specific apps.

  • Dawn

    I have 16 GB 3 G - I also had the same problem with the apps closing seconds upon opening -so I synched it up with itunes on my computer and now all is fine. Try to synch it..

  • Emil

    I have the same problem. Resetting or synching with itunes doesn't work for me. :(

  • Michele

    I was having the same problem. I reset the settings which didn't work and then synced the phone and that seemed to work fine. Thank goodness.

  • Ing

    Im having the same problems since buying the phone about 3-4 weeks ago. Im also on my second phone for a different reason, but it was happening on the first one as well. Im quite dissapointed with this thing! My synch now advises "Some of the applications in your iTunes library, including "", were not installed on the iPhone"" because you are not authorised for them on this computer. This is the same and only computer Ive used all the way through! It has now deleted all of the apps from my iPhone but still lists them all in the sync applications list in iTunes (I cant see a remove button!). Ive reinstalled them to the iPhone and iTunes just removes them again when I re-sync now. Ridiculous.

    PS, has anyone found a way of getting around the fact you cant forward text/sms message or contacts?

  • Ing

    Just found:

    Hope this might help someone... I just had to re-authorise my computer (for some reason).

  • CL

    My iTunes is also constantly telling me that I have one update for an app available. Then when I go to the update page, it says there are no updates available. That little "1" symbol is driving me crazy.

  • ed holland

    i also have the same problem with a white 16gb iphone firmware 2.0.2

  • Mike

    This is annoying, but if you download a free app from itunes on your computer and then transfer that app onto your phone, the ones that were closing suddenly work... Weird.

  • Bonita

    All of my downloaded apps are loading and then closing right away also. I updated to the new 2.0.2 software and they keep closing.

  • Friday13th

    maybe because it is an crap american phone,you'll never see this problems with a nokia or other brand. I regret my money already

  • Boris

    i had the same problem, but its fixed now. the reason the applications close is because u do not have enough memory on ur phone (i overloaded mine with music and videos). Delete a few videos or a few cd's.. or if u have too many apps then delete the 1's that u dnt really need..

    Its a problem that apple confesses to having

  • W

    Mike's solution works for me, i just downloaded the free APP from itunes, sync and it's fixed.

  • Dan

    I had Pandora downloaded, and this problem with all my apps started shortly afterwards. After removing Pandora, the problem went away.

    Space wasn't the issue for me, as I still have 3.7 GB free.

    Unless of course Pandora was using all the temporary memory for song buffering...

  • tyler

    for everyone having the problem after updating I just removed all my apps then reinstalled and that worked fine e

  • Jay (SOLUTION)

    SOLUTION! What Mike said worked. You have to download an app to your computer, then sync and load it onto your iphone. This stopped all my apps from closing after 3 seconds.

    Thanks Mike!


  • Matt

    hey i had the same problem so i deleted my applications and redownloaded them adn they work fine now, i didnt have to pay twice because it was all on the same account, took five min

  • vishal

    apparently this has something to do with whether or not your computer is authorized. Go to Store > authorise this computer in itunes menu. After this remove all apps by unchecking the sync all apps checkbox. Sync your phone then go back and check the "sync all apps chkbox and sync again.

  • Runar

    What vishal says works. Just authorise your computer, sync, unsync apps, resync apps and there you go! No troubles since.

    Tnx alot m8

  • iphone guy

    I had the same problem and i'd tried every thing reseting syncing but the only thing that worked was downloading an application ON YOUR COMPUTER then syncing it with your iphone.

    thank you sooooooooooooooo much MIKE :D

  • OmgHeyDorkk

    is there any way to fix this problem without having to use an iTunes account and password?
    Because my mom downloaded the apps for me andtheyre being stupid and closing after 4 seconds.
    I'd just do what everyone else is doing but i don't wanna bother my mom so .. A little helps?O___O

  • vishal

    Update : There is no need to remove all applications. Use the following method instead -

    This typically happens when you sync your iphone to two computers. Or if you are syncing on a computer other than the one on which you originally bought the application.

    For example, in my case I sync it with the computer at work as well as with the one at home. I download some apps at work and some at home. I update some contacts at work and some at home and I want my iphone to be able to sync with both computers and I think this is what is causing the problem.

    Here is what I do to fix it and it works everytime -

    1. Immediately after the sync I launch any of my downloaded apps to see it they close by themselves.

    2. If yes, I power off my iphone

    3. I close Itunes.

    4. Re-open itunes. Go to Store > Deauthorize computer > enter appstore id and password. You will get a pop up message saying this computer has been de-authroized.

    4. Go to Store > Authorize computer > Enter appstore ID and password. You will now get a message saying this computer has been Authorized.

    5. power on your iphone and sync again.

    Doing this fixes the problem.

  • JediGoddess

    I JUST bought my Iphone 3g (16g) today, and I encountered the exact same problem. The apps wouldn't even open up for me, and instantly shut down (space wasn't an issue; I only was using a 3rd of the space). I followed the steps by Vishal, and after the sync my apps came back - working at 100 percent once again...Thank you so much Vishal! I'll check back to let you know if I encounter this same problem again.

  • Barry

    Vishal is right on. worked like a charm

  • Josh

    Do you have to sync everything?
    including music?

  • Ivo

    Had same issue of applications closing immediately and got it solved:
    - Connect the phone to Itunes
    - Go to Applications folder in Itunes (devices-Iphone)
    - click or dobulecklick one of the installed apps.
    - Itunes asks for authorizing the computer
    - Authorize the computer (even you had it authorized)
    Now works for me.

  • johnny

    Had the same thing happen.

    I did the following...

    Reset all settings
    Uninstalled One app
    Reinstalled app

    After that all my apps started working again.

  • Kai

    Hey people,

    i had the same problem, reali reali annoying as u kno......

    i tried everything, restart reboot etc....

    the onli thing that seemed 2 work straight away is to simply sync ure iphone with ure itunes on your copies all apps to itunes, n then they seem 2 work fine on the phone...

    hope thats helped

  • Tom

    johnny's solution helped, it's simple, see and try it.

  • googles

    thanks Vishal, it now works fine. that was a quick way to fix it.

  • buggly wuggles

    yeah johnny's solution works for like a day and then it comes back again

  • Jason T

    I found the solution. Don't get me wrong, I love the iphone so much that I can't bear to see it act up like that. Just lay it down gently and make sure you're wearing Timberland cause I'm not sure if it will have the same effect if not. Stomp on the iphone 6 times and... Voila! you've taken it out of it's misery :)

  • Abbey

    Jason, I just tried that solution and it doesn't seem to work at all.

    Also, anyone have any suggestions for how to fix a fractured screen?


    I took the suggestion to reset my settings and everything went well.
    I did not lose any of my pictures or ringtones. It will set your ringtone
    to the standard one, but all of your files are still there to change it back.
    All of my notes are still there as well. The game I had a problem with
    now works well and doesnt shut off at all. =)

    Does anyone know how to set the Weather to where you live?
    Mine only shows New York and Cupertino...

  • Abbey

    Regarding weather: click on the little "i" icon at the bottom right of the weather screen. Delete Cupertino and click on the + button at the top right to add other locations.

  • vishal

    Here is another update on apps closing automatically for people who are syncing their iphone to two seperate computers.

    1. First, disable automatic syncing on both computers.

    2. If you have a jailbroken phone and are using SWAPTUNES application to maintain two seperate and distinct libraries on your iphone, make sure to swap to the right library for the right computer.

    3. Here is where it gets a little tricky. Using the tabs on the sync screen make sure only the options that pertain to the computer you are currently using for syncing are enabled. For example if i sync my iphone to the PICTURES on my home computer, when syncing on my work computer i make sure the sync pictures option is disabled.

    4. For applications however, SYNC ALL should be enabled. If you have some apps synced from home computer and some from work computer, make sure to respond in affirmative when itunes asks you whether you want an APP to be transferred to you current computer.

    5. Now authroize your computer before starting to sync.

    6. sync manually.

  • jack

    Mike is a legend thanks alot pal.


    MY SOLUTION :: All of My downloaded apps (purchased and free) would also close after 3 seconds of opening them. I never updated my software from when i purchased iphone 3g. I figured this was the problem - so i updated my iphone to 2.2 (5g77) using itunes this did not fix the problem. I resetted the settings on phone - settings,general,reset. this didn't work.. i then noticed my app store icon had 12 updates waiting to be downloaded. once i hit the app store and entered my user email and password, - then downloaded all updates - MY APPS WORKED!!! im not sure if all or some of my steps are needed but it worked for me -- hope it helps

  • jair

    After a few months I suddenly had this problem. The solution was already mentioned somewhere and simple: authorize itunes on your computer, sync with your iphone and DONE! Everything is working perfect again!

  • Jesse Rustman

    All u have to do to fix this is download any app. Re enter your iTunes user name and password sometimes during synch your phone losses this info

  • liam

    i bought an unlocked/jailbroken original iphone from ebay and this application closing after about 3 seconds has happened, if i restore to factory or update the software to try fix the problem will it get rid of the jailbreak or unlock on my iphone ?

  • btboz

    Hi all - had the exact same problem a few times (2g iphone, 2.2 firmware, jailbroken). It seems to happen immediately after I sync to my computer (and I only sync to one) - however it doesn't happen everytime I sync (it's happened twice and I've synced about 30 times since I got the phone). I have only ever installed apps via my phone - never from iTunes. All my applications - both app store and jailbroken apps - started to close after ~3 seconds of opening.

    RESOLUTION (for me): I deleted one of the free app store apps I installed on my phone, and then re-installed it via app store on my phone. After it installed I found ALL applications were now working again (both app store apps and jailbroken apps)

    It worked for me, it was easy to do, so hopefully it will work for someone else too.

  • Matt

    post 53. btboz's solution worked for me., cheers

  • itai

    I tried all of the suggestions above, but it still not solved the problem.
    I didn't try to reset my settings - because I don't know if it will reset my language settings and installations.
    Someone have a new solution??????????????

  • vishal

    itai - did you try my sugestion ? just connect to your computer. DEAUTHORIZE and REAUTHRORIZE and then re-sync. Fixes the problem everytime.

  • vishal

    It's the wrong thread but just wanted to share this with everyone - i was able to software unlock my iphone 3G and use it with a T-Mobile sim. I still have AT&T but at the end of the 2 year term, or when i travel abroad i will be able to use it with other providers.

    You will have to upgrade to firmware 2.2. Then jailbreak it (i used quickpwn and 2.2 ispw). Then follow the instructions at -

  • itai

    HI vishal,
    Yes - I tried your sugestion - didn't work for me....... :-(
    Bad luck? Or there is somethig else that can influence?

  • gp

    I have the same problem as itai. I have done everything listed above, but still have the same problem.

  • Gp

    Ok I got it to work. Problem was that I use two accounts to purchase apps from iTunes. I deauthorised BOTH accounts and then reauthorised both accounts. After syncing everything worked fine. Thanks for the help, just wish apple would stop acting like microsoft and acknowledge the problems so they can be fixed.

  • itai

    I have only one account, nd I already try deauthorised and then authorised it (few times...). Still don't work............

  • aliahamed

    I got the same problem (Applications closing automatically after 2 or 3 seconds). I tried the folowing and it worked. I had downloaded all the applications using my phone and NOT using itunes.
    1. Connect the phone to itunes
    2. Go to Applcations.
    3. Click Sync applications.
    4. Click Sync
    5. This will start transferring all the purchased applications (both paid and free) to the itunes.
    (Please wait until all the applications are transferred.)
    6. After the transfer of all the applications, remove them from iphone (Clear the Sync check box)
    7. Then close itunes and disconnect the iphone.
    8. Connect the iphone again.
    9. Sync the applications now.
    10. it WORKS now.

    thanks ~ aliahamedt

  • itai

    I did what aliahamed wrote, step by step, and - still don't work for me....

  • vishal


    hmmm ..that is strange....

    try this -

    connect your phone normally and sync.

    check for apps closing. If the problem is still there proceed as below -

    1. disable automatic syncing in itunes.
    2. disconnect your phone from itunes.
    3. shutdown phone and restart. Close itunes and reopen. Don't connect phone yet.
    4. in itunes - Deauthroize followed by authorize.
    5. connect iphone
    6. sync again. make sure in the application tab the checkbox to sync all applications is checked.

    This works everytime for me.

  • itai

    Hi again......
    Still don't work.......
    Few facts:
    1. I didn't update the iPhone software - I still work with version 2.0. I didn'd update becauser updating will harm the language support.
    2. Because of that, I didn't update the applications in my iPhone, so they still fit to version 2.0.
    3. I work with iTunes version
    Maybe i won't be OK until updating? I don't see any reason why it should be like that, but maybe there is something with it......

    It's really annoying - maybe microsoft are not so bad.....

    Please - HELP!!!!!!!!! Thanks......

  • Krux K


    My 'Phone' application is not working, so I can't dial anyone as the keypad didn't show up! I have tried all methods (vishal, mike, etc.), but still it doesn't work. Pls HELP!

    Firmware 2.2
    iTunes 7.7


  • ocwh

    My iphone is an ipod!
    The phone-app does not work more than 3 seconds, then it shuts down. Please help me 2!
    Got 2.2, Yellowsn0w....

  • kathy

    Had my ebay app not want to open. I just deleted it off my itunes on my computer. Sync'd my 2g iphone to clear the app icon off. Then I just reloaded the ebay app onto my iphone from the apps icon and the ebay app works fine.

  • Adrian

    Mike is a legend...... download a free app in itunes on your computer, then sync your phone, all the other apps will work after the sync is finished.

    Cheers Mike

  • vishal


    Did you install an application named KATE ? This behavior may be caused by an expired copy of kate on your phone.

    If yes , Go into settings and disable all the Kate modules. Then go to Installer and uninstall Kate. If not kate, uninstall whatever else you might have similar to kate.

  • vash


    I've had this issue as well. I have the 3g Iphone. Not to worry. All you need to due when every app immediately closes out is just download any app from the app store. I recommend a free one. Then they all should open up again. This always happens when I load up and new movies or music to my phone. Annoying, but once a new app on there, everything works fine again. Good Luck

  • Polo

    Hey everybody, i have experienced the same problem and i managed to solve it. I would say to first delete a free app and after it is deleted, go to the apps store and download it again and this should fix the problem. I did it a different way though. I first reset the iPhone a few times, then reseted all the settings, and then deleted an app and reinstalled it and it worked perfectly fine. So i hope it works for you to.

  • phu duc

    i have an iphone but it seems to be not working. all the applications are working well but when i want to make a call it doesn't let me, all the numbers on the keypad freeze and i can't press anything, there is no CALL button on the keypad and i also can't get into recent calls, favourites, contact and voice mail. i have tried reseting the iphone and its network but it still doesn't work.

  • Anna

    yesterday i was at a friend's house and because she has really good songs on her itunes i used her computer to put them onto my phone. afterwards the apps were working fine but all of a sudden i tried opening them and after about 2 seconds they would close. i tried the whole mike idea of deleting apps and then trying to reinstalll but when i press the install button it comes up with a pop up that says 'Not compatible: This application is not compatible with this iPhone'. so yeah... it was too much effort to read every post up there so i'm not sure if anyone else has had the whole 'not compatible' pop uppy thing going on???

  • Evander

    I bought a new 3G 8G and happened the same

    After 2 days, i upgrade to System Operation 2.2.1 version and installled 20 apps.

    After that , most of the apps closed after 2 or 3 seconds

    I redefine all settings, removed all apps and installed again to works

    Apple -> Its missing an Iphone´s builtin logger - to log all the app crashes.

  • Adam c

    I've also got the same prob as "anna". Apps close after 2 secs and wen I try re install them it says they are not compatible with this I phone.???

  • Dare Obasanjo

    I'm stunned the iPhone has had the bug described at for over six months with no fix out

  • Sabrina

    I had the same problem. I tried reseting all setting and updating software but nothing works.

    I re installed and they are working now

  • jason

    i deleted pandora and reinstalled and then ALL my programs worked again... so just wanted to let everyone know what worked for me.

  • Tom

    I have been having the same problem religiously and I have only had the phone for 4 days now. I have the 3g 16gig.
    When this happens on my iphone i notice that none of the apps will open up. They all seem to open for a breif moment (2-5 secs) and then it abruptly closes. This problem has arose twice on my phone and it seems to happen after I have connected my phone to my computer (but not everytime).
    My solution has been to delete one of the free app's, then reinstall it, and then all the apps work fine.
    Hopefully that helps but this bug sucks!

  • Raul

    I did call my provider for an add on onto my service. then they told me to turn off the phone and restart it. After it came back, all my purchased apps stop working. They would close after 1 or 2 seconds. I did try many of the things above.. the only thing that works was to uninstall the apps and re install them. After doing so, they work. I hope this issue won't be everytime i restert my phone.

  • Rene

    anyone please help me ;(
    i bought this iphone 16 gig from a friends of mine he also helped me to put few applications in it. everything was fine till i brought the phone home and connect it with my itunes, it asked me to delete and sync in order to be able to put more applications on my own. i did the delete and sync my phone but all the applications my friends placed was still there too ... i thought i was lucky that everything wasn't being erased. then the problems occurred when i downloaded my own applications and place it in iphone. all the applications that i put was open for few seconds and closed back but all the applications that my friends placed in my iphone was still fine and able to be open and close perfectly. please can someone help me to solve this matters? i tried everything written above and still it turns out to be disappointment ;(

  • Lara

    comment no.24 reall y work!

  • Josh


    1) Go to your iTunes
    2) Go to the 'Applications' for your iPhone
    3) Do nothing other than click 'Sync' at the bottom right
    4) When it finishes after a minute then disconnect and your good to go. All your apps will be working.

  • Park

    This happens to me all the time.

    All you have to do is go to the apps store and either download and install an update or a new application. It will ask for your itunes password and then after it installs, all of your applications should work again. It is that simple.

  • Dave

    Ivo's solution from last November 20th (Entry #37) is the simplest method for solving this problem and it works.

  • Bryce

    Just go into your Ipod or ipod tuch settings, general, reset, and then reset all. I foyu have a jailbroken one nothing will go away. It will just get rearranged.

  • kevin

    i had the same problem of apps closing immediatly after opening them and music vids not playing memory wasnt a problem bc i had over 15 gb left i saw a artical on that said to turn it off and back on and re sync it and now it works perfect!!!!

  • Dass

    In my iphone the application closes in 3 sec . i installed 1 applicatio DOWNLOADED from itunes (not from iphone) and installed(sync) in my iphone. The problem is resolved now. thanks to every one who helps me to solve it.

  • Sid

    Heyy all, plzz help, I got my upgraded iphone back just yest. n im in trouble already!

    I got a lot of apps frm the guy who fixed it, but when i was syncing it with my itunes, i got a pop up asking me if i wanted to transfer purchased apps, so i said yes, and now none of the applications are working!
    Its a hacked firmware v 2.2... plzz help!
    PS. I was wondering if I would be charged for the apps on authorising my account?

  • steve Horton

    same exact problem. I have 47 apps and every single one is doing it. I turned off then back on. Tryed resetting, tryed resetting settings which worked for about a day. Tryed syncing again. Tryed redoing all of my apps. removed sim card and put back in.
    Only thing that helped was yelling at the apple guy who also could not fix it. LOL no dont do that. I have to go back in today and they are going to switch my phone out. PS this is my 4th Iphone !!

  • Jeremy

    I had the same problem today. If it came on the phone, it would open. If I got it through the Apps Store, it wouldn't. To fix it, I went to the App Store and installed another App (I just got the first free game on the games list). After it installed and Sync'd with iTunes, all was well.

  • Gona Sabastein

    im using iphone 3G 2.2.1 (5H11) Firmware: 02.30.03 (using SIM UNLOCK)
    i have pobs connecting to wi-fi. my phone will search for wifi devices but will not show up any. It used to work couple of days back.
    No idea whats wrong.
    i have done Reset All & Reset Network Settings.
    Plz suggest wat needs to be done to get by wifi working as before.
    i dont use jail break or any 3rd party apps.

  • Lordtoddalmighty

    I did a hard reset. Holding down the home button and the power button until the phone reboots. This fixed the stupid app problem. Now I will refrain from smashing my phone again.

  • ben prescott

    Btboz on jan 5th 2009 saved me. I no longer have Internet in my computer shouldn't have been a problem as you are under no obligation to purchase the net elsewhere especially when you pay for it on you iPhone. Authorize and deorthorize will work but if you don't have net your screwed. But btboz cleared it up for non Internet users.
    Cheers mate!

  • Kron

    Facebook app has been crashing on my iPhone. I just deleted and reinstalled and it appears to be working, but I'm not holding my breath. Anyone else had this problem and do you know of a solution?

  • kiki

    My yelp app needed updating. Updated, no more probs.

  • andy

    now i cant even open a bloody PHONE app......that's correct, i cannot use the phone to do what is it supposed to do!!

    i can open every other apps though. how odd.................

  • kari

    I just downloaded the newest software 2.2.2 onto my iphone, i have the older version iphone, and was unable to open ANY of my apps. once the software completed. I've been messing with it for hours trying to figure something out besides resetting the phone to its factory settings. Thank God I found this site! Mike, your advise helped me. I first had to figure out how to authorize my itunes and then downloaded a free app., once done so my existing apps. worked again and i was able to delete the free app.

    Thanks Again!

  • Brookiecookie

    I have had the same problem and I don't know what to do! I don't want to reset and lose everything! What has been working?

  • SAttar

    it happeded to me too but it became ok by itself ater some times

  • Judson

    Delete any application, re-install, and all of your applications work again! Easy as 1, 2 ,3 !!!!!!

  • James

    This is ridiculous. There are so many people having this problem and it's a common feature of the iPhone. Why should we have to reinstall or delete all of our apps every time we download a new one? Those are the worst "solutions" I ever heard.

  • Dave

    I have tried every single one of these fixes and still no joy - grrrr. I've got an iPhone 2G running 3.0.

    Never had this issue with 2.x...

  • jeffkimlv

    OK everyone. I’ve used several of the above posts and did not get my apps to open. I think that each one worked for different reasons, but that there were other steps that took place in each that weren’t documented fully. I think I may have all the steps needed that finally worked for me using the information from each successful attempt above. Here goes:
    1. In the iPhone go to Settings>Store and sign out of your account if you are already signed in.
    2. Delete all the “Apple Apps” from your iPhone.
    3. Open iTunes (don’t connect your phone) and in the menu bar go to Store>Deauthorize Computer and deauthorize it.
    4. In iTunes navigate to “Applications” and delete all of your applications (when asked: move to recycle bin).
    5. Now download just one of your applications.
    6. Plug in your iPhone to connect it to iTunes.
    7. Navigate to the Application page of your iPhone and check “Sync Applications” “All Applications” (you should just see one application as you have deleted all the others.
    8. Now press sync.
    9. At some point iTunes will tell you that it did not sync the application because your computer was not “authorized” go ahead and “authorize” it now.
    10. Perform another sync. It will now sync the one application.
    11. Test the application on your iPhone to make sure it works.
    12. Wha-La! You can now add as many apps as you want.

  • kepol

    Did anybody of you tried the 12 steps of jeffkimlv?
    How successful was it?
    Before deleting all my apps on my 3G, I wanna be sure it works perfectly.
    I have tried all of the above. It works during a certain time but after a few syncs with iTunes the problem comes back again.
    I am fed up.

  • jeffkimlv

    a little additional info since my post. Everything is working well still. However, I downloaded a baseball game directly from my iphone and it gave me the same problem, although all my other apps worked fine. Anyway, before I followed my steps above, I deleted just that one app, then followed step #1- 1. In the iPhone go to Settings>Store and sign out of your account if you are already signed in. Then I went again to the app store this time it forced me to enter my user id (email) in addition to my password. It downloaded and works fine. So another piece of the puzzle is to do this step with new programs. My iPhone is a 3g 3.0 jailbroken and unlocked phone so I don't know if the apps aren't able to see the user id in my phone when its already there, but downloading it with no id preset in my phone and then entering it through the website worked. It may be that step #4 and #5 may not be necessary.

  • jeffkimlv

    one more point. I haven't had to test this yet, but for those like Kepol who re-sync and have problems, try doing step #1 signing out of your apple store account on your phone before each sync. If this works, it will be a pretty easy workaround for the problem. Good luck! and let us know.

  • Joe Sparks

    I just had this horrible problem today for the first time. Only pre-installed apps would stay open, DL'd apps would quit immediately on opening.

    It seems directly related to you itunes store log-in. I fixed it by updating some apps that needed updating, which prompted me to log-in to the apple store. After logging in, all of my downloaded apps worked again.

  • Andy B

    This just started to happen to me on my 5 day old Iphone. The easiest way I have found to fix it is to simply download another app and open it. Then the rest of them should work

  • Silverblade

    After the update, none of my apps would open. I re-authorized my laptop and the synch and now all is well.

  • sophie

    Had this app trouble after updating my iphone, jeffkimlv 's suggestion worked for me. Thanks! I read in some forums that they did not have to delete all the apps, just add an new one... re-authorize... and follow the steps jeffkimlv provided last July 24th, 2009 at 11:19 am.
    So if you're uncomfortable deleting all your apps, try to do this first, if it doesn't ... Deleting all, and re-install might be the best option.

  • Daniel

    I had this problem hooked it up to my computer to find there was an update. Update fixed it.

  • Jason C

    I just downloaded a free app from the app store on my phone and all of the my apps started working again.

  • frank

    SOLUTION: my apps starting doing this aswell but i found a solution. my apps would never come up in the applications tab of itunes either but i did some reading around the internet and what i found was if you go to itunes and go to store drop down menu and then authorize computer, after that when u sync your iphone your applications will appear in the applications and will also now work on your iphone.

  • Melissa

    mikes earlier your itunes, then download a free app, then sync, TOTALLY worked! thanks mike!

    in itunes go to store>authorize...(even if it says you are, just click ok)
    go to itunes store, search free apps, pick one to download and when it's finished hit sync


  • Asis

    even maps and safari closes abrubtly in my iphone 3G. can anyone suggest me please.

  • Liv

    my apps worked fine (for the day - new phone) until i installed the new 3.01 software update then didn't work at all (flash up immediate closure of programs). What fixed it for me was syncing my applications again AFTER having downloaded a free one from the iStore. This is suggested above, so thank you! I had also tried the reset settings - no effect...

  • Jason

    mikes comment worked! This problem was annoying, but just follow his advice

  • Ren

    It works, thanks for the advice on this page.
    What I did was authorizing the computer then re-sync the phone. Before that none of my applications got into I-tunes. After I authorized the computer, it works. I have to sync it twice though - first time they transfer the apps to i-tunes, and my apps still not working. I synced it again and it transfers all the apps from i-tunes to phone, now it works.
    I don't want to reset settings because I'm afraid it erased some of my setting (ring tones etc). I don't want to delete and re-install app either because who knows which app has problem and I have some setting set within some apps too.

  • Andrew

    Had the same problem. Deleted an app with no saved settings (i.e. USA Today, something free) and reinstalled it and it fixed the problem for all the other apps. have heard that ordering through the store on iTunes will fix it also.

  • Anand

    I had the same problem.. Believe or not I just downloaded a new app, it resolved the problem. This could be one of the solution for few phone

  • claudio torres

    I did the jeffkimlv steps and worked!
    Thanks!! Thanks!!

  • Mia

    I had the same problem...all I had to do was:

    1. Click on a song in my itunes library that says "This computer is not authorized to play this song"
    2. Authorize my computer
    3. type in my password and...

    It fixed it after re-syncing.

    Didn't involve ANY deleting or reseting.

    - Your welcome in advance ;) -

  • delta313

    problem started after browsing and downloading podcast directly from the iphone, none of the apps are working now....tried everything mentionned luck

    Worst case scenario, reinstall, rejailbreak, resynch

    1) synched callendar, notes, phone and mail with outlook
    2) made a backup with of all the important files (sms database, winterboard theme, sbsetting theme, dictionaries, Cydia installed apps and other downloaded database,)
    3) Reinstall 3.0 firmware with Itune, install as a new Iphone
    4) Rejailbreak
    5) reinstall openssh and other tools in Cydia
    6) resynch the Apps (yeh! they work again now!!)
    7) resynch callendar, notes, email and contact with outlook
    8) Then copy back the backup files.

    Two hours lost but all is working again.

  • delta313

    I realised that trying to move the /System/Library/Fonts to the user area, and replacing it with a symlink is ONE of the causes that prevent the Apple apps from opening.

    Dont try to move the fonts folder to save space ! ! !

    Putting the fonts folder in its original location will solve the problem

  • lisa

    what jeffkimlv posted was the only fix that worked for me. thank you soooo much!!

  • sengus

    I have an iPhone 3Gs. I have been downloading apps directly to the phone since I got it about a month ago. When I synched with my pc yesterday for the first time (which also included a software update), all of my downloaded apps would no longer work on the phone (they would close immediately after clicking), but the pre-loaded apps would continue to work.

    I tried what Jason C said (August 8th, 2009 at 3:34 am), and all my downloaded apps work fine again. So before doing a lot of other steps, you may want to try just downloading a new, single app. Thanks Jason C.

  • Charles

    My apps would open then close right back up. This started happening after i downloaded the new update. Franks comment on August 10th worked perfectly.

    (frank Says:
    August 10th, 2009 at 7:41 pm
    SOLUTION: my apps starting doing this aswell but i found a solution. my apps would never come up in the applications tab of itunes either but i did some reading around the internet and what i found was if you go to itunes and go to store drop down menu and then authorize computer, after that when u sync your iphone your applications will appear in the applications and will also now work on your iphone)

    I am now happy again and all apps are back to normal just like before. SWEET DUDE !!!!Thanks!!!

  • Afi

    Thanks to all. I had same issue where my apps were closing in few sec. Sync your phone with Itunes then reboot your i phone.. Infact, you dont have to reboot your iphone. It should fix the problem.


  • Jeff

    I just downloaded another free app, deleted it, and then they started working again

  • Hrdj

    I just synced my applications tab in iTunes and it fixed the problem with the apps opening and then closing immediately after

  • Phenjn

    I had the same problem, but now it is fixed.

    In your iTunes, go to "store" (on the top menu) then "Authorize this computer." Sync your iphone with that computer again. And everything should work fine.

  • mariocha

    Solved. In your iTunes, go to “store” (on the top menu) then “Authorize this computer.” But I had to De-Authorize first and then Authorize again.

  • vinny


  • Tom

    The solution was already mentioned somewhere and simple: authorize itunes on your computer, sync with your iphone and DONE! Everything is working perfect again!

  • Adam

    I deleted one of my apps and downloaded it again and all the apps started to work.

  • Gary

    I went to App Store (on iPhone) and did Update All. After updating one App, everything worked fine.

  • Andrew

    I found a fool proof fix for when this happens, simply uninstall a small application on your phone, an then reinstall that app on the appstore on your phone, and then all your apps will work again. Good times, awesome feeling having my apps back. Hope this helps.

  • Brandon

    Will I lose my info on my apps if I reset my settings on my iphone or snync them on my com?

  • Dan

    I've had this exact problem - I found if I download one app update, for any of the apps that I have, then it fixes them all. Tried this just now. Not sure if downloading a new app altogether will fix the problem but I imagine it will so if there are no updates for your apps just get a new free one (and then delete that later if you don't want it)

  • beam

    for all the apps closing, do not uninstall it, just simply go to the apps store and install a free application, that should do the trick,

  • nancy

    none of the recommendations work. Ugh. Apple store please help me tomorrow. Happened out of nowhere. And now I am sure I messed everything up trying to fix your problem.

  • pete

    This problem does really annoy.... However, I have found that if I delete a few unused apps, then download one new app, all my apps work again. This works !!

  • as

    i am having the same problem with my iphone 2g , i updated it to the latest software (3.1) an ever since i did that my iphone has had the problem of opening the apps an they close after 2 seconds( also i can not watch any of the movies i put on there it says"movie cant be played)

    i tried to re-set all the setting (master re-set)\
    i tried re-downloading the apps off of the app store
    i tired de-authorizing it an re-authorizing it (it said i was on 3 out of 5 )

    nothing works so if you know away to fix this issue
    plz let me know

  • CMac


  • Mark P

    This is still an ongoing issue for me when ever I sync to my MacBook Pro. It seems to only effect 3rd party apps. I tried re-starting the phone and even doing a reset but these methods have not worked for me. What I have found to work is to reinstall one of the apps that will not open. After it re-installs the app, all the apps that would not open are all back to working correctly. Why? I have no idea, is it signing into iTunes on the iphone that corrects it.. don't know but it works.

  • Shaunak

    The problem here is that the applications have been downloaded through the phone. When you sync with an iTunes that has not been authorized for that phone, it disables those apps.

    If you follow the solution given by Vishal (which I am reproducing here), it should work fine.

    Vishal said:

    (Begin quote)

    This typically happens when you sync your iphone to two computers. Or if you are syncing on a computer other than the one on which you originally bought the application.

    For example, in my case I sync it with the computer at work as well as with the one at home. I download some apps at work and some at home. I update some contacts at work and some at home and I want my iphone to be able to sync with both computers and I think this is what is causing the problem.

    Here is what I do to fix it and it works everytime –

    1. Immediately after the sync I launch any of my downloaded apps to see it they close by themselves.

    2. If yes, I power off my iphone

    3. I close Itunes.

    4. Re-open itunes. Go to Store > Deauthorize computer > enter appstore id and password. You will get a pop up message saying this computer has been de-authroized.

    4. Go to Store > Authorize computer > Enter appstore ID and password. You will now get a message saying this computer has been Authorized.

    5. power on your iphone and sync again.

    Doing this fixes the problem.

    (End Quote)

  • simon r jones

    I had the same issue and it turned out I'd updated my iTunes password on the iPhone but hadn't updated it on iTunes on my Mac. A quick re-authorize account and all was fine.

    Thanks for the tips, they really helped.

  • Jen H

    Thanks Shaunak for the tips! It definitely fixed the problem.

  • Debbie M

    I tried every single one of these solutions. And what finally worked was deleting and then re-installing just one application. I believe the reason was because your phone forgets your password or some crap like that but it worked. I almost died when this started happening. I just bought the 32 gig and was NOT happy.

  • Mike

    I've had my phone for almost a year and a half now and all of a sudden my apps closed as soon as I opened them. Restarting the phone didn't help. I do have th latest firmware so that wasn't an issue.

    The strange thing that fixed the problem was when as soon as I updated only one app from the AppStore (on my phone not iTunes) all of the apps started working again!

  • Philip

    Thanks Mike for your post.

    This just happened to me today too, after apps had been working OK for 17 months.

    Updating one app on my phone directly fixed the problem.

    Prior to the problem I had performed a hard reset of the phone as it seemed sluggish. The reset appeared to hang (waited 30mins). I then had to hard reset again. The phone restarted, but then went through the validation process. After this step the app problem began.

  • Rob

    Yep same thing happened to me!
    My purchased App's would not open .....
    However going through the reset repaired the problem

  • Fran

    Thanks everyone. I have corrected the apps shutting down problem without a pc just resetting and then deleting a free app and "buying" it again from the app store

  • jackdaripper_miamifloridaboi

    i have a solution that seem to work for me without erasing anything.....

    1. download an application on your computer called diskaid....
    2. locate itunes control and in the sub folder delete the folder that says itunes
    3.unplug and replug your phone up itunes
    5.itunes will ask if you want to restore phone as new or from a back up,choose "as new" the apps that were giving you problems........ ...they should work fine!!!!

    hope this works for worked for me......

  • jackdaripper_miamifloridaboi


  • Malazar

    RESET YOUR IPHONE/IPOD TOUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WORKS GREAT I PROMISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • srzy.hpk



  • foghat

    what also works (at least for me) is on your iphone install an app update via the app store. Once that install is done, the other apps that are associated to that account will not longer close down right away.

    If you use multiple accounts, sign into your other account(s) as well (in the app store) and download an update for an app that used that account.

    I have tried fixing by just downloading a new free app instead of updating an existing one, but I bet that will work as well.

    Again, this is all done right on the iphone, no need to connect and sync to itunes on your computer.

  • foghat

    sentence above should read:

    "I haven't tried fixing by just downloading a new free app instead of updating an existing one, but I bet that will work as well."

  • stumbla

    Simply connect your iPhone to iTunes, click the iPhone icon on the left hand menu, click the Applications tab, unckeck the box of the app that is giving you trouble and click apply. This removes the app from your iPhone. Re-install the app from your iPhone.
    I'm not sure if you have to re-purchase apps that you paid for so be cautious.

  • jim

    I had the same problem happened twice. I just installed a new free application (any one) from apple store, then it's fixed.

  • Robink

    Mike's solution fixed it! thnx mike!
    also holding home button + on/off button for 20 sec worked out for me but then it came back after 24 hours or so^^


  • Faile

    I had the same problem and after resetting it no luck but I noticed that one of my Apps needed to be updated and once I did that then they all started working again...I have a 3GS 32 GB which is 3 days old.

  • Christine

    THANK YOU!!!
    I synced my phone with my computer, with the apps, then downloaded a free app from the iTunes store on my computer, then synced again... and it works!

  • Nick

    johnny Says:
    December 1st, 2008 at 12:24 pm
    Had the same thing happen.

    I did the following…

    Reset all settings
    Uninstalled One app
    Reinstalled app

    After that all my apps started working again.

    This worked for me as well

  • Frank

    Just fixed from the road. I downloaded a free app from app store on phone and after authentication I could open all apps even as frr app was downloading

  • Gillian


    i downloaded all my apps on my phone not using my computer itunes and it seems any time i sync it on my computer my apps stop working.... reseting all settings worked before but now it wont and my apps wont open!!

    ive tryed to sync my apps on to the computer but they wont coz it says my computers not authorised even tho it is .... and ive deautherised it and autherised it again and it still wont work..

    how can i get my apps to open again.. :(

  • Melanie

    wow, thanks Vishal! Your stategy was the only thing that worked for me!

    this is the answer to apps closing immediately after opening:

    vishal Says:
    October 20th, 2008 at 8:53 pm
    apparently this has something to do with whether or not your computer is authorized. Go to Store > authorise this computer in itunes menu. After this remove all apps by unchecking the sync all apps checkbox. Sync your phone then go back and check the “sync all apps chkbox and sync again.

  • MurielOK

    This is from Korid08 on apple discussions. IT WORKED WHEN NOTHING ELSE DID!

    I was having this same issue. I had tried EVERYTHING this forum suggested but had no luck. I was just messing around with different things and figured out a fix. This is how to fix this issue:

    1) Restore your iPod to factory settings. You can do this by opening up your iPod in iTunes and hit restore. If you have issues, use this page for help:

    2) DO NOT restore from backup! Do it as a new device! If you do from backup, you are just installing all the bad things again. Doing it as a new device gives you a clean slate to work from. You basically get a NEW iPod. Set up your iPod as you did when you first got it. When it asks what you want to sync, DO NOT CHECK APPLICATIONS!

    3) Go to the applications tab in your device page and make sure that it is not set to automatically sync applications. DO NOT SYNC YOUR APPLICATIONS! I did not have the issue until I synced the apps, so unless you need to for some reason, NEVER sync your apps.

    4) Re-download your Apps from the App store on your iPod. You will not have to pay for any that you have already bought. After this you should not have this problem.

    Hope this helps!

  • Jonathan

    I did something quite similar to the post above. I deleted all my applications that i could. then after that, i downloaded them again and it worked

  • Brooke

    I'm having the problem where the apps pop up for only one second then disapear but I have an itouch instead of an iphone. I got the itouch two days ago and have around 15-20 apps with no music or videos on the itouch yet. I tried resetting the itouch but that didn't work.....please help.

  • Chick

    Delete Facebook and then reinstall it - worked for me.

  • him

    kt i have the same problem.
    if u have just figured out the solution please post the comment

  • Jordan

    I just got the iphone 3G for christmas, i haven't connected my iphone to my itunes yet either cause my itunes is an older version and won't accept my iphone.

    However now my apps that require an internet connection like my facebook app and youtube won't connent, neither will my app store or itunes, they open for 2 seconds then close an say cannot connect.

    Can anyone help seeing as i yet can't connect my iphone to my itunes on the computer..

  • Jordan H

    i had the same problem guys as soon as i clicked on them they just loaded for 1 second and then went back to the home page......this is what i did GO ONTO APP STORE ON YOUR IPHONE AND GET A FREE APP, DOWNLOAD THIS AND THEN ALL YOUR OTHER APPS SHOULD WORK worked for me...

  • Techie Phil


    This exact problem happened to me. Some suggestions said that syncing works. It did for me, but that;s not the complete solution.

    What I think is happening is that somehow, you unauthorize yourself from using your own apps. The solution is simple.

    1. On your computer, log into iTunes. Store-->Sign in
    2. If you haven't already, authorize your computer to be used with your iTunes account. Store-->Authorize Computer
    3. Plug in your iPhone into your computer.
    4. Set your computer to sync applications with your phone. To do this, click on the phone on the left panel in iTunes and at the top of that page, click on "Applications" and make sure the box "Sync Applications" is checked.
    5. Click Sync, let it run and your done!!!

    Hope this helps!!!

    -Techie Phil

  • Adi

    Special thanks to all the people that take their time to post solutions on this board, I was going crazy with all the purchased applications that would close right away as I was trying to access them, until I read about this de-authorize / authorize fix.
    Once again,
    Thank you!


    Re-authorizing works everytime.

  • Chris

    Yup this hapens on my I tuch I tried resetimg it but it don't work I guess we have to buy them again but yeah on the I tuch this happens 2 all the other things work fine exept for the apps but yeah try to get apple to fix this

  • Fran

    I have the same thing.

    Apple gave me some baloney, saying I was using the phone too much, and that "it wasn't meant as a desktop replacement"

    I haven't done anything with my iPhone it wasn't advertised to do, and I'm really disappointed with Apple.

    My solution is to download any free app, wait for it to install, then erase it. After that, everything goes back to normal. This makes me think that it would be pretty easy for Apple to fix the problem, but I guess they don't care.

  • Tha

    I have the same problem. Every applications I have (free ones) I would have to delete it and reinstall it. On some applications I pays for remain unactive because the application would not lauch at all. I cant delete it because if i reinstall it, it will charge me again. I have the iphone for about months and this problem seems to be driving me crazy. I waste my time so much on deleting and reinstalling. I tried everything from resetting, rebooting and now reinstalling it. I hope APPLE does something about this

  • Lia

    This is a problem for the ipod touch and the iphone. I just swapped out my ipod touch 3G 32gig because youtube didn't connect and the apps were abruptly closing. Youtube STILL doesn't work on this second ipod, and within 2 days the apps started closing again. There is not a single app that i've downloaded that works!

    This is completely outrageous and I'm not sure what do anymore! I've had 2 ipod touches in 4 days and the problem persists.

  • pyrot

    The only thing that helped was uninstalling and reinstalling all appstore apps. Now they all work again. I hope I`ll not have to do this again after the next iphone restore.

  • Stacy

    This happened ot my daughters iPhone where apps closed immediately after opening them. I was able to fix the problem by authorizing her computer in iTunes. I opened iTunes, under store, selected authorize computer. Once it was authorized and synch the iPhone, the apps worked.

  • David

    I had the same problems after syncing. All my 3rd party apps would close immediately after opening them. I did a "Reset all" which did not fix anything. But, I had an icon
    "1" on I Tunes meaning I had an update available. I went on it, updated it and all of a sudden, ALL OTHER apps were working back to a normal state...

  • michelle13784

    I have tried resetting phone I have tried the deauthorizing and then authorizing again and I have tried downloading to computer and then syncing and nothing....I'm so frustrated please some one help?!!!!

  • zmdtk

    3GS 16G, bought on 7th,Jan. No jailbreak. Normal use. Same problem.

    Way to resolve : install a new free 3rd party apps, start it. then everything will back. No need to reset or reinstall.

  • James

    I had just had this problem and called apple about it. they sent me pretty much everything that was stated here about deauthorizing but you need to sync before re authorizing and it will ask you if you want to sync and you have to keep clicking NO then pretty much the same as the others

    But my question is when i plug my phone in, it used to say "James 3GS iPhone on the left from when I named the device when i first got it. This monring when i started noticing the apps problems i noticed now on the left the device name when i plug my iphone in is just "iphone". I dont understand why it would be renaming itself and how do i change it back to my original name

  • jam

    so basically i have a jailbroken iphone and two apps - the creeps and moron test do not work. i tried all the solutions up there but still nothing. its getting so annoying. help please?


  • Bassam

    MY Solution to this and I'm sorry if it was already mentioned. I couldn't just reset and restore didn't work. I deleted all the apps off of my phone and the app library. Then I downloaded one by one and it works, simply restoring the app that was in the library would not work its as if it all got corrupted somehow.

    So again solution delete all apps off of phone and Itunes, you will also have to reset your phone though if you want you can try seeing what happens before you do a reset.

  • Pilch


    Try going into the App Store on your iPhone and downloading a new (free) App, or updating an app - just get anything and it should then re-activate your iPhone iTunes account (as opposed to still being connected SOMEHOW to your PC iTunes), Apps should start working once the dowload is complete.

    I have trawled through so many blogs this morning for a solution to this exact same problem as everyone's describing, and every blog said I had to go and "deauthorise/ reauthorise" access on iTunes on my PC then re-sync my iPhone, or variations of this. I was about to waste an hour of my friday night at dad's place trying to figure it out when I asked someone in the coffee room at work if they'd heard of this issue - this was his idea & everything has been jolted back into order. I owe someone a pint of beer!

    Hope it works for you too.

  • enigma

    Hi, I have an iphone 3g and every time i nstall applicatioons on my iphone it goes crazy. What it does it takes a whole day to charge and when the battrey is full it runs out it a short time. I haved changes the software and formated my iphone but the problem is still there. The agent told me that I may be installing applications which are are not recomended by theapple but when i deleted them and re installed other making sure that they are not from an unknown source the problem occured again.


    iI just recently bought an iphone white 3gs and had the same problem after resetting and turning the phone off i just decided to delete and app and re-install it and the problem cleared up once the app loaded go figure but as expensive as this phone is apple should be more on top of this but at least different user fixes give you a direction

  • terry

    I had the same problem - apps opened for a second then closed. I found that there was a notification waiting for me in the Apps Store app. It was telling me that one app needed to be updated. I updated it and the problem disappeared for all the apps.

  • shawn

    i aso am having the same problem but i did reset but it still doesnt work

  • martin

    thanks pilch!

  • Kazi Rahman

    I have the same problem. Apps just open and close by itself. But think I get the solution. After this problem happen, what u have to do is:
    1. restart the iphone.
    2. Just uninstall any one application.
    3. Inshall again that application and type the passwrord for app store.

    Then all other applications will work. don't need to uninstall all apps, just 1 app. It worked for me.

  • Jordan

    This worked for me - Thanks!

  • Jonny


    Go to the App store application on your phone and get the updates for the applications you have problems with. It worked for me and I'm so happy now, I thought I would share!

    After doing it I was like duh! Why didn't I think of that LOL

  • shawn

    just update your apps. you can restart the entire phone / reset / then update your apps. usually its just one app.

    if not, i understand. you are allowed to cry.

  • Patty222

    hey guys i happen to have the same problem ( on application 3sec auto close)

    after trying for many method mention above i seen to found 2 ways

    Method 1
    This only last for a day or less(and maybe only works for my iPhone)
    if the problem come just reinstall any one of the application or download anyone of the application from the application stall will get the problem solve.
    but this method last only for the most a day or so.[this method is bad when u are oversea when the problem suddenly pop up n u got no wi-fi connection, meaning u cant download any app to solve this problem]

    Method 2 work best
    i discover it by chance..(delete iPhone app..get it from ITune n sync to iPhone)
    1)i deleted away my app(example Facebook) that i download using my iPhone
    2)using iTune download the app( Facebook app) tat i deleted from my iPhone.
    3)sync the downloaded app(Facebook) to the iPhone.
    4)then u will see ur Facebook in ur iPhone working but the rest still having the same 3sec close problem....jus redownload everything from iTune to iPhone

    hope this least mine working now. =)

  • patty222

    Hmm not bad for Method 2...this is my 2nd day and the icon doesnt close by itself anymore

  • PJones

    The thing that worked for me was to do any update of any app and it works fine now.

  • Sarah

    I just wanted to say what I did to fix my phone. My phone was not keeping apps open. I deleted one app that was free and then downloaded it again. After that all apps worked fine. Idk why buy that worked on my phone. Hope this helps someone.

  • Jim

    I have a new 32gb 3gs with v3.1.2 I tried everything mentioned here and nothing works except to delete all the downloaded apps and install them again. 2 days later I have to do it all again. Yippee:-/ When I reset my phone the working 3rd party apps quit working too. None of my apps will synch from my phone to Itunes or vice versa. Never have since I started using the phone. The message says that my computer is not authorized. (tried deactivating and activating again. I even downloaded and Installed Itunes. NOTHING HELPS!

  • RAFI



  • Bill

    I initially called apple who advised me to uninstall all apps and then reinstall. When I said that i had data stored on some of the apps they suggested syncing the phone with the computer. After reading this message board, i installed one free app and then all apps began to work. If you guys all know this, why doesn't Apple? It would have made things alot easier. Thanks for the help.

  • steve

    syncing solved my problem with apps turrning off suddently.

  • Jim

    I tried everything and nothing worked for me. I was not only having problems with the apps not working but I couldn't authorize my pc to synch the apps either from phone to pc nor pc to phone..
    The problem was not with the iphone but with Windows Vista. I turned off the "user account control" and that fixed everything. It could be enough to make sure you log on the internet as administrator but I'm not sure.
    Hope this might help anyone that hasn't been able to fix the problem with all the good advice found here.

  • hi mom

    i did everything above then someone said somthing about the swapitunes app so i clicked that app it swaped and now all my apps work thanks

  • Suncqr

    Been having all apps close out after 2 seconds of opening for the last 6 months. DeAuthorizing and Authorizing worked. Tried to delete single apps and reinstall, uninstall and reinstall cydia, etc... none worked. Finally, my phone is back!

  • Sarwan

    What jeffkimlv said, worked for me too.
    Thank you so much.


  • Ahmed

    There is a much easier to get your apps to work again without going through the strenuous task of syncing them. Simply purchase a free application on Itunes via your Iphone; once you fdo so, all of your applications should be working just fine as they once did. I had the same problem and I was able to somehow resolve it with this simple trick. Thank God.

  • kit

    What i think what causes it not working is that it has something to do with your app store login. what you do is to get in there, find any applications (free) then it promot you to login, once you logged in and installed that app, then it works right away ( for me anyway). But Apple, come on, gotta fix this for us.

  • Ali

    I deleted one app and reinstalled it, now everything works.

  • chupacabra23

    Had the same problem so I deleted all of my apps, synced my phone with my computer, went to i-tunes store (via i-tunes on my computer not my i-phone) and downloaded the same apps plus a few others... Once I got them all downloaded I then went to the applications tab on i-tunes for my device and synced them all with my i-phone... Of course this process installed them on my i-phone and now they all work great...

  • Edward Leong

    Had the same problem as mention by so many people. Just updated to version 3.1.3 today for my 3GS phone and all my download apps not working anymore. This happen couple of times before. Normally i delete the app and redownload again. But this is really tedious and time consuming.

    So tried to google this problem out and found this website. What i did was

    1. deauthorize and authorize itunes on my pc (i only sync using 1 pc)
    2. once itune confirms it's autrhorize the pc, sync back the iphone.

    after that, my apps are transfered into itunes (i have only free apps :-D) and all it back to normal again.

    so thanks for helping me out....i dun have to redownload all my apps again!!

  • krista

    iPhone 3GS 16Gb
    - All current versions / updates / software installed in both iTunes and the iPhone

    My downloaded applications stopped working, both free and paid for. I could press an app icon and it would load for about 2 seconds and then return to the menu screen.

    No amount of syncing or updating would fix the phone.

    My solution was that I tried updating 1 existing application and it fixed all the others.
    Now my iPhone is back to being fantastic :-)

  • Minxuan Dong

    lol im only 13 years old and got ipod touch for my bday (last friday) and i fixed my apps by reinstalling an app hopes it works for sum ppl :p

  • bbb

    I had this problem so i just downloaded a random free app and now all my ipods work fine

  • BNguyen420

    I too was very frustrated by this problem. Mainly because I had important things in some of my apps. Such as books of all the money that ppl owe me in an app called IOUUOI. So that's alsso another reason why I didn't want to delete anything or reset my Iphone.

    I remember my apps weren't working and I thought it was my free AIM app just acting up. So i downloaded another app (meebo) and suddenly my AIM app started working. a day or two later the same problem persisted of the apps not working. Opening for 2 seconds and immediately closing. I read somewhere that installing any App from the App store would solve this. and it Did

    THE SOLUTION: GO TO THE APP STORE. INSTALL ANY NEW FREE APP. AFTER INSTALLING YOUR APP. JUST WATCH ALL YOUR OTHER APPS WORK PERFECTLY! I HOPE THIS HELPS A LOT OF PPL OUT THERE FRUSTRATED WITH THE APP PROBLEM THAT'S BEEN HAPPENING. AND ALSO SAVE PEOPLE ALOT OF TIME because as i mentioned the best thing about this solution is that I did not have to delete, back anything up, or reset. and it only took 2 seconds to do.

  • lisa

    Tried the luck...then I went to App Store and checked for Updates. I just updated one of my apps (Bump), and now they are all back to working perfectly.

  • andy white

    cheers BNguyen420 - the gys a genius - I re-downloaded (is that a word ?) runkeeper free version, and now everything works again - ta ever so

  • andy white

    cheers BNguyen420 - the guys a genius - I re-downloaded (is that a word ?) runkeeper free version, and now everything works again - ta ever so

  • mejura


    All I did was

    1) Uninstall one app
    2) Reinstall that same app
    3) All of the apps started working

    Have fun!!

  • Brian wiTH a problem

    i also have same problem on certain apps like SPEED FORGE and GTA ChintaTownWars

  • toastmaster

    my brand new (2 weeks) iPhone shows this symphome after syncronization.
    Anyone knows if Apple are going to fix this problem?

  • mmacal

    SIMPLE SOLUTION - I just fixed my wifes app issue. She would open any of her apps and it would automatically closes. Here is how I did it. In Itunes, when your phone is selected open the tab for applications. The "Sync applications" was not checked and it should be. I checked the box that says "sync apps" and did a sync and all is great. I am not sure why this was unchecked but we did not uncheck it. I hope this helps!

  • iPhone user

    none if this is working for me!

  • Deez


    I've had this problem a couple times..
    The first time - I just restarted my phone, and it worked fine.

    Then months later, random apps started to not open properly.... now all my free itunes apps will just open for a few seconds then close..
    So after doing some above reading, I just downloaded a random free app from the itunes store on my phone.. and now some of my apps work properly... except the facbook app.
    I reinstalled the free facebook app on my phone.. and all is back to normal!
    Hope that helps.

  • Deez


    I've had this problem a couple times..
    The first time - I just restarted my phone, and it worked fine.

    Then months later, random apps started to not open properly.... now all my free itunes apps will just open for a few seconds then close..
    So after doing some above reading, I just downloaded a random free app from the itunes store on my phone.. and now some of my apps work properly... except the facbook app.
    I deleted the fbook app and then reinstalled the free facebook app on my phone.. and all is back to normal!
    Hope that helps.

  • http://none Emma

    I have the same problem with my iPod touch
    I have restored my iPod and then it works
    but it takes like 25 minutes to restore
    and then i have the same problem an hour later !!
    it cost alot of money !!! and its doing this

  • Nathan

    if you have the newest update which is 3.1.3 (for your iphone) all you need to do is get rid of one app and then download it again (i would suggest a free one). i just got off the phone with apple and that what they told me to do. it worked for me.

  • Brian

    one day after I upgraded my iphone. I tried to go in my apps and they would come in for 1/2 a second and back out. I tough of ungrading again and ofcouse itune said my phone was up to date. then tried to reset network settings but that didn't work. then tried to reset all settings and still didn't work . I wouldn't recommend anyone to reset all setting cause you have to re-arange all your apps again, greetins, ringtones, etc, etc. Finally I simply went to app store (in iphone) and downloaded and app. Ones it downloaded, I opened it and it stayed open!.. then went to my other apps and they also were back to normal. Bingo!!

  • jp dell

    Some of the application in iphone that we downloaded does not work, when you click it automatically closes. i think its the Apple software or the newest version of firmware that makes the application not work. why is it that when you connect the iphone to the computer they would want you to sync it? Does Apple have problem with software developers? Although software or application developers is a different entity Apple should give some troubleshooting steps on how to fix this kind of issue and should recommend simple troubleshooting steps. Even if your gadget is in warranty or not the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) should support since many has been experiencing this and you are considered customer. I work for Dell and when we have some problem like this(hardware/software/3rd party part) we make sure to give service to the customers even if its out of warranty, they are sending updates to the Dell tech support on how to fix issue that we dont anticipate. Dell even answers to customer forums and blogs, you can email Dell customer care which Apple does not have. APPLE HOW DO YOOU FIX THIS?

  • Lucas

    GOOD JOB MIKE POST #20 !!!!! it works!!!! Thanks

  • Ari

    I isolated it to the "Pandora" application. Same thing as everyone else for me - syncing, reseting didn't work. Check if you have Pandora, delete from iTunes, sync (automatically) and you are fine. BTW when I reset all, my photos, contacts, etc stayed in the phone.

  • Andy

    I believe the trouble that you all are having is a memory problem. I have
    an app called free memory and every time my 3g phone starts acting up
    I check it and it says low memory and then frees it. I think apple Made
    them pull or change it so it only tells you your memory is low does not free
    it. But there is another app you can download. Just search for free memory
    at the app store. This memory is RAM and not the memory for storing music
    or other media.

  • loddol

    I have the problem taht all the apss i downloaded, will be closed within the second i start it...

  • Holly Lynn

    I have an iTouch and just a few days after i got it my apps stopped working. They would come up but them about 1 or 2 seconds later it would go away. My laptop broke and everything is erased so the only place I have my music on is my iPod. How do I get my apps to work and still be able to keep my music? help please.

  • Karla

    everytime i try to download apps i get a message saying that they are not compatible with my ipod, i get that with all of the apps! i have this ipod since 2 years ago, its a 3g one, it used to work just fine with the apps when i bought it! what can i do?? please help!!

  • antonia

    i am from chile and i bought a game from itunes a month ago. since las week it hasnt been working, i mean, i start playing it and after i answer a few questions (its a friends trivia) it goes back to the menu. if i start playing again, it starts asking the same questions. i dont know what to do, and i'm afraid that if i delete it i'll have to pay for it again.


    Download a free app in iTunes and then sync your iphone to install the app. Now all the paticular apps that would shut down immediately after starting now works perfectly!!


    POST # 20

  • Kate

    I just tried deleting grooveshark and pandora. that helped a little. than going to settings- general- reset- and resetting all settings helped immediatly. the apps have stopped closing. try this first cause it is the simplest.

  • Antonia

    thanks a lot, but thats not the problem. I CAN play a few questions, but after the question number 5 it goes back to the menu. I'd tried everything, but nothing works... i dont know what else to do...

  • Amit


    I have a slightly different problem. Some of my apps were crashing. I took it to the Apple store and they reset the whole device and it was back at the factory standard factory setting and all the apps were removed. I they synced the iPhone with iTunes as a new iPhone and everything was back to normal. I then synced the apps as they were backed up previously. Unfortunately, I didn't have a very recent backup to go to. I am now missing a few apps that I have already paid for but don't know how to install them without paying for them again.

    So basically my question is how to reinstall a paid app that I have deleted from the iPhone. Any help will be appreciated.

  • Mike

    Go to the app store and re-login with your username and password. Works everytime for me.

  • romero

    i recently put the new ios4 update on my iphone3gs and my phone is : slow-apps close-phone freezes....i feel like i jus put in a virus rather then an update...

  • meff

    @romero - Same. Updated to latest version and now apps just randomly close. Sometimes they're good for a few minutes, sometimes only a few seconds. Everything is slower. Getting to my phone and SMS apps is so slow that I dread using them. What's even worse is that music is skipping, whether it's played from itunes app or from streaming audio (pandora etc)

  • KLiiTY

    i woke up this morning looking to play some music, but every time i open my music player it freezes for about 3 to 4 seconds then automatically closes???? and some applications do the same thing...anything i can do, i have an iphone 3gs 32gb also

  • Lena Katina

    i have jailbroken iphone and since i have no credit card, i dont have apple account, thus post #20, I cant download a free app. Any other solution?

  • Raymond

    Omg, I too am experiencing the closing of application problem.. it seriously is getting on my nerves.. Does anyone know what to do besides the re-syncing of the app? Because l've tried and instead of it closing the app instantly, it now lasts for 5s before it closes.

  • Hannah

    I updated my iPhone to 4.0 about 2 weeks ago. Everything was working fine, except this morning suddenly all my applications close after a few seconds. All my applications are free but I don't think that has anything to do with it. Any advice??

  • totaly confused

    my iphone has been recently having a problem where none of the downloaded apps will open for more than 3 seconds

  • JJ

    i just updated my iphone original to the newest update and it used to be a hack phone, now all of my apps wont open for more than a second, what can i do to fix this?

  • Toni Ann

    I updated my 3GS about two weeks ago. All was fine for about a week. Then my phone started running slower. Calls were getting disconnected, screen would freeze, facebook and YouTube would shut off and say no connection with full signal. It was not until this evening that I can not play music on my iPod. It will open and close within 5 seconds. I'm unsure what to do and I do not have the funds to have it professionally fixed.

  • tom

    tori ann, try downloading any app from the store, for me this has worked many times, every time my music player does this i just redownload an app

  • http://google luis

    tom has a point but another reason could be because of the new software update most apps have to be reinstalled because some features do not support the software if you can tell me what software your using for your ipod i could also help you with the music problem

  • strongest

    I suddenly started having this problem on my 3G, it was fine until now, it just started to default to home screen in 5-10 seconds after I open any app. I jhad ust 3 small size apps and may be 20 itunes songs, so memory wasn't an issue, for now I just reset my setting and its working better for the last day or two, also faster than before-don't know why though?!? Will wait and see, if problem recurs, I will try to unistall and reinstall apps-but it was happening with everything (eg. even with text messaging not just installed apps), if it still doesn't work, I might just go to the store,

  • Harry Sarwari

    I fixed the problem by doing the following:

    1. Click on “Settings.”
    2. Click on “General.”
    3. Click on “Reset.”
    4. Click on “Reset All Settings.”

    After doing this I haven’t had the problem again.

  • kelly

    re-authorizing the computer worked for me (THANK YOU!!) as per the following instructions:

    vishal Says:
    November 3rd, 2008 at 9:57 am
    Update : There is no need to remove all applications. Use the following method instead –
    This typically happens when you sync your iphone to two computers. Or if you are syncing on a computer other than the one on which you originally bought the application.
    For example, in my case I sync it with the computer at work as well as with the one at home. I download some apps at work and some at home. I update some contacts at work and some at home and I want my iphone to be able to sync with both computers and I think this is what is causing the problem.
    Here is what I do to fix it and it works everytime –
    1. Immediately after the sync I launch any of my downloaded apps to see it they close by themselves.
    2. If yes, I power off my iphone
    3. I close Itunes.
    4. Re-open itunes. Go to Store > Deauthorize computer > enter appstore id and password. You will get a pop up message saying this computer has been de-authroized.
    4. Go to Store > Authorize computer > Enter appstore ID and password. You will now get a message saying this computer has been Authorized.
    5. power on your iphone and sync again.
    Doing this fixes the problem.

  • Aseel

    if i did this steps:
    1. Click on “Settings.”
    2. Click on “General.”
    3. Click on “Reset.”
    4. Click on “Reset All Settings.”

    are my app. going to remove??

  • Renato Rossi

    Guys, I had this same problem a couple of times. All you have to do is to log in on your itunes account. If you are already logged in, log out, and log in again.

  • Fat guy

    Tried everything above have ipod 2g 4.0 jailbroken some apps open then close immediatly please HELP!!!

  • zylo

    I am having this issue with Facebook (rare) and a Final Fantasy II that I purchased (constantly to the point of being unusable). This was definitely immediately after the last update (IOS4.1).

    I tried the de-authorization / re-authorization tip. Did not work.

    I tried deleting the app at the risk of losing my saved data and re-downloading it. Did not work. (I restored from backup after to get my saved game back).

    Any other suggestions because this looks like a dead end for me.

  • Tara

    Mike's solution worked for me as well. Thanks Mike.

  • Mike’s biggest supporter

    Mike.... you're the man.

    I'm your biggest fan.

    God bless Mike.


    thanx mike u r amazing
    post #20 fixed it

  • maire santos

    i have this problem with my iphone.... i downloaded some apps and when im trying to open it wont open such as facebook aps.. and more but some of my apps are working.. i did try to reset my iphone but its still not working... i tried to delete it but after an hour the apps will come back again... ArGG!!! HELP PLEASE!!!

  • billy schoch

    what i did was just go on my iphone and hold the icons and hit x and delete the apps that didnt come with it originally. then i reinstalled and they work fine. the only problem is u loose what u payed for but u can probly get them back if they r saved in itunes. i just aint got around to it cause im at work now n i just figured it out so now its working. billy schoch

  • Pradeep Sharma

    Thanks alot Vishal your soution worked and i can now access my aplications again

  • Ladydutch11

    I have an iPod touch with 4.1 software and all of a sudden my apps close as soon as I open them. Any suggestions????

  • ozcakir

    Same as Jay said, my solution from Mike....

    "SOLUTION! What Mike said worked. You have to download an app to your computer, then sync and load it onto your iphone. This stopped all my apps from closing after 3 seconds.

    Thanks Mike!"

  • jay

    i stumbled across this thread when searching for ios 4+
    memory issues.
    i stayed on 3.1.3 for a long time due to reports of ios 4 slowing down your iphone...
    upgraded and immediately noticed that i was running slow...
    i figured out ... for me anyway... that one issue was the native backgrounding in ios 4.
    i noticed that apps that i was using no longer closed when i hit the home button... i found that due to backgrounding they kept running and sucking memory...
    this in turn would make apps shut down unexpectedly due to lack of free memory to run it.
    the bigger the app or the more resources it used the slower i got and eventually apps closed by themselves to free up memory. kinda happy about multitasking being native but disappointed in how there are no options for it... they just all stay open by default unless you force shut them down...
    now that i know this... i simply make sure apps i use are terminated if im not using them...
    for example... weatherchannel max... if i check the weather or the radar, great... but i dont want it running all damn day while im using the phone for other stuff... its just wasting memory.
    iphone doesn't seem to hog as much memory for apps that are default open all the time like phone, mail etc...
    as if you close mail, you no longer get push notifications, you have to force start and check the server... anyway...
    i just make sure i close processes i dont need running immediately after use... like i used to by hitting the home button... but i just add another step by going to the multitasking bar, sliding to the open apps instead of the recents and holding one til the red minus show and then closing it...
    voila, no more mem probs for me, and no more apps shutting down unexpectedly...
    this sounds like a seperate issue than in the first few posts, but it does solve one angle of the apps shutting down mysteriously issue.
    if you all already knew this then sorry for being obvious, otherwise i hope this helps someone out.

  • ak cold

    does anyone knows if I reset my phone, will it delete all apps. My phone problem is that I not can not open my phone app or unders setting under phone. I can recieve calls only, its a 3g

  • Kim Chamberlain

    I am so incredibly frustrated. I have the same issue with a new 3Gs. This is my 2nd phone, having been told by Apple that I needed a replacement phone. The new one does exactly what the old one did. By they way, the new phone was given to me free by Apple because they were swamped with Holiday shoppers. I had spent hours on the phone with Apple resetting, rebooting, backing up, restoring, etc. with no luck. After just a few hours, the purchased apps or free apps that I added through I-tunes do not open. They just hang. The only way to get them working again is to purchase a new app or download a new free app. Then after the new app downloads, the old apps work again.

    I thought the problem was solved when I went to Apple 2 days ago, and was told I had inadvertently set up a new i-tunes account with a different user name. I deleted this "new" account and set up the old user name and password as it is on my computer. For 2 days, I had no issues. Then once again, the apps started freezing .

    I also have a 2ndary problem: the 3G newwork does not work at all in my home. Apple says it is A T and T's problem and AT and T says it's an Apple problem. I love the phone when it works.. but it is usurping all my time. I can't keep restoring the damned thing or ordering new apps just to use the ones I really want!

  • Devin

    This happens all the time with my iPod touch 4g it's really annoying

  • Parveen yadav

    As instructed by CL, did this,

    1. Click on “Settings.”
    2. Click on “General.”
    3. Click on “Reset.”
    4. Click on “Reset All Settings.”

    After doing this I haven’t had the problem again.

    Before it i was so frustrated with my iPhone, that i was selling it at a very low pricw, but now every apps works very fine.

  • Gregory

    Good afternoon everybody.

    I have the same problem with my new iPhone 4. I bought it last Thursday. The Michaelis Dictionary is the only app that closes right after being opened. I've already tried to authorize/deauthorize my computer, download one free app and sync, reset all settings, click Home and shutdown buttons for 10 seconds, and my dictionary still closes... The iOS version is 4.3. Does anyone know what I can do to fix this annoying problem? Thank you.

  • Jared

    3G used to work fairly well. However, both service from AT&T and the phone itself have been going downhill rapidly in the past few months. Phone drops 50% or more of calls. Frequently can't even answer the damn phone when it rings, because it gets hung up and freezes just trying to unlock it. All apps that utilize the internet shut down automatically for no apparent reason. Apps that don't require the internet also are shutting down for no apparent reason. It is taking some serious will power not to shatter this damn thing against the wall. Was thinking about upgrading to a new Iphone but having second thoughts.

  • Yomi

    Hello all i just correct my iphone 3GS now about a week now all my application want ZOOM and i found it so hard to correct it., thanks to one of d application review that help me out thank am very grateful.

  • Paul High

    Same issue just started happening to me but only with the app "Wifi2hifi". I am on a jailbroken OS 3.1.2 and Ive never had a problem before and I have tried every solution in this thread and still it shuts down immediately. Any ideas?

  • Chris

    I have this problem...but with my iPod touch. I noticed it when Pandora kept closing spontaneously, and realized it was with ALL apps, not just Pandora. :(

  • Darren

    Well, I was experiencing the same issue with my Apps opening then closing after a second or 2. I fixed my problem by deleting some of the excess Apps that I didnt use anymore. I am guessing by doing this, I freed space on my iphone and this allowed the others to use those extra gigs to use for opening. Now it is problem free.Hopefully this will fix mostly everyones problem.

  • KP

    Thanks CL !
    Your method really worked :) <3 !

  • oda123

    my iphones ipod app doesnt work.. i open it and it takes like 15 seconds and then it goes back to the home.. and i can't delete it kuz it came with the iphone. it doesn't show any of the videos i have. but i dont want to restore because it erases everything..

  • nzDarren

    I am having the same problem, I have not tried to reset my iphone4 to factory settings yet (i will), but quite frankly, if this is an issue that has been dating back to 2007 then I am not pleased one bit. Resetting everything clears settings, and takes time.
    Apple need to sort this issue out. If the issue is that I have "too many" apps, then I'm screwed as I only have 9 applications.

    Come-on Apple.. sort your .

  • Vicki

    Authorising the computer and then syncing again worked !

  • JoanneG

    My just started doing this.. I have deleted all of my apps, deauthorized, reauthorized, downloaded new apps and deleted them again, etc and still won't keep anything open. My is not just related to the apps but also email/safari/text windows :(

  • Mr. Nice Guy

    So, having the same problem i just synced my apps and now it works fine. Maybe it'll work for you too.

  • Kelvina

    Tks.. It works for my Iphone 3Gs 4.3.2. Authorise, deauthorise and sync. : )

  • Lizzy

    I just got a new iPhone 3 last week and at first everything was GREAT but since yesterday the wiki app and the tumblr app close a few seconds after starting, usually when I try to use some feature of the app. The same happened when I tried to make a picture sent to me via bluetooth my wallpaper, it just closed in the middle of saving it as my wallpaper.
    I completely restored the iPhone, I reloaded all the apps on my mac and I tried authorizing but the wiki app and the tumblr app still keep closing.
    Could anyone help me here?

  • Lola

    I just reset me general settings and it worked. Thank you!! Thank you!!

  • Benedikte

    In desperation I opened an app while connected to iTunes on the computer. Then the apps worked! And they're still working after deconnecting. I hope they will still work tomorrow.

  • SV

    I deleted one application and installed an update..that's started working again..May be logging into Itunes for applicaiton installation made the difference..but can't gurantee..

  • Jerry

    After I deleted one app and then reinstalled it, my apps stopped closing!

  • Keshia

    just uninstall your apps and then reinstall them. it'll work that way


    I got dis iphone, when a download naruto theme and apply at and at the same time remove other themes, all my application icons disappear,leaving only the content,phone,mail and message,i try re-springing but it give the same problem,what can i do to remove naruto theme or even crash it.

  • Max

    After lots of method published in the web, I realise that once of my app was interrupted while it upgraded, thus when I upgraded again that app the iPhone worked fine!!!!!!

  • Lara

    When i download a free app from the app store my phone gives a msg that i have to confirm urchase order!! I checked with my apple ID information for credit card... I dont have the (ask when purchase) option.. And my card had expired this month... But im not purchasing !! I want to download FREE apps!!! Whare is the problem?? Please help

  • Buntharo

    My iPhone 4 keeps turning on and restarting over and over again.

  • Justina

    Does it delete anything on ur iphone?

  • PK11

    Sometime before I was also facing the same problem but then I restarted it ( swith off and again on) then I cleaned all the caches. Then in the end I downloaded an app which optomized and cleaned memory and after all this my iphone started working normally. :)

    Try this, it will surely work.