Tuner Internet Radio Claims 4000+ Streaming Stations on the iPhone

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Tuner Internet Radio
Developer: Nullriver, Inc.
Price: $4.99 Download on the App Store

I've never quite seen the point of Internet Radio on the desktop. But with the advent of "Tuner Internet Radio", and other radio apps on the iPhone, the concept makes sense. Now you can plug your iPhone into your home stereo or your car and you have 4000+ radio stations at your fingertips. Choose by genre and popularity, or search for known stations like KROQ. Bookmark the ones you like for quick access...

Tuner Internet Radio by NullSoft, certainly does the job, as doe StreamItAll Radio ($3.99). But with All Radio at $0.99 and AOL Radio for Free it seems that the price point is simply too high unless you find some station on Tuner that you can't locate elsewhere. (Note however that AOL Radio claims only 200 stations, with at least 4,000 for some of the other apps)

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  • ki4je

    Out of all the iPhone Apps Tuner Internet Radio is worth the money. The base configuration is ok but it has capabilities that go far beyond that. I regularly listen to digital radio police and fire traffic using Tuner. It requires a five hundred dollar scanner to pick that stuff up. I have two of them but I prefer the iPhone because it is a radio about the size of a credit card and can do so much more. If I need a map or a code sheet I can quick pull it up with the iPhone.

    Over the past week I monitored ham radio emergency traffic related to Gustav where the feed was routed over VoIP. Tuner gave me the feed without a hiccup. Here in Georgia all our police and fire radio traffic for the whole state will be linked via VoIP streams in mid 2009.

    Right now I am setting up a new feed in Tuner for Ike which is rapidly growing into a major hurricane. BTW Tuner does all the rest it grabs audio from any where in the world if you know how to plug the right URLs into it. Shoutcast and many other streaming conventions are easy with Tuner. I prefer to pick streams that have an iTunes friendly playlist and get the stream going in iTunes then I use INFO on the stream and copy the decoded URL over to Tuner by entering it on the set up stream screen found under the SEARCH tab.

    It all works for this ham radio buff and I am sure it will work for you with the powerful Tuner application on the iPhone.

  • http://twitter.com/samotage/status/1197317827 Sam Sabey

    Ahh, that's better. Munich radio http://is.gd/j6lP now streaming in via iPhone app: Tuner http://is.gd/j6lA. Sam is now returning to a ...

  • iPhone Apps

    Is there an app just for shortwave radio? Does shortwave radio still exist? I remember listening to Voice of America from Europe as a kid on an old shortwave set with an antenna strung up to a tall tree. Just wondering how shortwave is going now with internet radio available all over.

    The Toy Lounge of St. Paul MN creates iPhone apps for Radio Stations, all you need is a streaming MP3 signal. You can find them at http://thetoylounge.com/radio-stations