Two Lives Left and Rui Viana have released Cargo-Bot, a puzzle game where the player commands a robot to sort crates. Cargo-Bot presents players with fiendishly clever puzzles and features stunning retina graphics. It is available for free on the App Store.
Cargo-Bot was programmed entirely on iPad using Codea, a touch-based programming app for iPad created by Two Lives Left.
It’s the first game of its kind, prototyped, programmed and polished on iPad. Cargo-Bot was created by Rui Viana, a Codea user who developed his initial prototype and shared it with the Codea community. Two Lives Left reached out to Rui in order to turn his prototype into a published App Store game. They also enlisted the aid of Fred Bogg, a composer who developed a music library for Codea, to create the music for Cargo-Bot.
Coinciding with the release of Cargo-Bot, Two Lives Left is releasing the Codea Runtime Library source code under the Apache License Version 2.0. Registered Apple iOS Developers will be able to export their Codea projects into the Codea Runtime Library in order to release them as standalone apps, just like Cargo-Bot.
About Codea:
Codea is a platform for game designers, educators and students to use to create games and experiment with visual ideas. It is an iPad app that allows users to create and play interactive games and simulations directly on their devices.
Codea is a trademark of Two Lives Left.
About Rui Viana:
Rui Viana is a Brazilian-born MIT Computer Science graduate who works in the financial services industry. He is an avid coder and he creates game prototypes in his spare time. Codea has allowed Rui to develop Cargo-Bot, his first iOS application.
Cargo-Bot 1.0 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.