With improved dynamics and enhanced algorithm, the latest version 1.6 of popular iPhone app “Super Magic Coin” has been released. The app makes use of your internal biorhythms so as to generate accurate “Yes” & “No” based answers which help in the decision making process during critical situations.
Functionality of Super Magic Coin can be compared to the act of tossing a simple coin for obtaining “Head” – “Tail” based answers. However, the working process in case of this app is based on algorithmic calculations which eventually start off based on biorhythms generated by the user in that situation. Along with the answer you are also provided a relevant comment or advice so as to further help in the decision making process.
The concept has received considerable levels of attention from several quarters enabling Super Magic Coin to create special relevance within the short span of time. With more than 100 advices based on physical, emotional and intellectual biorhythms, Super Magic Coin has the potential to bring out the answers from your subconscious. Available in Russian and English, Super Magic Coin comes as a free download in the Entertainment category of Apple App Store.
Konstantin Donskoi, the innovative app maker, has released the latest version of Super Magic Coin. Version 1.6 comes with improved dynamics and better algorithms to provide highly accurate advisory based answers. In simple terms the app provides “yes” or “no” as answers for user’s questions. The process is similar to tossing a coin when you are not sure about making a certain decision. However, the digital process of generating the answer in Super Magic Coin is based on internal biorhythms of your body so that answers are literally based on the signals being generated within the subconscious mind. This is a unique one of its kind app that can act as a decision making asset. Moreover, with every answer the app also provides an advice pertaining to the situation to at hand.
Knowledge about human body biorhythms (physical, emotional and mental) has been tactfully utilized and complex calculations are done before arriving at any answer. The latest version has been revamped on the computation front with back-end dynamics being increased. App inventory has more than 100 advice for users ensuring a highly effective decision making process.
Feature Highlights:
* Make the right decision using Super Magic Decision in ambiguous situations
* Internal biorhythms are used to generate the answer
* Easy to use in various situations
* Useful advice provided along with every Yes – No answer
* Latest version 1.6 has improved dynamics
* Unique algorithm for incredibly effective calculations
Device requirements:
* iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, 5, iPod touch (3/4/5 gen) and iPad
* Works with iOS 4.3 or later
* Optimized for iPhone 5
* Total size -17.8 MB
* Language – Russian & English
Super Magic Coin 1.6 is a free to download app provided in the Entertainment category of Apple App Store. Konstantin Donskoi has definitely created an app with a difference and infuses tremendously creativity as well uniqueness in the dynamic app world. A lot of efforts have been invested to ensure that usage value of his apps remain tremendously high at all times.
Special Offers:
Users can also avail the benefits of special offers provided by the maker. You can offer your decision making stories on the official site of Super Magic Coin. The author having the most interesting story will win a new MacBook Pro 15-inch.2.3 GHz. Moreover, once the total number of downloads cross the 50000 mark, $100 will be give as a prize to the most active user.