Internet Design Zone, an iOS application developer company, today is thrilled to announce the release of Subtraction For Kids 1.0, their new educational app for iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. Small kids can easily learn basics of subtraction by counting and removing fruits, and big kids can learn subtraction by borrowing/regrouping. With step by step spoken instructions, unlimited problems and fun graphics, this app is ideal for kids to master subtraction.
Subtraction for kids has two levels – Basic and Advanced:
1) Basic – This is for kids who are just beginning to learn the concept of subtraction. This has two parts
a) Learn: Kids can learn step by step subtraction of two single digit numbers by counting and removing fruits. All steps are spoken aloud.
b) Test: Kids can check their basic subtraction skills with a test having 5 levels and 50 problems to solve.
2) Advanced – This is for kids who know the basics and are learning to subtract by borrowing/regrouping. This has two parts
a) Learn: Kids can learn to subtract by borrowing with step by step spoken instructions. There are unlimited number of problems to solve and practice. There are five practice levels with increasing difficulty. Subtraction of numbers with 2, 3 and 4 digits can be practiced.
b) Test: Kids can test their subtraction skills with 5 levels and 50 problems to solve. New problems appear everytime one plays.
How kids will benefit?
* They will learn subtraction easily by solving problems like a game and trying to cross every level of difficulty
* All problems, answers, steps are spoken aloud so that a child can learn better
* Cute graphics/animations will keep a child busy
Why parents will love the app?
* It is very easy to use and play. A child can master subtraction on his/her own
* Kids will have fun and learn at the same time
* There are unlimited number of problems to solve so the app can be used to practice again and again
* Free to download and try out
* Ideal for kids of ages 5-11
* The app has a fun theme with a Baby Dino and other fun visuals to keep kids hooked
* The first level can be played for free. The next four are available via in-app purchase
Subtraction For Kids 1.0 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Education category.