EFDapps is proud to announce the release of Whimmy 2.0 for iPhone. This is the app that links music with emotion. It lets the user categorize Spotify and iTunes music by adding songs to emotions. The heart of the app is the four emotions: Happy, Sad, Angry and Love. The user taps the emotion that fits her current state of mind and just the right music starts to play.
“Whimmy is the sequell to the iPhone app Life Soundtrack. We have added two essential improvments, besides changing the name. People now have the oppurtunity to connect to their Spotify account which is a vital upgrade. A mode that we call ‘The Music Picker’ is a new and inspirational way to plow through your music libraries. We are very proud of this function. This makes setting Whimmy up a pure pleasure. ‘The Music picker’ plays one of your songs at random and you simply put it were it belongs. If you want to hear it when you are sad then you tap sad and so on.” says co-developer Magnus Axelsson at EFDapps.
Your favorite music will be there for you, at your fingertips, as soon as you need it. To cheer one up, to comfort or what the given occasion calls for. In Whimmy, the user adds songs to the emotions manually. This is a guarantee that the right music starts at the right occasion. Other apps in the same genre often use computer generated playlists. As we all know, computers have severe issues handling human emotion.
Whimmy 2.0 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Music category.