77SPARX Studio, maker of the award winning Puzzingo Kids Puzzles game, has launched Wonster Words Spelling with Phonics for iOS and Android. Unlike the numerous ABC apps targeting young kids, Wonster Words focuses on kids who already know their alphabets, and are starting to learn to recognize and sound-out words that they encounter.
Wonster Words helps kids build phonological awareness by introducing the 44 most common English phonemes, basic word families, common diphthongs, and digraphs. The app starts with short letter mini games where kids can put together words using its parts. Once the words are completed, the lovable wonsters will come on screen and perform funny skits that illustrate the meaning of the words, much like the way the Sesame Street puppets do on TV.
“One pervasive problem Wonster Words address is that, while these academic topics are typically taught to 5 year olds, most apps targeting these skills have game plays that don’t engage 5 year olds,” said Andrew Kao, Co-founder, 77SPARX Studio. “In Wonster Words, we have spent considerable time tuning both the game play and the animations to ensure that they are entertaining and fun for kids aged from 2 to 6.”
Wonster Words Spelling with Phonics 1.68 is Free to download, with option to purchase additional content or subscription from within the app, and available worldwide through the App Store in the Education category. Wonster Words is also available on the Google Play, and Amazon market. For more information about the company and its philosophies, please visit 77SPARX Studio online.