An update of the classic Hasbro board game, Electronic Arts‘ Clue is a killer modernization of the old-fashioned who-dunnit. The pace is fast, the women are faster, the men and the weapons are cool.
Slick graphics seem to mimic the Rockstar Grand Theft Auto franchise’s signature character styling with smooth outlines, shadows and highlights. Art Deco blocks on a red and grey background slide across the screen as a simple, cool, jazz loop set adds the finishing touch to a James Bond style interface. And, that’s just Clue’s opening.
As a reporter on assignment — the gruff and aptly named Braunman — your goal in Clue is to solve the murder of “the fantastically rich Mr. Boddy,” who was hosting a glamorous party when he met his untimely demise. Upon receiving your assignment, a 45 minute timer begins. You can move about from room to room, search the guests’ belongings and interview them to glean information.
Use the Crime Map tab to survey suspects, weapons and rooms. Guest interactions, including suspicious arguments, are mentioned in interviews and logged in your Notes tab. The Suspicions tab lets you organize ideas and narrow down your accusation. With these easy to use tools at your disposal, gameplay is concise, clever and moves well.
The Game Tips are helpful as you learn the ropes. But even after deactivating the tips, Clue still tends to lead you in the right direction — a lot. For example, you enter a room and click on your flashlight and the suspect’s belongings are automatically highlighted indicating you should search there. A few may be dead ends, but more often than not those leads are a valid clue.
Extras include character biographies, vignettes on each suspect, as well as individual game statistics and achievements. Ten levels of play are available in Clue, graduating from Internship through to Senior Reporter.
The hip new character and game styling combined with quick, easy, play make this old favorite a new one too.