I’m a born and bred haggler. I’m already planning to haggle my way into Heaven (I’ve led a wicked life). When I go, I might take codedifferent’s CompareMe with me just to be safe.
CompareMe compares the price of products that come in different weights, volumes, lengths, surface area — British/American or metric — and contrasts them so you can determine what the best deal is. You set the price, unit and amount of whatever you’re looking to buy and CompareMe takes care of business.
You’ll get the most out of CompareMe when you buy items such as produce, wood, nails, some packaged goods and other things I haven’t thought of that are difficult to compare based on price alone. It’s not going to be of much help if you’re looking to a new stadium-sized flat-panel TV.
CompareMe is a simple app, but it looks good. It has a nicely rendered and generous-sized number key pad. It also has slot-machine wheels, which makes it easy to enter the weight, volume, surface area and length into your calculations. Given it’s single-minded and limited purpose, however, I think the price tag pushes the envelope.