math-pro-iPhoneIf you want an excellent math formula and calculator tool, download Math Pro. It is a very useful combination of math formulas and calculators that will help anyone tackling about fifth-grade level math and above.
There is a good reason Math Pro has its name. It tackles algebra, geometry, probability, statistics, trigonometry and calculus. There are two killer features that really stand out. One is the large number of explanations and charts that can serve as a great tool when working math problems. Much of the higher levels of math involve understanding different geometric shapes or how to calculate formulas. Math Pro has very easy-to-maneuver sections describing just about most of what you would need to find.
Let’s say you need to calculate the volume of a cone. Give up? It’s 1/3∏r²h. The formulas are pretty easy to find, divided up by the different math categories. The app also has a search function to quickly find the formula you need without tapping through the various menus.
Another useful feature of Math Pro is the ability to use formulas for calculating the equations. Just plug in the numbers and get instant results. If your class forces you to write out all the equations, then this feature may not be as helpful, but at the very least you can use it to check your answers and serve as a guide while working through the problems.
With the popularity of iPhones/iPod touches among high school and college students, education apps like this can be an excellent resource. If your teacher/professor is cool with it, using Math Pro while practicing such problems during class would be quite handy. If the teacher is instead an anti-technology curmudgeon, then at least this should help you get your homework under control. Math Pro is a worthy download for anyone who wants easy access to a great math tool.
* This review has been edited to reflect the most recent update which added an integrated search function for finding formulas easily. Read more about the updates to Math Pro.

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